New Zealand and Rajasthan Royals cricketer Ish Sodhi on Monday did his bit to fight the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world and has brought not just the sporting world, but the world to a standstill as lockdowns and self-isolation is the need of the hour. Sodhi penned a new song on COVID19 and how to fight the menace.

In the video, Sodhi can be seen wearing a face mask in self-isolation and performing his ‘isolation’ song.

“Coronavirus, please don’t get me today. Coronavirus, I still got cricket to play. I know what is Covid-19, I am sick of hearing your name on my TV screen,” Sodhi’s song goes.

“Isolate with me, it’s not what it may seem. Avoid the 6 symptoms of Covid-19 Covid, what’s the matter with you? I heard you walk around the skies as the bad**s flu.”

Meanwhile, the New Zealand cricketers are in a 14-day self-isolation period and hence we presume Sodhi shot the video in his home.

Sodhi, who is also a part of the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL), could be in India if the tournament at all happens amid COVID19 scare.

The virus has hit the global sporting calendar as major events are being called off or postponed.