Former Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara lauded Virat Kohli, saying that he is head and shoulders above anyone else in world cricket today. @AFP

Former Sri Lanka captains and two of the greatest batsmen to have ever graced the game, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, on Monday heaped praise on India skipper Virat Kohli.

While Sangakkara tipped Kohli to be one of the greatest ever cricketers, if not the greatest ever, Jayawardene lauded Kohli for his ability to separate batting from captaincy. (ALSO READ: Virat Kohli is the best leader of men, not the greatest tactical captain: Shane Warne)

“Everything about Virat’s game stands out. I think he is head and shoulders above anyone else in world cricket today. And I think going forward, he will be one of the greatest ever cricketers, if not the greatest ever,” Sangakkara told India Today.

“He has this incredible knack of scoring runs and has a very very solid method that he believes in and is very repeatable and if you see the tempo which he bats with, it hardly changes. He does read the situation very well. He is a very passionate guy, you see that in his expressions on the field so I think it’s not just one aspect, it’s the overall aspect of both the person and how he has sorted his batting and his attitude,” added Sangakkara. (ALSO READ: I don’t copy anyone, but won’t mind copying Virat Kohli: Ollie Pope)

Jayawardene, Sangakkara s former teammate and friend, too was effusive in his praise for Kohli, who now has close to 20,000 runs in international cricket across formats and has thus far scored 64 hundreds.

Jayawardene said that he is impressed with Kohli s ability, like that of Sachin Tendulkar, to handle pressure off the field. (ALSO READ: Very hard to judge eras: Shane Warne on Kohli-Tendulkar comparison)

“It’s not just about the ability Virat has but to understand the way to handle pressure not just on the field but also off the field and the expectations. We grew up with Sachin who had to perhaps experience the same thing. And for the next generation, it’s probably on Virat’s shoulders, with MS Dhoni carrying on for a while. Virat has a good group of guys around him as well. If you ask the Indian fans they would want Virat to win the game and that is something he has managed to control really well,” said Jayawardene.

“Being the captain as well is not an easy thing. He has managed to understand that the captain’s role is on the field but when he is batting it is that which is very important. So those are little things that define a personality and that is what he has been able to do really well,” concluded Jayawardene.