Jacques Kallis wins the Man of the Match award. © IANS
Jacques Kallis wins the Man of the Match award. © IANS

Apr 16, 2014


Man of the Match: Jacques Kallis.


Most calm player: Jacques Kallis.


Most sixes: Jacques Kallis.


Catch Live Scorecard of the Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) match here

(The seventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off in the United Arab Emirates with the first match at Abu Dhabi. Both Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have won the trophy in the past and would want to start the season well. Catch Live Scores and Live Updates of the match here)


Vinay 2-0-15-0 Morne 4-0-16-1 Narine 4-0-20-4 Shakib 4-0-29-1 Kallis 3-0-23-0 Piyush 3-0-15-1



Hussey 3(13) Tare 24(22) Rayudu 48(40) Rohit 27(20) Pollard 6*(8) Corey 2(8) Harbhajan 0(2) Gautam 7(7)



A rather lazy attempt from Gautam, who is left stranded midway as Robin whipped the bails away. Easy win for KKR.
OUT! Gautam st Uthappa b Chawla 7(7)!





47 required from the final over. Piyush to bowl.



Bhajji is completely foxed there. The ball turns a mile from leg to off and hits the off-stump.



Corey goes for the slog, misses it completely, and Narine hits timber!
OUT! Corey b Narine 2(8)!



Four off that over. 51 from two overs now. Unless something catastrophic happens KKR can start celebrating here.



Corey seems all at sea against Piyush here.


Piyush on. This could be the make-or-break over.


Brilliant bowling from Narine. They need 55 from three overs here, but you never know with Pollard and Corey out there…



The ball takes Corey’s bottom edge, bounces off Robin’s boot, and flies away safely…


Another good innings comes to an end. Rayudu steps out and plays a nothing-shot; Robin fumbles initially but whips the bails off in time. MI in trouble.
OUT! Rayudu st Uthappa b Narine Rayudu 43(38)!



Another beauty! Morne is breathing fire here! Almost an encore of the previous ball!


What a peach! The ball took off, and broke Pollard’s watch!


Looks like Pollard has taken a leaf out of Chander’s books: he’s digging the bail very deep inside Mother Earth.


Rayudu shuffles across, and this time he connects: the ball runs past Uthappa to the long-leg fence.


Strategic timeout again. How they love these breaks!




And Morne has his vengeance! He bounced, Rohit tried an encore, and Kallis took a stumbling catch at deep mid-wicket. Will this guy ever age?
OUT! Rohit c Kallis b Morkel 27(20)!



It seemed Rohit was waiting for that. Morne bowled one just short of good length, and Rohit smoked him over mid-wicket into the stands.




That, as they say, has missed everything. Narine tosses one up, Rayudu gives it the almighty heave, and misses it completely. Four byes for MI.


Once again, it’s Sunil Narine time. Remember, he can bowl three out of the six overs left.


Quality bowling from Morne out there. He has been fast, accurate, and has generated steep bounce off a length. The spinners have supported him beautifully. The KKR bowlers have done an excellent job here.



An encore.


Rayudu moves across the line goes for the almighty something-slog; it’s always difficult to do these things against Morkel. A dot.


The asking rate goes past the 12-mark now.




Gauti summons Morne. This should be interesting.


Yet another good over for MI. Despite some nice bowling from Shakib they have managed to up the tempo.



Rayudu hits that beautifully to that extra-cover boundary.


Shak to bowl out.


Piyush is up to the task too. The asking rate has gone up with that over again.





Eleven runs off the over, which is exactly the asking rate. MI is on track, they simply need to keep the rate going.



Rayudu lofts Kallis over fine-leg for four more. A calculated stroke there.


Yet another tidy over from Shak. Things are getting slightly out of hand for MI here.



Now Manish slips. Looks like he has pulled a muscle.





Yay! Another strategic time-out!


And Kallis keeps the stranglehold on. Brilliant bowling from the legend. The asking rate climbs. 117 from 11 overs now.



Things are getting a bit out of hands for MI now. They need 123 from 72 balls now; they do not want to keep it for too late.



This is a big wicket for KKR: Tare goes the big hit, doesn’t get the distance, and the ball goes a mile up in the air. Shakib fumbles to begin with, but eventually manages to hold on to it.
OUT! Tare c & b Shakib 24(22)!





Kallis has started of well. He doesn’t really seem to age. Somehow he finds something that urges him to go on, even at this age.







Shakib has managed to keep up with the good job of Morne and Narine. Things are looking good for KKR as the Powerplay comes to an end.



Rayudu is up, and gets going: steps out to dispatch Shak over mid-on for four.




Rayudu is down there. He had tried to execute a slog-sweep. Seems Shakib has taken up Bodyline.


Shak time.


Narine was hit for a six, but came back brilliantly, clean-bowling Hussey through the gate. Having said that, one cannot rule out Morne’s contribution in that dismissal.



Hello, hello, what do we have here? Narine’s ball takes off after it hits the gate and bowls Hussey through the gate!
OUT! Hussey b Narine 3(13)!



HUGE slog-sweep from Tare. Straight into the crowd!


Fasten your seatbelts, guys. It’s Sunil Narine time.


This has been one outstanding spell from Morne. Two overs, two runs. Yes, you’ve read it right.



That was 150.6 from Morne there.





Morne is getting it to bounce from a length. He can be lethal if he gets going.


A second decent over from VK, but the fun is at the other end. Morne is already at the top of his run-up. He has already clocked 151.3 in the previous over. Here we go…









Cross-batted swipe from Tare. Four.





This was a fantastic over from Morne. He was quick, he was accurate, he moved the ball around, and he troubled Kallis.



151.3! And one thought MM was just warming up!


Morne on fire here. Excellent line, moving the ball ever so slightly off Hussey. This could easily have been played in whites.





A tidy over from VK barring that strange attempt to bounce Tare.



Vinay Kumar bowls a bouncer (yes, you have read it right). Tare casually hooks him for four.







It will be Vinay Kumar. A Ranji Trophy-winning captain. Irani Cup and Vijay Hazare Trophy to boot.


Ordered your pizza? Tare and Hussey are out there.
















Zaheer 4-0-23-1 Malinga 4-0-23-4 Corey 3-0-33-0 Ojha 4-0-36-0 Harbhajan 3-0-25-0 Pollard 2-0-19-0





Gambhir 0(8) Kallis 72(46) Manish 64(53) Robin 1(2) Yusuf 4*(4) Shakib 1(2) Suryakumar 13*(5)






What a finish from Suryakumar! He just took the MI asking rate past the 8-mark. Kallis and Manish had an excellent partnership, but Malinga’s excellent death-bowling pegged them back till Suryakumar played that cameo. Can KKR defend the target on this pitch?



Suryakumar finishes in style over extra-cover. That’s another fantastic boundary. KKR finish with 163.


What a nonchalant reverse-something from Suryakumar! Four!


A swipe past long-leg! Four!


Malinga you beauty! They never got going against Lasith there, and all Shakib could do was to hole out tamely to Rohit at cover.
OUT! Shakib c Rohit b Malinga 1(1)!



They just cannot get Malinga away. Fabulous death-bowling there.




Shakib walks out. Mind you, he can tear into any attack on his day.


A lofted off-drive from Kallis: it was never a catch, but trust Corey to come up with something spectacular as he dives to take one inches from the ground. A fitting end to an excellent innings.
OUT! Kallis c Anderson b Malinga 72(45)!



Here’s Yusuf.


Robin goes for the big one but cannot get it right. Zak’s last ball is a slower delivery, Robin mistimes it completely, and Rohit takes an easy catch.
OUT! Uthappa c Rohit b Zaheer 1(2)!



… and Rohit stops a scorcher there…


Kallis treats Zak with utter disdain there. He simply swats him across the line for a four, no, a six, no, a four, is it a four or a six? It has hit the ropes, so Billy rules it a six!


Zak to bowl out here.


Uthappa or Yusuf? Looks like it’s Robin.


Another Malinga yorker, slightly slow, and there goes Manish’s off-stump. Completely uprooted. If perfectly executed, a Malinga yorker is a sight for sore eyes…
OUT! Manish b Malinga 64(53)!



An leg-glance there from Manish as the ball rushes past CMG. Four leg-byes.


Whoa! Where did that come from? Malinga attempts a yorker, and clean as a whistle goes Manish’s slog past mid-wicket, over the fence!


They’re back. It’s Malinga…


A 15-run over to follow a 20-run one. Things can only get better for KKR from here. Kallis looks ominous, and Pandey is not too bad either. The good thing for MI is the fact that they have managed to bowl out the fifth bowler. Yet another strategic time-out now.



Kallis goes big again. That one from Pollard disappeared past square-leg. Four more!


Pollard bowls on the leg-stump, Kallis goes down on one knee, and plays it smartly past Gautam. Malinga never had a chance.


TWENTY runs off that over. TWENTY. Ojha’s figures have gone for a toss. This is probably when KKR will open up. Kallis has suddenly started to look ominous with a four and two sixes!



Kallis plays his trademark slog-sweep! The ball soars between deep mid-wicket and deep square-leg for another six!


Ojha tosses it up, and it’s HUMONGOUS! Kallis’ shot disappears over wide long-on! Is this when they explode?


An excellent fifty from Pandey there. The base has been built: all they need to do from here is to break loose and make use of the remaining overs. Let us see where they go from here.



That’s terrible all-round cricket: Pollard bowls a half-volley on leg-stump, Malinga drops a delay!


Manish reaches his fifty with a single.


Rohit brings on Pollard. He somehow needs to get two overs out of his way.


Barring that bouncer, once again an excellent over from Lasith, restricting the batsmen to singles. All four bowlers have been bowling brilliantly, but Rohit has the fifth bowler issue to deal with…



Malinga bounces; you cannot bounce at Kallis, he has been facing Steyn and Morne in the nets until recently. A well-placed hook beats Zak’s valiant dive.


MI clearly the better team here. The spinners are doing an excellent job, taking the pace off and restricting the batsmen to singles and dot-balls. They have been supporting Zak and Malinga well. The chink, as mentioned befire, remains to be Corey.



Bhajji tosses one up slightly, and Pandey goes big! Past long-on for four!


Ojha has pulled things back a bit after that boundary. He has been bowling slow intentionally, and the batsmen have found things hard to go from the first over.



Ooooh, Manish simply creams Ojha through the covers there!




Well, well, well. Looks like Rohit has a problem with getting the fifth bowler through. The other four have been fantastic, but Anderson has been a major chink.

A rank long-hop from Corey, and Manish pulls him with all the power he can muster. A four over mid-wicket!




KKR has started to open up, and guess what, it’s the strategic timeout. What fun!





That is a Kallis-special (or ispeshal, as they say in Kolkata). Swept Bhajji with disdain for four. 


Someone is booing. That may be a KKR supporter.




The surprising bit about the innings is the fact that Kallis has faced only nine balls in the first seven overs. Are KKR missing out on a trick?



Manish Pandey swats the last ball past mid-wicket. That’s another four to break the monotony.


The Powerplay is over. Bhajji on now.


A quiet one there from Ojha. It’s, er, not happening out there for KKR.



Ojha on now. The man who has been shunned by the Indian selectors for all limited-overs cricket.


Zak has sent down three good overs now. He may bowl out here.



Zak gets a third over. This can be interesting…


Pandey ups the momentum there. Well, somewhat.





Manish goes high and straight next ball, yielding a six. Oh well, a Yes Bank Maximum. Some habits do not die.


First four for KKR! Through the mid-wicket!


Huge, huge appeal from Corey! That looked close, but Manish survived.


Here’s Corey Anderson. Rohit has taken Malinga off.






What a strike from Malinga, there. MI certainly on top as KKR has been struggling to score.



Here’s Manish Pandey. Rohit has given Malinga two slips.


That’s a bazooka! What a yorker! Gambhir had been struggling, but that would have got any in-form batsman! A Malinga special, there!
OUT! Gambhir b Malinga 0(8)!



Here’s Lasith. World T20-winning captain. Slinga, they call him.


An excellent over from Zak. Just a single wide. He bowled fast and to a tight line, and troubled Gauti with his accuracy.



KKR open the account with a wide that Gautam collected well down the leg-side.


A few dot-balls there. Gauti looking a tad impatient.


Hussey is still electric on field.


The umpires are equipped with rather strange contraptions across their shoulders.


It’ll be Zak.


Kallis and Gambhir walk out. The stadium is not what you call full.


Marcus Erasmus and Richard Illingworth stride out amidst firecrackers in broad daylight (yes, you have read that right).


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Here are the teams:


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aditya Tare (wk), Michael Hussey, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, CM Gautam, Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga, Pragyan Ojha, Zaheer Khan.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa (wk), Jacques Kallis, Suryakumar Yadav, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Sunil Narine, R Vinay Kumar, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel.




Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and have elected to bat first. At the toss Gautam Gambhir said that the four foreign players in the team are Morne Morkel, Jacques Kallis, Sunil Narine and Shakib Al Hasan. Rohit Sharma said they have five batsmen, two all-rounders and four bowlers.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. We are ready to get going with the first game of this edition being played at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. The defending champions Mumbai Indians take on the previous title holders, Kolkata Knight Riders. The two units have undergone some considerable changes after the big IPL 2014 auction which was held in Bangalore this year. There are of course a few familiar faces in both sides and these teams would bank on them. But, one gets the feeling that it is all about how well a team will gel and advance in this tournament.


I am Abhishek Mukherjee and will take you through this contest. Of course, it is the first game of the season, so there is plenty of excitement and one is more interested to see how well the teams play this season with a revamped roster.


You can read our preview to the game here.




Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aaditya Tare (wk), Michael Hussey, Sushant Marathe, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, Ben Dunk, Josh Hazlewood, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Shreyas Gopal, Jalaj Saxena, CM Gautam, Krishmar Santokie, Marchant de Lange, Jasprit Bumrah, Apoorv Wankhede, Pawan Suyal.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sayan Mondal, R Vinay Kumar, Andre Russell, Veer Pratap Singh.


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