New ODI rules will make the game of cricket more attacking: ICC

India captain MS Dhoni is one of the critics of the new ODI rules set by the ICC © PTI

By Sabi Hussain

New Delhi: Jan 6, 2013

ICC has made few changes to spice up ODIs, giving bowlers some leeway by allowing two bouncers an over, doing away with the bowling Powerplay rule and allowing only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle in the non-Powerplay period.

Asked about the new rules, the ICC CEO Dave Richardson said the purpose was to make cricket more attacking both from the batting and bowling point of view.

“I think it will take some time for captains to work out the strategy to deal with it. I think it’s far too early to form any judgement whether its been successful or not. For me, we have to have a full year cricket, look at all the facts, and if it did contribute to more attacking cricket, then we will take it forward from there on.”

If with so many T20 leagues going on around the world, is 50-over format under threat?, Richardson said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that 50 overs is still a good product to continue with. To me, it provides the perfect balance, it’s a full day out and you get a result in that very same day. There is still a place for the 50 overs game.”

Richardson also advocated the need to have Day-Night Test matches and said it will help in increasing the popularity of the format.

“We are happy with it. There are very few venues in the world probably which can hold a day night match because you have to keep in mind dew and flood lights quality. But, if you can find a venue where there is no dew, the lights are good then I don’t see any problem in going ahead with it. One venue which comes to my mind presently is Barbados.”