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With Ravi Shastri at commentary box, there is always some fun and cricketing insights for both viewers and fellow commentators as he is known for his witty observations. His famous one-liner ‘like a tracer bullet’ is probably his favourite one as he uses that plenty of times while commentating. Shastri is currently commentating in the ongoing second Test between India and England at Visakhapatnam. Beside what is going in the match, Shastri threw a challenge to other commentators, where they have to say the same famous one-liner and the latter judged how good it was. Be it Indian or English commentators, every one took this challenge and gave their best shot. FULL Cricket Scorecard: India vs England 2nd Test at Vizag

The first one to take this challenge was Sunil Gavaskar who did pretty well. The best comment from Shastri was to Sanjay Manjrekar as he appreciated his effort by calling him young man, who is actually 51-year old. The best one was probably by Ian Botham, who rephrased the sentence a little by saying, “And it’s going like a very slow tracer bullet.” Shastri was quite surprised with this and liked it too. Well among rest of other commentators, only Kapil Dev could impress him and Shastri advised others to practise.

Watch how the challenge went, which will surely make one laugh.

Currently, India have set the target of 405 for England to win this Test, which is next to a tough ask as no team has ever chased more than 276 in India.