Courtesy: Getty Images and    @TechStoryin's Twitter account.
Courtesy: Getty Images and @TechStoryin’s Twitter account.

Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman have shared many happy dressing rooms and even after retirement they continue to have a gala time in the commentary box. While Laxman is insightful in his analysis, Sehwag is at his eccentric best. Sehwag’s verbal diarrhoea is infectious and even on Twitter he is just unstoppable with his birthday wishes and trolls. November 1, 2016 marks the 42nd birthday of Laxman and Sehwag who has tormented cricketers with birthday wishes in the last few months on Twitter could not miss out on this opportunity to troll his good old friend. He posted a Sehwagisque tweet to his good friend and colleague. ALSO READ: 23 facts about India s Very Very Special cricketer VVS Laxman

Sharing a old picture of the duo, Sehwag wrote, “Happy Birthday @VVSLaxman281 .If Vanigurappa Venkata Sai ji was in Sholay,Gabbar would have said “Yeh kalaai (wrist) humkadede Laxman.” The original Gabbar’s (played by actor Amjad Khan) dialogue from the 1975 super hit Sholay is, “Yeh haath humka dede Thakur.” Gabbar, the dacoit, screams these lines in excitement while he readies to severe his enemy, Thakur’s arms. Sehwag makes a reference to the Hyderabad legend’s wrist. Laxman’s batting was hailed for his sinewy wrists. With his sublime wrist work, he made batting look like artwork. True, any human would envy those majestic wrists. READ: Has Amit Mishra fudged age? Virender Sehwag definitely thinks so


Here is the original video of Gabbar tormenting Thakur:

Laxman’s record score of 281 stood tall for three years as the highest individual score by an Indian in Test cricket before Sehwag broke it in 2004 with his 309. Sehwag went on to breach Laxman’s score two more times when he belted 319 in 2008 and 293 in 2009.

Laxman, one of the finest to play for India and the one who tormented the Australians, is amongst the most loved cricketers. Many from the cricket fraternity apart from Sehwag wished Laxman on his 42nd birthday.