Aaron Finch led the Australian onslaught © Getty Images (File photo)
Aaron Finch led the Australian onslaught © Getty Images (File photo)

March 14, 2014

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(South Africa take on Australia in the third and final Twenty20 International at Centurion on March 14, 2014. Catch live cricket scores of the match in our live blog below.)


Quinton de Kock wins the Man of the Series in the 49-over tussle. Starc was another contender, but this kid has been fantastic right from the India series.



Mitchell Starc wins the Man of the Match. He has really been a revelation in the tournament: he was fast, he was dead accurate, and he moved the ball around. Excellent performance.



The Australians took the pace off the ball and bowled a tidy line and length. The South Africans did not, which made all the difference.



Duminy 2-0-27-0 Tsotsobe 2-0-19-0 Hendricks 3-0-21-1 Parnell 2-0-15-1 Tahir 4-0-21-2 Morkel 2-0-26-0





As easy as they come. 17 off that Duminy over to finish things off.




SIX! Hodge goes straight, Amla gets his fingertips to it on the fence, but the ball still flies over the fence. Four more required.


Can this be the last over?


SIX! Faf brings back JP, who comes round the wicket. Bailey steps out and lofts him over deep mid-wicket. Easy does it.


Tahir bowls through. 4-0-21-2 are nice numbers, but not enough.



Strange aimless stroke there from Watson. They could simply have played Tahir out. The leading edge lands in the hands of the host captain at cover.
OUT! Watson c du Plessis b Tahir 35(28)!



22 required from 42 now.


A wicket there, but perhaps too late in the day.



Maxwell shuffled across and the ball hit his pads in front of the stumps. Hendricks’ appeal came almost as an afterthought, but it worked.
OUT! Maxwell b Hendricks 17(12)!



Hendricks is back. They need him to take a hat-trick. Maybe a couple more.


That over from Albie has sealed things. You cannot concede 18 in an over in a low-scoring match.



FOUR! Once again he bowls short outside off, and Maxwell gives it his all! Hundred for Australia!


SIX! Straiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! You cannot bowl overpitched deliveries to Watto, he will massacre you!


SIX! Watto! Terrible length from Albie, and Watson gives it his all! There goes it, over deep mid-wicket!


Ten runs off that Tahir over. Once they see him off one can assume they’re safe.



FOUR! Where did that come from? Not a bad ball at all, but Maxwell goes down on the left knee and absolutely smokes it to the square-leg fence!


Oooh, excellent googly!


54 to get in 60 balls. Should be easy unless Tahir pulls off something magical.


They just don’t stop hitting! Line, length, pace — nothing seems to deter them!



An excellent over from Tahir. Turn, bounce, variation. If only they had another spinner!





Massive turn from Tahir. Bounce as well.


And Tahir strikes! Slow through the air, Finch slog-sweeps but does not time it all; straight to the eagerly waiting deep mid-wicket. They need more wickets, though.
OUT! Finch c Miller b Tahir 39(27)!





FOUR! Albie bounces high, but Watson gets on to his toes and cuts, places well too!


Good start from Tahir. South Africa could have done with a couple of slow bowlers here.



Watson sweeps and top-edges, falls safe.


Tahir now for his leg-breaks.


Better over from Hendricks, but South Africa really needs wickets. They cannot contain Australia here.



Drama! Watson’s drive almost carried to Tsotsobe at mid-on!


FOUR! Overpitched by Beuran, and Watson punches him through mid-wicket. Easy four, that.


Watson steers one deftly to deep third-man for a single. Fifty comes up.


Hendricks replaces Tsotsobe.


South Africa draw blood, but it does not matter to Finch. He is the big wicket.



FOUR! Overpitched, and driven powerfully through extra-cover. How do you stop this man?


And the ploy works! The fast bowlers kept on bowling short, Faf kept Tahir specially for the shot, and he takes a catch! First blood!
OUT! White c Tahir b Parnell 14(11)!



Short-pitched again, and Finch cuts hard — but now they have Tahir on the fence. Just a single.


FOUR! And the third left-arm seamer who bowls short on a slow track. Finch rocks back and pulls. This man is strong!


Here’s Parnell. The third left-arm seamer in three overs.


Terrible length from South Africans today. They desperately need to get Finch out to have a shred of a chance in the match.



FOUR! Once again that short-pitched delivery outside off-stump, and Finch gives it everything! You cannot bowl long-hops to Finch on a slow track.


AB misfields. Really not South Africa’s day.


Hendricks is wayward as well. Australia is off.





FOUR! Short again, and White pulls! Four more!


FOUR! This time Hendricks errs, short outside off, and Finch cuts him hard for four!


Lonwabo bowled well, but did not really look menacing.



FOUR! Short, wide, cut hard, straight to the fence!


The JP-ploy certainly did not work: he bowled poorly, and the ten-run over flatters him.



FOUR! Finch drives for four more!


FOUR! Rank long-hop, Finch square-cuts, and the rest is history.



Oooh, that’s interesting. Faf asks JP to bowl.

Starc 4-1-16-2 Coulter-Nile 4-0-33-0 Maxwell 4-0-19-2 Henriques 3-0-15-1 Hogg 4-0-31-2 Watson 1-0-11-0


South Africa finally manage to go past the 125-mark. The score doesn’t look good, but the pitch is slow and the outfield sluggish. Do stay tuned in for the chase.



SIX! And Hendricks hits his first international six! Steps out and launches it straight into the crowd over deep mid-wicket!


Starc bowls out. 4-1-16-2 are his figures. Remember, he has bowled only in the Powerplays and at the death.



Coulter-Nile bowls yet another good over. Will they reach 125?



What a comeback from Starc. He has been amazing throughout this series.



And Starc comes back! That yorker was unplayable!
OUT! Morkel b Starc 18(11)



SIX! Starc attempts a bouncer, and bang! Albie gives it his all, hooking the ball into the crowds!


Starc is back. He has easily been the bowler of the tournament so far.


Is this when they start the counterattack? Albie has to be around till the end for something to happen.



SIX! That is humongous! Watto bowls a length-delivery, and Albie gives it his all! Massive!


Bailey gets Watto on…


Yet another tidy over Henriques. South Africa will have to do well to reach ton 125 here.



FOUR! Parnell lofts Henriques straight over his head!


A huge cheer greets the IPL jingle.


Hogg bowls out as well. Oldest T20I player around, and still going strong.



The Chinaman at work! The ball turns almost square, takes the edge, and de Kock walks! Yet another caught Brad bowled Brad dismissal!
de Kock c Haddin b Hogg 41(39)



Hogg to bowl out.


South Africa sink deeper. Here’s Albie, batting for South Africa after a long time, and de Kock, still going strong.



Undone by pace, or lack of it. A tame shot spooned to cover. South Africa sinks deeper.
OUT! Miller c Bailey b Henriques 2(7)!



Henriques is back.

Bailey has now got his fifth bowler to finish with figures of 4-0-19-2. Huge bonus, that.



Maxwell to bowl his final over.



The Brads strike! A rank long-hop, but AB hits it straight to Hodge at deep mid-wicket! This is a huge blow for the hosts!
OUT! de Villiers c Hodge b Hogg 11(10)!



SIX! de Kock pulls off what Duminy couldn’t! Excellent footwork as that one from Hogg disappears over extra-cover!
This time it’s Coulter-Nile, keeping up with the good job. Excellent work from the Australians.



Here’s NMCN…

Hogg hasn’t really bowling too badly, but the two boundaries have spoiled his figures. South Africa needs more of these.



SIX! Absolute long-hop from Hogg, AB doesn’t really time it, but it’s a six anyway. Fasten your seat-belts, guys…

Hogg is varying his pace skilfully here…

Another tidy over from Maxwell. It’s AB-time, though.



Bailey persists with Maxwell, and he strikes! Duminy timed it quite well, the ball seemed to be headed for the deep extra-cover boundary, but they had a man there.
OUT! Duminy c Henriques b Maxwell 13(16)!



The Australian stranglehold continues. Something needs to give in here.




FOUR! An inch too straight perhaps, and de Kock sweeps. Easy pickings.


Bailey brings on Hogg now…

Yet another tidy over, this time from Maxwell…






Henriques does a good job too. The Australians have been tight today.





FOUR! That is a Duminy special, adjusting and waiting for that one, and placing it through extra-cover. Beautiful stroke, that.



Australia on top, for sure. Why is Faf holding AB back?



What just happened? Yet another brain-freeze; a soft nothing stroke from Faf straight to Hoggy at mid-off.
OUT! du Plessis c Hogg b Maxwell 5(6)!



FOUR! Delicious stroke through mid-wicket! That’s the Faf we know!




Maxwell on.

Starc 2-1-3-1

Once again, an amazing over from Starc. He has certainly been the pick of the bowlers in this truncated series.



A somewhat unusual cross-batted stroke across the line against an in-swinger, and he is plumb!
OUT! Amla lbw b Starc 2(3)!



de Kock has started to pile up the runs now.


SIX! Whoa! You cannot overpitch do this kid, he can hit them the proverbial mile! The ball vanishes over deep mid-wicket, and how!
FOUR! Bang goes de Kock, over mid-wicket!

      Amla leg-glances NMCN for their first run.   Coulter-Nile to Amla now. He had struggled in the previous match.

Brilliant bowling from Starc. Fast, furious, accurate, and nippy.

    That was a nasty bouncer: took off from a length, hit de Kock’s gloves, and thudded into his chin.   Here’s Starc.   Toss: Australia captain George Bailey has won the toss and elected to bowl first in the third T20I against South Africa at Centurion on March 14, 2014.   Australia have one change as Cameron White comes in for David Warner. Moises Henriques is also there in the starting XI. For South Africa, AB de Villiers comes in for Farhan Behardien. Imran Tahir comes back into the South African side.   Teams:   South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wk), Faf du Plessis (c), AB de Villiers, Jean-Paul Duminy, David Miller, Albie Morkel, Beuran Hendricks, Wayne Parnell, Imran Tahir, Lonwabo Tsotsobe.   Australia: Aaron Finch, Shane Watson, Cameron White, George Bailey (c), Glenn Maxwell, Brad Hodge, Brad Haddin (wk), Moises Henriques, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Brad Hogg, Mitchell Starc.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the third and final T20I between South Africa and Australia at Centurion. The first T20I was washed out due to rain at Port Elizabeth. The second match at Durban was won by Australia by five wickets.