Rahul Dravid is currently the coach of India A and India Unber-19    Getty Images
Rahul Dravid is currently the coach of India A and India Under-19 Getty Images

Kolkata: Indian batting legend Rahul Dravid says he never had any crazy hairstyles because he did not want to get up in the morning and “scare myself” by looking at the mirror. If I had those marks on the side [of the head], cut in a funny way, I might have frightened myself when I used to wake up in the morning, Dravid said in a video posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday when asked by a fan as to why he never sported a funky hairdo. The present India Under-19 head coach also said he quite likes India s flamboyant opener Shikhar Dhawan s moustache and added he would have twirled it like the left-hander does if he had one. READ: Pakistan vs England T20Is 2015-16: Rahul Dravid eclipsed by Rafatullah Mohmand

I kind of like Shikhar Dhawan s moustache. He does this twirling thing and maybe if I would have a very good moustache, I would have done that thing. But really cutting the hair in a funny way and funny style – that wasn t me, said the former India captain.

You have to get up every morning and look into the mirror and see your face, and you want to look back at something that you like seeing, and I kind of liked the normal hairstyle that I used to have”. READ: Rahul Dravid delivers MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture 2015-16: Full transcript

Dravid scored 13,288 runs from 164 Tests and 10,889 runs from 344 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) before retiring on March 9, 2012, but continued playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Champions League T20 till 2013. Known for his discipline, humbleness and strong cricketing acumen, his appointment as the head coach of the U-21 and U-19 Indian teams is considered the country’s cricket board’s best decision in 2015.