Sri Lanka won the match by 12 runs © AFP
Sri Lanka won the match by 12 runs © AFP


Feb 25, 2014


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Lasith Malinga has 250 ODI wickets

Malinga strikes. Fifer for him and he seals the match. Keeps it full and on the legstump, Ajmal fails to read it and is out leg-before. But the big wicket comes in the form of Bilawal Bhatti. Bhatti makes too much room and Malinga does what he does best, bowl it full bang on the off-stump. Pakistan lose by 12 runs.
OUT! Ajmal 10(4), Bhatti 18(13)
Bhilawal Bhatti gives a good start to the over thrashing a boundary though the covers off Lakmal. He picks a couple on the next delivery. Bhatti then plays to mid-off and picks a single. Ajmal then smacks one past mid-on for a couple. But Ajmal brings out a miraculous shot, tries to scoop and the top-edge flies behind the keeper for a four. Lakmal is bowling with too much pace. The last ball runs down for a boundary as well running past short thrirdman.
The first two deliveries of Malinga’s over fetches a single each, but Gul finds it difficult to hit the next two. He finally tries to work it away on the leg side, the ball takes a leading edge and goes high in the air, CHaturanga de Silva at backward point takes the catch. Pakistan need 34 runs in 18 deliveries.
OUT! Gul 2(6)
Thisara Perera comes in to bowl and Bhatti goes through with his shot and manages to clear the infield and get a boundary. Follows it up with a single off a slower ball. Gul manages to pick a single on the fifth ball. Pakistan need 37 runs in 24 balls.
The momentum has swung in favour of Sri Lanka again. Two wickets for Malinga in this over. Afridi smashes straight to cover where Chandimal did well to hold on to it, he hurt his fingers though. Malinga strikes in the phase where he’s the most dangerous. Misbah drags straight to deep squareleg, Senanayake didn’t have to move an inch.
OUT! Afridi 4(7), Misbah 73(84)
Perera to bowl. He bowls a slower delivery and Misbah pushes it away for two runs towards square-leg. But he is disciplined on the remaining balls giving away just four runs. Pakistan need 47 runs in 36 balls.
Lakmal comes in. The first delivery is guided away by Akmal towards third-man for two runs. Lakmal bowls one wide and Akmal goes after. He edges it to Sangakkara behind the wickets. Shahid Afridi is the new batsman in. He gets of the mark with a single towards long-on. 53 needed in 42 balls.
OUT! U Akmal 74(72)
Akmal has literally snatched the momentum from Sri Lanka. Two more boundaries in this over by Chaturanga de Silva. Superb batting from Lakmal. 57 needed in 48 balls.
Akmal completes his half-century and the hundred partnership comes up. Excellent batting display by Akmal, gets two fours and a six of consecutive deliveries in that Lakmal over. 16 runs from that over. The required rate has dropped down. 66 runs needed in 54 balls.
A productive over from Pakistan’s point of view. After three singles in the first ha;f of the over, Akmal takes a calculated risk to loft Senanayake’s delivery over mid-on and gets a boundary. Pakistan need 82 runs in 60 balls.
Tidy over from Lasith Malinga. Doesn’t allow Misbah the width to get away. Four runs from it. Pakistan need 91 runs in 11 overs.
It was a good over from Senanayake. He had created a stumping opportunity as well bowling to Akmal. With just one run in the first four balls, the pressure was on Pakistan until Misbah again slogged the fifth for a six.


First ball of the powerplay from Lasith Malinga is full on the pads of Misbah and he guides it for a boundary. Pakistan need 102 in 30 overs.
Batting powerplay taken. Sachithra Senanayake continues. Seven runs from it. 108 runs required in 14 overs. A valuable half-century for Misbah. This is his ninth fifty against Sri Lanka.
Misbah survives! Probing line by Lakmal and Misbah tentatively pokes at it. The faint edge was heard by Lakmal, Sangakkara and everyone in the Lankan time but not the umpire.
Senanayake into his sixth over and concedes just four runs. Pakistan require 117 runs in 16 overs. Drinks Break
Fifty partnership between Misbah and Umar Akmal. A loose delivery from Misbah and he hits it past mid-wicket for a boundary. On the penultimate delivery, Akmal took on de Silva and whipped him past midwicket fielder for another boundary.
Two singles and a couple in that over from Sachithra Senanayake. Pakistan need 130 runs in 108 balls.
Poor bowling from Suranga Lakmal. A length delivery is dispatched by Umar Akmal for a six. On the fourth ball he gives away an easy one on the legs of Akmal and he deflects it for a four behind the wickets. Pakistan need 134 runs in 114 balls.
Good over again from Chaturanga. Just two runs from it. Such overs often help to pull back things after a bowler concedes a six or four earlier.


Umar Akmal is served with a short and slow ball from Mathews and he hits it over midwicket for a six. Earlier in the over Misbah pulled one past squareleg and it was well fielded by Jayawardene in the deep.
Akmal finds it tough to get away with the probing line from Chaturanga. He has consumed 20 deliveries for his seven runs. It’s a maiden over from CHaturanga.
Misbah’s strike rate is improving gradually, he tried a cut shot in the earlier over which didn’t work out but this time he places it effectively to get a boundary off Perera’s bowling. Pakistan require 156 in 23 overs.
Quiet over from Chaturanga. The debutant barring the first ball of his first two overs, has delivered well.
Misbah unleashes his aggressive instinct. The fifth ball from Perera was piitched up in the line of off-stump and Misbah hit it through the line, the ball went high in the air and landed few yards beyond the ropes infront of the sight-screen.
That is surely an embarrassing dismissal for Maqsood, hi is aghast at himself. It was a short one from Senanayake and he could have smashed it anywhere on the leg-side, instead he hit it right out of the middle straight to Chaturanga at deep midwicket. Even Senanayake was embarrassed at that dismissal.
OUT! Maqsood 17(27)
Two singles and a couple from that over from Thisara Perera. Oakistan required 176 in 27 overs.
Maqsood is lucky on the last ball of the over from Senanayake. The inside edge foxed Sangakkara behind the wickets and runs down for a boundary.
Thisara Perera is back into the attack. Misbah is lucky after he gets a bottom edge on the third ball which almost knocks off his stumps.
Maqsood has struggled to get going while Misbah is settling in with a few fluent shots. Senanayake comes back into the attack and beats Maqsood who was trying to play for the turn to a straighter delivery.
Finally the pair shows some intent to increase the scoring after taking a couple each early in the over, Misbah slogs one from Chaturanga past mid-wicket for a boundary.
The first ball is sliced towards deep point for a single. Maqsood picks a single on the fourth ball, followed by a couple from Misbah well placed past backward point. Pakistan need 2013 in 192 balls.
Another tight over, Pakistan are falling behind the required rate now. Chaturanga gives away just two runs.
Tidy over from Mathews. It’s a maiden. Mathews has conceded just five runs in his two overs.
Chaturanga continues, dealt out defensively by Misbah and Maqsood. Just two runs from it.
Mr. Professor doesn’t have a century in store again. An indecisive approach leads to his down fall. A touch fuller by Mathews and the ball strikes his back pad, the umpire instantly raises his finger.
OUT! Hafeez 18(19)
Gone! Chaturanga has been a bit erratic, concedes five wides on the first delivery of the over, but makes up for the loss by going through the defense of Shehzad. Key wicket for Sri Lanka. Shehzad was trying to defend it but there was a big gap between bat-pad.
OUT! Shehzad 28(37)
The fourth ball of the over by Thisara Perera was short and wide, Hafeez latched on to it in a flash smashing it through cover. The fielder in the deep just didn’t move. That was some ‘tracer bullet’ stuff from Hafeez. Earlier onnthe second ball of the over, Sangakkara is confident of a caught behind but the umpire turns down the appeal, Shehzad survives.
Debutant Chaturanga de Silva comes into the attack. The first ball is a wide and concedes three runs but gets his line right to give away six in the over.
Shehzad has changed his gears. The first ball of the over from Malinga was a short one and he manages to get hold of the pull shot for a boundary. On the penultimate ball, Shehzad thrashes a fuller one from Malinga for one more boundary. The final ball is turned towards squareleg for three runs. fifty up for Pakistan.
Shehzad seems to have settled in now. The second ball is pulled for a boundary. Plays out the next two balls defensively before picking a quick single.
Shehzad has finally moved beyond the lone run he had scored. It’s full and in the slott from Malinga, Shehzad drives it past cover for a boundary. The fifth ball is driven on the up but well stopped by the fielder.
Too much aggression and Sharjeel has to walk back to the pavilion. Went for the pull shot but didn’t get it neatly on the bat, the ball lobs up towards mid-on and he takes a simple catch. Now that brings the man in-form at No 3 Mohammad Hafeez. He has three centuries in his last five matches. First ball is clipped off the pads for a four.
OUT! Sharjeel 26(23)
Sharjeel’s aggression has forced Mathews to bring a change in bowling. Sachithra Senanayake comes in to bowl and the first ball is smacked beyond the boundary for a six. On the next delivery he almost gave a catch to point fielder trying to cut the ball.
Excellent batting from Sharjeel. He plays out the first three balls from Malinga defensively on the front foot. He knew the fuller ball was going to come soon. And Malinga keeps it full and his short arm jab flies over the bowler’s head for a four. On the next ball, he whips one behind the wicket for four.
Straighter line adopted from Suranga Lakmal in his second over. The first ball is not that short but Sharjeel goes through with his shot over short midwicket for a boundary. On the next ball, he’s hit him on the pads but survives the appeal.
Pakistan yet to get going in this chase. Malinga seems to have adopted a different strategy here. The fuller balls are still not seen.
Suranga Lakmal starts off well too. There’s a huge leg-before appeal against Ahmed Shehzad. It’s short of good length and Shehzad is squared up. Hits him on top of the pads and the umpire turns down the appeal. Maiden over.
Lasith Malinga starts off the proceedings in the second over. Delivers short of good length deliveries and stays away from testing Sharjeel with the yorker. The last ball of the over is pulled for a boundary.

Ever since the batting powerplay, the Pakistan bowlers have dragged Sri Lanka back and have done well to restrict them below 300.
Ajmal is proving why he is a champion bowler across formats. He has bowled three tight overs on the trot now. Concedes just five runs. The batsmen try har dto cut the ball but fail to dins the gaps.
Pakistan have made a good comeback in the slog overs. Junaid Khan bowls accurately to keep the scoring down until Mathews hits a low full-toss for a boundary.
Pakistan are happy conceding the singles at this stage. Another disciplined over from Ajmal which doesn’t allow the batsmen to get underneath and slog or cut the ball.
After a quiet over from Ajmal, Sri Lanka get some handy runs in this over from Junaid Khan. On the third ball, Chandimal heaves one over mid-wicket for a boundary and on the last ball, sloppy work from keeper Umar Akmal fetches them four more more runs.
Good over from Saeed Ajmal, concedes just four runs from it.
Careless running by Chaturanga de Silva. A delivery before he was well short of his crease but Afridi at covers moving to his right couldn’t hit the stumps at the non-strikers end. But this time, Ahmed Shehzad at point picks the ball and had a better view of the stumps and de Silva is run-out. Sri Lanka are losing their way. 300 which looked likely now seems tough for the Lankans.
OUT! C de Silva 2(2)
It was in the zone for Thisara Perera to slog and he has a go at it. But the ball bounced a bit more than expected and he doesn’t get enough distance. Ahmed Shehzad in the deep catches it comfortably. Debutant Chaturanga de Silva comes in to bat. He is off the mark on the fourth ball. Sri Lanka have crossed the 250-run mark. Just to remind, Pakistan have never chased a 250 plus score against Sri Lanka in ODIs.
OUT! T Perera 6(9)
Sloppy fielding from Pakistan allows the pair to take an extra single. And on the last ball from Bilawal Bhatti, Mathews lofts one over long-off for a four.
Tidy over from Shahid Afridi, five runs comes from it. Pakistan have pulled things back since the batting powerplay.
Last over of the powerplay bowled by Saeed Ajmal. Mathews hits one past the point and cover for a boundary. Perera and Mathews are the perfect batsmen for Sri Lanka to up the ante in the last 10 overs.
Jayawardene is bowled by Afridi. In the previous over, Jayawardene tried to cut Afridi and survived, but this time around the bottom edge rolls on to the stumps. Jayawardene is disappointed with his shot selection. He has been dismissed for the sixth time by Afridi.
OUT! Jayawardene 13(19)
Angelo Mathews slog sweeps the fifth ball by Ajmal past fineleg for a boundary and then follows it up with a six over long-on. It was a neat swing of the bat though not time perfectly. 11 runs from that over.
Afridi almost goes through the defense of Jayawardene on the first ball. Thirimanne’s wicket has brought two new batsmen on the crease. A tidy over by Afridi. On the last ball, Jayawardene places one on the leg-side and gets three runs.
Thirimanne was struggling with a little injury to his finger and there was a break after the first ball. ANd that seemed to have distracted his concentration. Ajmal bowl a straighter one, Thirimanne tries to make room and guide it, the stumps are disturbed and the first over of powerplay fetches a wicket for Pakistan.
OUT! Thirimanne 102(110)
Tidy over from Afridi, but still Sri Lanka manage to collect five singles.
And there it is, second ODI century for Lahiru Thirimanne. Dirves through the covers for a single and gets to his ton. A fluent left-handers innings. He has been exceptional through the off-side as well as with his sweep shots.. Drinks Break taken.
Thirimanne is inching closer to a century. Lofts one over the bowler’s head for a boundary.
His confidence did him in. Gul pitches one short and Sangakkara pulls it right of the middle of his bat straight to mid-wicket. Breakthrough for Pakistan. Excellent partnership of 161 runs between Thirimanne and Sanga. Mahela Jayawardene is the new batsman in.
OUT! Sangakkara 67(65)
Thirimanne has fought hard to take the limelight away from Sangakkara’s deft touch. The opener now moves into the 90s with a slog sweep off Hafeez’s bowling going for a six. Meanwhile, the 150-run partnership comes up.
The batsmen’s comfort against the spinners forces Misbah-ul-Haq to get his best bowler Umar Gul back into the attack. But that doesn’t stop Sanga from driving an overpitched delivery from Gul for a boundary. Lanka well in control of this innings
Thirimanne was well aware of the change in field placement and shuffles across to hit one over the in-field past short fine-leg for a boundary.
The duo continue to milk runs against Afridi. The two left-handers have had no problems against the spinners so far barring Thirimanne struggling a bit against Ajmal.


Sangakkara can do nothing wrong here. The second ball is smacked past mid-wicket for a boundary and he completes his 84th ODI fifty, (his 11th against Pakistan). The penultimate ball of the over from Hafeez to is hit for a boundary.
Afridi overpitches the third ball and Thirimanne drives it through the line and sends it over the bowler’s head for a six. On the last ball Thirimanne drives elegantly for a four.
Slips finally brought inwhile Thirimanne faces Ajmal. Not much trouble for Thirimanne as he picks a couple on the last ball.
They are dealing conveniently against Afridi. Five runs from that over. Thirimanne though is taking some risk by shuffling across to Afridi.
Ajmal is creating the chances but is unlucky to get the reward. Thirimanne edges but there was no slip in place.
Shahid Afridi into the attack. Thirimanne shuffles across and hits it for a boundary, the confidence is visible in his batting now. On the fourth ball, Thirimanne is almost run-out after a bulls-eye throw from Umar Gul. Decision is referred to the third-umpire and the batsman survives.
Tidy over from Saeed Ajmal. Thirimanne failed to record the second delivery of the over, a doosra, he misses it completely and so does the wicketkeeper, the ball runs behind the wickets for a boundary.
Half-century for Lahiru Thirimanne in that over from Bhatti. The bowler keeps straying down the leg-side and concedes four byes as well. Onb the first ball there is a huge appeal for leg-before but Sangakkara survived it.
Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal into the attack. The batsmen are content in milking him for single playing in the gap between cover and mid-off. Six singles from the over.
Nothing seems to stop Sangakkara. Junaid Khan continues post drinks, Sanga comes down the track and shows the full face of the bat and the ball runs to the right of mid-on for a boundary.


Thirimanne and Sangakkara are matching each other with their gracious shots. Thirimanne once again guides one past thirdman for a boundary. On the last ball he pulls for one more four. This outfield is quick and gives great value for shots. Expensive over from Bilawal Bhatti, 12 runs from it. Drinks Break taken.
Excellent running between the wickets by Sanga and Thirimanne. The first ball is driven with authority by Sangakkara, the deep cover fielder runs across and throws it quickly but the batsmen steal two runs. Even in the following delivery they pick up a tight single.
All-rounder Bilawal Bhatti has been introduced into the attack. The first ball is a touch outside off-stump and Thirimanne guides it delicately fine towards thirdman and picks a couple. He picks a single on the next ball. Sangakkara continues his fluent touch with an elegant drive which doesn’t fetch any runs.
Sangakkara tries to walk across and flick Junaid Khan, the ball brushes past his pads and caught by Umar Akmal behind the wickets. There is a vociferous appeal which was turned down by the umpire.


Fifty up for Sri Lanka. Sangakkara doesn’t allow Hafeez to settle down, uses his feet well to flick one over the in-field for a boundary. Sangakkara has completed 12,000 runs in ODIs playing for Sri Lanka.
Thirimanne has been very good playing on the off-side. Change of ends for Junaid Khan. He provides enough width for Thirimanne to cut it past backward point for a boundary. He pulls the fifth ball towards deep mid-wicket for a single.


After Gul and Junaid, Hafeez is back into the bowling, Thirimanne gets a single on the first delivery. Hafeez has done well to contain the batsmen, but now since the powerplay is over, the batsmen have oppotunities to place in the gaps and pick up the singles.
Umar Gul continues and the fourth ball of the over is way above Sangakkara’s head, even Umar Akmal behind the wickets fails to catch it. On the fifth delivery, Thirimanne drives the away going delivery on the up and gets a boundary.
Finally Junaid Khan is into the attack. Tidy first over, concedes just one run from it.
Delivered with a cross seam by Umar Gul coming over the wicket and Perera is cramped for space, tries to drive at a good length delivery and is caught behind. Sangakkara is in the form of his life and starts off with a boundary.
OUT! K Perera 14(26)
Hafeez continues and Thirimanne hits a lovely cover drive for boundary. Not much power behind it but pure timing.
A close call for leg-before was rejected by umpire Johan Cloete. Gul got the ball to move into Perera, who was hit high on the leg. Gul has been impressive with the ball so far.
Perera cuts Hafeez for a boundary as Sri Lanka add another four runs to their total. It’s been a steady start by Sri Lanka.
Gul keeps it tight in the fourth over of the match. Only two runs scored off the right-arm Pakistan pacer.
Perera cuts through the point region to get his first boundary of the game, off Hafeez. Four runs scored off the third over in the game.
Thirimanne gets into the groove with a fine boundary through the covers off Umar Gul. Five runs come from the second over for the Sri Lankan side.
Mohammad Hafeez begins the proceedings for Pakistan and produces an opportunity on the fourth ball of the over. The ball bounced more than Kusal Perera expected, and a leading edge fell away from Ahmad Shahzad on the first slip.


Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews won the toss and elected to bat against Pakistan in their first match of Asia Cup 2014.




Pakistan: Sharjeel Khan, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Sohaib Maqsood, Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi, Bilawal Bhatti, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan


Sri Lanka:  Kusal Perera, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews (c), Chaturanga de Silva, Thisara Perera, Sachithra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal.




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Sri Lanka will be high on confidence after their bilateral One-Day International (ODI) series win against hosts Bangladesh. On the other hand, Pakistan will be returning to action after


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