Tumhare Muh Se Dubara Na Sunu: Shahid Afridi Warns Shaheen Afridi For Addressing Him As ‘Sasur’

Pakistan's iconic father-in-law and son-in-law duo of Shahid and Shaheen Afridi were part of an interview together recently

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Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Afridi (credit: Twitter)

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New Delhi: Pakistan’s iconic father-in-law and son-in-law duo of Shahid and Shaheen Afridi were part of an interview together recently and one of the moments from the interview is going viral on the internet. Shaheen refers to Shahid as ‘sasur’ (father-in-law) and the elder Afridi laughingly warns him to not address him like that.

“Sasur, mai tumhare muh se ye dubara na sunu (I don’t want to hear this word from your mouth again),” Shahid Afridi told Shaheen during a chat with Samaa TV.

Shahid Afridi explained that Shaheen shouldn’t refer to him as his father-in-law because he recently won a cricket trophy. Afridi was speaking in reference of the Legends League Cricket championship that Asia Lions won after defeating the India Maharajas by nine runs.

“Log kehte hai Shaadi ke baad enjoyement khatam ho jaati hai. Bilkul nahi hoti aap aur jyada life ko enjoy karte ho aur jab bacche ho jaate hai toh aap life ko aur enjoy karte ho. He has won PSL with Lahore Qalandars. Next day, I won the Legends League Cricket trophy in Qatar,” said the former PAK skipper.

Shaheen Reveals Experience Of Bowling To Shahid

When Shaheen bowled against Shahid Afridi in the Pakistan Super League five years ago, he also made it clear how special it was for him. The left-arm pacer disclosed the type of relationship he shares with Shahid Afridi.

“He is my role model. He has been the inspiration for me. I have enjoyed Lala’s batting, I used to switch off TV when he used to get out. Ye mere hero hai. He is like my friend,” said Shaheen.

Afridi claimed that Shaheen is similar to his son and that his maturity surprised him. “I have always been a friend to my wife and daughter. Shaheen is like my son and friend. He is a very good boy and he has surprised me with his captaincy. It is so good to see the maturity in him at such a young age,” said Shahid Afridi.

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