Sri Lanka’s greatest batsmen Kumar Sangakkara is all set to bid farewell to his marvellous cricket career as he is playing his final Test against India in Colombo. The cricket fraternity and people across the globe are expressing their glee towards Sangakkara through their own style. [Also Read: 15 memorable quotes by Kumar Sangakkara]

Is Sangakkara the best Test batsmen? Now that has become a topic to debate on. When we talk about cricketers from present era, the names of Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Rahul Dravid, Jacques Kallis and Ricky Ponting strike the mind. But the scenario is different when light is thrown on numbers. [Also Read: Poll: Sachin Tendulkar or Kumar Sangakkara — Who is the greater batsman in Test cricket?]

Sangakkara has the highest average of 57.71 for any batsmen who have featured in minimum 100 Tests. To add to his good fortunes, whenever he donned the whites purely as a batsman and not a wicketkeeper, his average is next to legendary Don Bradman. In 150 innings pure as a batsman, Sangakkara averages 67.39. [Also Read: Kumar Sangakkara: 10 of his most memorable innings in international cricket]

The above video by Star Sports highlights the same which is a testament to the southpaw’s supremacy with the bat in the gentlemen’s game.