Sir Vivian Richards has praised Team India for their all round performance  © Getty Images
Sir Vivian Richards has praised Team India for their all round performance © Getty Images

Legendary West Indian batsman Vivian Richards believes that Indian Test cricket is destined for success under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. He appreciated the way India have played the Test series against West Indies and said that the team is now ready for bigger battles in future. Talking to Times of India, after India vs West Indies series, Viv Richards spoke about lot of things related to Indian Test cricket, Virat Kohli and about Test losing its fame in West Indies. Richards praised the way Team India approached the Test series claiming it to be very professional on their part. ALSO READ: VVS Laxman: India’s win over West Indies ideal start for long home season

“From what I have seen here, they should. They have won the series handsomely and it opens the door even though you may not have played the best West Indian team. But they did what they had to do… especially Ashwin, coming at six which was new for him and doing so well. I don’t know how he is going to handle it in the future but he is on the right track with bat and ball.” ALSO READ: India vs West Indies: Performance review of Virat Kohli’s team

“The Indian team has done its job here and that’s all you could have done. To me, they played very well and that should create confidence. And it’s nice to have a captain as positive as Virat. His body language says it, the way he is in the field. It should give them confidence to compete at a much better and higher level, especially Down Under.”

Richards was quick enough to put down the claims of people comparing Virat Kohli to himself and said, “I believe Virat is Virat, but you know how people and spectators are like. I like the way he approaches the innings. He doesn’t have any fears. One of the things I was most impressed with was in Australia when he scored those fours hundreds with the abuse and a lot of things coming your way… he stood his ground. It’s a pity India couldn’t support him in the way he batted.”

“That to me was very special. I like the way he gives it back and this is what competition is all about at the end of the day, so long as no one is hurt and you feel comfortable in the fact that you had competed hard and a few words were said and it’s over. If you are in an aggressive country of fast bowlers and aggressive talk, some people hide. Virat came to the surface and performed. That to me is what champions are all about, the real deal.”

Also he spoke about how West Indian governing body should take some positives steps towards pulling more crowd towards Test cricket as it is losing its fame gradually. “The governing body has a chance to get on track and make it a little bit better. They should not make it easy for someone who says I don’t want to play for my country but I want to play T20. You can stop that and give them an opportunity to play at the highest level and represent their country. Otherwise, we will start losing all those young players who wanted to play for their countries and we will continue to have empty stadiums.”