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Brendan Taylor scored 49 runs for Zimbabwe © AFP


Mar 19, 2014


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(Netherlands take on Zimbabwe in the Group B qualifier of the ICC World T20 2014 at Sylhet. Catch live cricket scores of the T20 World Cup match in our live blog below.)


Brendan Taylor is the Man of the Match for his 49 runs off 39 deliveries. So, Zimbabwe have one win and one loss from their two matches. Their fate depends on Ireland’s results though. That is it from us for this match. Hope you enjoyed out coverage. Have a great day!



Malik to bowl the last over in the match. He bowls a yorker down the leg side. Williams gets an under-edge past the wicketkeeper for a four. Williams hits one back to Malik and takes off for a single. Malik gets his hands to it and runs out Williams at the bowler’s end. So, one run needed from one ball. Sibanda smashes the last ball for a big six over long-on. Zimbabwe win by five wickets. What a match!
OUT! S Williams 26(19)



Van der Gugten replaces van Beek. He bowls one full at middle-stump and Taylor hits an inside-out shot in the air towards extra-cover. Borren takes a brilliant high one-handed catch. A very good innings from the captain has come to an end. Vusi Sibanda is the next batsman in. Williams walks towards the leg side and van der Gugten follows him. He swipes the ball away for two runs. The sequence repeats itself and Williams gets another two runs.
OUT! B Taylor 49(39)



Malik comes back into the attack. He bowls a wide down the leg side to Taylor from round the wicket. Taylor chips a full delivery towards mid-on and gets one run. Taylor then flicks a sweep behind square on the leg side. The fielder comes in from deep backward square-leg but cannot get to the ball to catch it.



Van Beek comes in. He bowls a half-volley and Taylor plays a lofted cover-drive and gets a four. Van Beek then bowls one wide and Taylor cuts it away for a four in-between backward-point and third-man. Williams then pulls the last ball in-between deep mid-wicket and deep square-leg for a four. This is the over Zimbabwe wanted. A total of 15 runs came from it.



Van der Gugten comes back into the attack. The field is set on the off side for Taylor. He is not able to find the gap through the field. Williams slices the last ball over backward-point for two runs. That brings up Zimbabwe’s 100.



Borren comes back into the attack. He gives away six singles in the over. Zimbabwe have to bat well to win the match now. They cannot afford to lose Taylor, especially.



Seelaar to bowl. Masakadza comes down the track and mistimes one trough mid-wicket for a single. Taylor then gets a single towards __. Masakadza again comes down the track and this time he misses a ball that keeps a little low. He gets bowled. Elton Chigumbura is the new batsman in. He gifts a catch to Borren at extra-cover and is out for a duck. Sean Williams comes to bat and he gets of the mark with two runs towards deep mid-wicket.
OUT! H Masakadza 43(45), E Chigumbura 0(2)



Bukhari continues. Taylor and Masakadza get five singles and a two from the over. Zimbabwe are cruising now.



Van Beek comes in. The 50-run partnership comes in this over for the batsmen. This has guided Zimbabwe closer to a win they desperately need. Again six singles come from the over.



Bukhari is back into the attack. The batsmen exchange six singles in the over.



Tom Cooper to bowl. Taylor slog-sweeps the first ball for a six over deep square-leg. Masakadza then smashes one over long-on for a six as well.



Seelaar comes into the attack. He is a left-arm spinner. He gives only five runs in the over.



Peter Borren comes into the attack. He is a right-arm medium bowler. Masakadza gets two runs towards the leg side. Taylor pushes one towards mid-wicket and gets a single.



Malik comes in. Taylor turns one from the pads behind square on the leg side. He gets two runs as the fielder at long-leg does well to stop the four.



Logan van Beek comes into the attack. Taylor gets of the mark with a single towards the leg side. Van Beek then bowls three deliveries in-a-row wide down the leg side. Masakadza smashes the last ball in the over in-between the bowler and mid-off for a four.



Malik continues. He bowls one outside leg-stump from round the wicket and Raza hits that in the air. He has not connected well with that and Pieter Seelaar takes the catch at deep mid-wicket. Brendan Taylor is the next batsman in.
OUT! S Raza 13(12)



Van der Gugten comes in. He bowls one wide and Raza hit that over point for a four.



Ahsan Malik comes into the attack. Raza opens the face of the bat and guides one past the wicketkeeper for a four. He gets of the mark with those runs.



Timm van der Gugten will share the new ball. He is a right-arm fast-medium bowler. He bowls five dot deliveries first up. The last ball is slightly short and Masakadza pulls it away for two runs towards deep square-leg.



Hamilton Masakadza and Sikandar Raza will begin the run-chase for Zimbabwe. Mudassar Bukhari will open the bowling. He bowls one short and wide and Masakadza cuts it away for a four in front of point. Masakadza gets a thick under-edge on the next ball and it races away for a four towards third-man.





Panyangara to bowl the last over of the innings. Tom was a little premeditated with a reverse sweep and Panyangara bowls a short delivery. Tom just hits it over the short third-man fielder for a four. The Netherlands post a total of 140 for five in their 20 overs. Tom Cooper has played a very good innings. But one would feel that they are at least 15-20 runs short.



Chatara is back into the attack. This is a very good over as he gives away only six runs from it.



Panyangara to bowl. Tom hits one above the bowler and there is a misfield at the straight long-off boundary. Tom gets a four. Next ball, Panyangara bowls a low full-toss and Tom flicks it past the long-leg fielder for another four. The next delivery is on the stumps and Tom flicks it towards deep square-leg for another four.



Utseya comes back into the attack. He bowls one full and Tom sweeps it behind the short fine-leg fielder and gets a four. That is his half-century. Netherlands need more from him. He sweeps another full delivery towards deep backward square-leg for a single.



Panyangara comes into the attack. The 100 comes up for the Netherlands in this over. A total of eight runs come from the over without any boundaries being scored.



Williams comes in. Mudassar Bukhari is the next batsman in. Williams gives away four singles in the over.



Mushangwe to bowl. Ben lofts one straight to long-on and Panyangara takes the catch in front of the boundary. The partnership between the brothers was 52 runs for the fifth wicket. Tom then cuts a wide delivery for a four behind point.
OUT! B Cooper 20(24)



Hamilton Masakadza comes into the attack. He is a right-arm medium bowler. Tom goes down and plays a lofted straight-drive over long-off for a six. He attempts the same shot again, but this time the ball falls just short of the long-off fielder. The batsman gets one run.



Williams comes in. He tosses one and Ben flicks it away for a four towards fine-leg. Another five runs come in the over. So, that makes it nine runs from the over.



Mushangwe to bowl. The brothers exchange four singles in the over. The scoring has been a little slow now. Zimbabwe on top.



Williams continues. He gives away only four runs in the over.


Mushangwe continues and the batsmen only knock it around for a few singles. But, Mushangwe does lose his line off the last ball as he fires it down the leg-side. That was a wide.


Sean Williams comes into the attack with his left-arm spin. He bowls the chinamen and makes up for the damage caused in the last two overs. Only fives runs come off that over as Netherlands go past 50.


Cooper gets a boundary at last. Mushangwe pitches it short and he is carted over square-leg for a four. Netherlands get a few runs quickly as 10 off that over
Chatara is having a very good day. He hits the right areas throughout the over and keeps Tom Cooper quiet. In fact, there were a few times when he bowled a touch wide, but Cooper only managed to cut it to the point fielder. Only one run comes from that over. Zimbabwe have done well as the powerplay ends.



Peter Borren is out. He tries to loft Utseya over the top and is caught at mid-on. Big breakthrough.
Borren 8(7)
Chatara comes into bowl. Swart gets an inside-edge onto his pads and looks for a single. Chatara is quick to reach the ball and gets a direct hit and Swart is well short of his crease at the batsman’s end. Tom Cooper is the next batsman in. He gets of the mark with a four towards fine-leg. He got an inside-edge past the wicketkeeper. Cooper then punched one past through cover for another four. There was some miscommunication and Swart was given out.
OUT! M Swart 3(7)
Utseya comes in. Borren lifts a sweep to short fine-leg. Tendai Chatara gets his hands to it and collects it. He is unsure whether he took it before the ball hit the ground. Replays show that the ball might have just grazed the grass. So, it is waved away. Borren then hits one over the short fine-leg fielder for a four to get of the mark.



Tinashe Panyangara will share the new ball. He bowls one wide and Barresi drives through cover and gets a four. The next ball is lifted over mid-wicket for another four. Panyangara then cleans up Barresi’s leg-stump. Captain Peter Borren is the next batsman in.
OUT! W Barresi 12(6)



Michael Swart and Stephan Myburgh walk out to bat for the Netherlands. Prosper Utseya will open the bowling for Zimbabwe. And he strikes first ball. He came from round the wicket and pitched one just on off-stump. The ball hit the left-handed Myburgh on his front pad and the players appealed. The umpire raised his finger. Next batsman Wesley Barresi opened his scoring with a four down the ground with a push.
OUT! S Myburgh 0(1)





Toss: Netherlands captain Peter Borren has won the toss and has decided to bat first. Zimbabwe will be led by Brendan Taylor.




Netherlands: Tom Cooper, Peter Borren(c), Mudassar Bukhari, Stephan Myburgh, Pieter Seelaar, Timm van der Gugten, Wesley Barresi (wk), Ahsan Malik, Ben Cooper, Michael Swart, Logan van Beek.


Zimbabwe: Brendan Taylor (c & wk), Elton Chigumbura, Timycen Maruma, Tinashe Panyangara, Sikandar Raza, Sean Williams, Tendai Chatara, Hamilton Masakadza, Vusi Sibanda, Natsai Mushangwe, Prosper Utseya.





Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Netherlands vs Zimbabwe ICC World T20 Group B qualifying match at Sylhet on Wednesday. This is Shrikant Shankar and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.


Tom Coooper’s all-round show helped Netherlands beat United Arab Emirates (UAE) by six wickets in their ICC World T20 2014 Group B Qualifier match at Sylhet on Monday. Cooper, who claimed two wickets in the first innings, scored a crucial 34 not out off 26 balls to help his side win. After bowling out UAE for 151, the Netherlands achieved the target in 18.5 overs with six wickets in hand.


On the other hand, Ireland are coming off from a thrilling last-ball win over Zimbabwe in their opening match.


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