Stuart Broad's (above) now-famous shocked expression was referenced by David Lloyd © Getty Images
Stuart Broad’s (above) now-famous shocked expression was referenced by David Lloyd © Getty Images

Sky Sports came up with a new version of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ after England won and regained The Ashes. Sky Sports had earlier released a video with Ashes-related lyrics to Billy Joel’s superhit song prior to The Ashes 2015. That version of the songs featured lyrics like “Donald Bradman, Peter May, At The Oval, Final Day, Little Urn, Bob’s perm, WG Grace, Walter Hammond, Mitchell Johnson, At The Gabba, Big Decision, Chris Broad, Ponsford, Richie Benaud, Larwood’s Bodyline, Athers slips on 99, Laker, Jones’ dive, Gower flying in the sky, Baggy Greens, swing/seam, Warnie’s ball in ’93, Ricky Ponting, Pratty gets him, Freddie makes the bails fly!” READ: Sky Sports and ‘We didn’t Start the Fire’: What do the words mean?



The lyrics continue with the words “10, 11 whitewash, Nasser…and that toss, Tubby Taylor, Sherminator, Brigadier-bloc, Swansongs, follow-ons, Headingley ’81, Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh, Harmy’s shocking first ball, Brett Lee, on his knees, Aussies got a winning team, Davy Warner, third man, Andy Flower’s England, John Snow, final Test, Manchester, yes, Chef! Thommo, Lillee, fierce pace, Bumble smacked in that place…” This new version is updated at the end of the fourth Test which features the Sky Sports commentary team along with Joe Root with pictures of the ongoing Ashes 2015 series. England have won The Ashes 2015, and currently lead 3-1 with the final Test at The Oval to go. The match will also be the final one for Michael Clarke, Brad Haddin, and Chris Rogers.