It’s not everyday that you hear Sourav Ganguly giving life lessons and reveal his success mantra. Someone once famously said, if a story is worthy, you must not shy from retelling it time and again. In a throwback video, that we are sharing today the former India captain talks about life in general, spills the beans on the secret sauce to success and reveals a riveting story about Shah Rukh Khan as to how overcame hurdles to become the superstar he’s today.

In the video, where he’s addressing students, Ganguly also reveals how former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar reacted every time he saw SRK in the Kolkata Knight Riders dressing room. Whether you are a cricketer or a budding writer or a student preparing for Board Exams, this video is a must watch.

“One day we were all sitting in the dressing room in our KKR outfits, it was raining outside,” Ganguly said. “We were set to play against Royal Challenger Bangalore. It was pouring outside and we had Shoaib Akhtar in our team back then. And whenever Shoaib saw SRK, his eyes would light up as if he’s seeing God himself. I asked him – what do you see in SRK that you’re so mesmerized? He tells me, you don’t know anything… He’s a star in Pakistan, people love him. I said, ‘people love him in India too but the way you look at him, you don’t even look at your wife like that’…”

He later revealed that KKR players once told SRK how his life is so much better than theirs considering he’s a one-man show and that he doesn’t have to take orders from others. “We were all chatting in the room and telling SRK that your life is so much better. We play a team sport but you’re a one man show, no one can influence your life, unlike ours which get influenced by selectors etc,” Ganguly said.

He continued, “But then he (SRK) starts telling us, ‘The day I landed in Mumbai from Delhi I was a simple man, I had no good looks like Hrithik (Roshan) , no influence like Salman (Khan), no title like Kapoor… I used to stay in a single bedroom flat with a friend. But I remembered only one thing – I have to be the No. 1 actor no matter what. Every morning I used to wake up and stand in front of the mirror and say whatever ability I have, I will be the best with whatever I have.'”

During his international career, Ganguly formed a lethal opening partnership with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar but he was never bothered about the immense popularity of his India teammate. “Every individual is talented and gifted differently. I never looked at the popularity of Sachin. Both of us had a job to do on the field because it’s takes both our effort to score runs. All I did was bat, no matter if the other batsman was a master, superstar, outstanding cricketer… At the end of the day, what remained was contribution from both players,” said Ganguly who played 113 Tests and 311 ODIs during a storied career.

“Similarly, in your student life there will be winners in different fields, but together if you believe you’re the best in you job, in whatever you do, this institute, your career will go forward leaps and bounds,” he added.

Later during his address, he advised the students to never lose faith in their abilities no matter how others perceive them. “When you leave your house every morning, believe – I will succeed… YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE… your teacher may say you’re useless, neighbours and colleagues may say you’re useless but if you wake up every morning believing you’re not, you will be the best student in this college, you will be the best person in your professional job. The easiest thing in life is when someone comes and tells you ‘you’re not good enough’ and you go into your shell and believe it. The moment you start doing that your career will end, so the important recipe to success is to create your own zone – and you’ll succeed… You must believe in yourself. There will be ups and downs in life – that’s part and parcel of everybody’s life,” he said.

In a nutshell, Ganguly has a message for every individual: Make your life a story worth telling.