Pondicherry Cricket Association threatens legal action against BCCI

Pondicherry Cricket Association is miffed by BCCI’s refusal to grant them membership and wants not to treat them as a part of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association

Mumbai: Sep 19, 2011

The Cricket Association of Pondicherry (CAP) said it would move court against the Cricket Board, which it claimed had committed contempt of court by refusing to grant the membership.

“Despite an order by the Ambattur court (Chennai) in 2005 to grant us membership, the BCCI refused to recognise us.

They are treating us like any other Union Territory and are not ready for our separation with the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association,” CAP Secretary P Damodaren said after attending the Cricket Board’s 82nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) here.

“I had raised the membership issue at the AGM, but it was rejected. I asked them to allow players from Pondicherry to participate in Ranji and other tournaments, but this request was rejected as well.

“I opposed the move to retain the same disciplinary panel hearing Lalit Modi’s plea (in IPL irregularities case) but it was rejected too. I asked them to record it in the minutes of the meeting. Now we will seek contempt of court proceedings against them at the Chennai court,” he told PTI.

The CAP representatives were allowed to attend the BCCI AGM following a court order in this regard, he said.

Damodaren said CAP has been fighting for BCCI affiliation since 2003.

“If the BCCI could give Delhi and Goa memberships when they were Union Territories, why can’t they give it to us?” he asked.(PTI)