Regular smog in the Delhi has thrown life off balance. Cricket matches being disrupted during the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy, but more importantly, residents of Delhi have been falling prey to serious health conditions. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli, a resident of Delhi, has urged locals to stop playing blame games and find solution to the problem instead before it is too late. Kohli posted a video on his Twitter handle asking people to find solution to the problems. Virat Kohli on why he is “not a robot”

The exact words are these: “Hi guys! We all know what the situation of pollution is like in Delhi. I wanted to bring your attention towards it because a lot of people are debating as to what’s causing it. But what are we actually doing about it? If we have to win this match against the pollution, we all have to come forward and fight against it. It is our responsibility to reduce the pollution levels. Especially the people who live in Delhi, it’s their responsibility. I would urge people to share their rides whenever they can. I would urge them to use a bus, a metro, or use Ola Share if you can. This action if we do it once a week, it will make a massive difference. Every small step makes a difference. If you agree, like this post, share it and show your support.”