Suresh Raina (L) and MS Dhoni    Getty Images
Suresh Raina (L) and MS Dhoni Getty Images


There is no emotion in his eyes. Despite not wearing sunglasses, you cannot figure it out. We will be like come on, man, show us some reaction . But he does get angry. You don t see it. The cameras don t pick it up. But as soon as the telecast cuts to the ads, he will say tu sudhar jaa (get your act together) , stated Suresh Raina about MS Dhoni in Breakfast with Champions with host Gaurav Kapoor.

When MSD speaks, we listen

Replying to Raina s claims, Dhoni said: We also enjoy inside the dressing-room: we talk; the pitch-level is sometimes high and sometimes low. The meaning of cool that we associate is calm and if not cool then an angry one. There are many zones in the middle of it where you enjoy and make fun. Once in the ground, I do not joke around, but inside the dressing room I enjoy a lot. So, I conduct myself according to how I think I should conduct myself in different areas.

Author s take

Raina was not the first one to claim how cool Dhoni is when the camera does not focus on him. Once they do pan on to him, he is as inscrutable as any cricketer in history