Kieron Pollard © Getty Images
Kieron Pollard © Getty Images

Aug 20, 2014

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What a win for West Indies! Tremendous stuff from Kieron Pollard and Denesh Ramdin. From 34 for five, they really turned it around with some wonderful counter-attacking cricket. Pollard was dismissed for 89, just 11 short of what would have been an excellent ton. Fittingly, Kieron Pollard is the man of the match. In case you missed out on what happened earlier on, you can read the match report here.

West Indies 219/7 | Overs 39.4

J Holder 22(15), S Narine 3(5)

So this match is not yet over! Mortaza into the attack now. Just 11 runs needed to win at this point though. And both these batsmen are fairly accomplished with the bat. And Jason Holder goes all guns blazing, as West Indies inch closer and closer. FOUR MORE! And another to help West Indies win by 3 wickets!

West Indies 199/7 | Overs 37.3

J Holder 6(6), S Narine 0(0)

Al-Amin continues. Six off that over. Sohag Gazi again. And six more for KP! He just keeps going. He has been unstoppable today. Oh nicely played by Holder, three more. And now three to Pollard, they are just picking their runs at will here. The match could be over very quickly now. OH Al-Amin has got him! Pollard has holed out!

OUT! K Pollard 89(70) c Mahmudullah b Al-Amin

West Indies 179/6 | Overs 35

K Pollard 75(62), J Holder 0(0)

We are back after a brief rain break. Has the break caused the West Indies to lose focus? OH Pollard is dropped! Or did it not carry? No, it dropped just short of the man at slip. Gazi nearly breaking through! Ramdin and Pollard get back to their business though. Scoring runs at will. Another couple of quick runs. Good stuff here by the pair. AND HE GETS HIS MAN! Gazi cleans up Ramdin!

OUT! D Ramdin 74(76) b Gazi

West Indies 150/5 | Overs 31

D Ramdin 51(63), K Pollard 69(51)

Ramdin gets to his fifty now, it has been a tremendous innings. And Pollard swats Shamsur Rehman for yet another six! These Bangladeshi off-spinners are all quite similar and that is hurting them. Where is Abdur Razzak? Oh a bit of a caught and bowled chance there, but it has evaded the diving bowler and Pollard gets four more.

West Indies 137/5 | Overs 30

D Ramdin 49(61), K Pollard 58(47)

Taskin continues. Just two off that over. Sohag Gazi comes back on now. And Ramdin whips this away for another boundary. Bangladesh need to stop leaking these boundaries here. Taskin again. Much better from Bangladesh here, just dots and singles for the last few deliveries. Oh dear, Taskin has bowled a wide boundary now. Just what they did not need.

West Indies 119/5 | Overs 27

D Ramdin 40(49), K Pollard 54(41)

Wow! Big Pollard absolutely bludgeons this one from Mashrafe Mortaza clear over mid-wicket for six. The partnership is now worth 74. A wicket now will really please the Bangla tigers. And Pollard hits another one for six! That is his half-century as well. It’s come off just 39 deliveries. Great knock under tremendous pressure from the big man. And four more now. Ominous signs for Bangladesh. Nasir Hossain going to pieces under the ferocity of this counterattack.

West Indies 99/5 | Overs 25

D Ramdin 38(45), K Pollard 36(33)

Al-Amin continues. He has figures of 3/21 so far. Ramdin continues to show a marked improvement in his batting skills. Takes on Al-Amin with a good shot down the ground. Mashrafe Mortaza continues bowling well, and Ramdin shows a tight — if somewhat awkward — defense. Mortaza has really bowled well tonight. Just two runs off that last over. The problem for Bangladesh is that with just 218 to defend, they will need to start defending the runs at some point. Al-Amin again. Pollard deals with him easily enough. Ramdin wants to go for a quick single, but Pollard sends him back. A clean pick-up by the fielder might have resulted in some trouble for the West Indies.

West Indies 86/5 | Overs 22

D Ramdin 31(31), K Pollard 30(29)

Oooh that was close! Pollard survives a direct hit, but the West Indies really need to hold their nerve here. Ramdin launches into Mahmudullah for a six, he is looking quite good in the middle. Taskin is bowling quite quickly here, but he is not finding his line and length. All the pace in the world might not count for much if you don’t have direction. Nasir Hossain to continue now. And Pollard has mis-hit this for a gargantuan six! Mortaza comes back now. He bowled quite well early on.

West Indies 60/5 | Overs 18

D Ramdin 14(14), K Pollard 21(22)

West Indies not having a good time of it at the moment. Their skipper Denesh Ramdin and Kieron Pollard are rebuilding the moment for the time being, but if Bangladesh can pick up a wicket here, they will really feel like the match would be in the bag. Pollard takes on Taskin first ball. Lucky for him, there was no one at Third Man. Would have been another brain freeze-induced wicket.


West Indies 34/5 Overs 13.1

Al-Amin Hossain to DJ Bravo, OUT, it is not very often a lousy ball gets a wicket, but this is definitely one of those cases as Bravo, who really should have deposited this short ball from Al-Amin which was begging to be hit, but instead hits this straight down square leg’s throat, who is not going to miss such an offering. Another soft dismissal from West Indies, and they are truly capitulating with just a quarter of the innings through.

Bravo c Sohag Gazi b Al-Amin Hossain 5 (6)

West Indies 22/4 Overs 11.2 | 

Al-Amin strikes again as Simmon’s stay ends prematurely. Al-Amin gets this one to shape away at the last second upon pitching, as the batsman looked to play away from the body. Mushfiqur is able to collect an easy take from behind as West Indies slump to 22 for 4 inside of 12 overs.

Simmons c Rahim b Al-Amin Hossain 0 (2)

West Indies 20/3 Overs 10.4 | 

Edwards looks to sweep Mahmudullah in front of square, but completely misses the ball entirely, as it proceeds to spin onto his stumps behind him.

Edwards b Mahmudullah 10 (32)

West Indies 20/2 Overs 10 | K Edwards 6 (15)

Two down West Indies. Darren Bravo out to a superb catch by Bangladeshi captain captain Rahim.

Bravo c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al-Amin Hossain 7 (14)



West Indies 9/1 Overs 5.3 | K Edwards 6 (15)

Big wicket for Bangladesh. Chris Gayle out to Mortaza. Bangladesh have got their man as the pressure sustained by Mortaza and Gazi has finally paid off.

Gayle c Al-Amin Hossain b Mashrafe Mortaza 3

West Indies 5/0 Overs 4 | K Edwards 4 (12) C Gayle 1 (12)

Good start by Bangladesh bowlers. Mortaza and off spinner Gazi really bowling in good ares. But how long will they be able to contain Gayle and co.?

Bangladesh 217/9  Overs 50 

A competitive score for Bangladesh. Anamul reached his third ODI century as well. Though Bangladesh should have got more runs. With the wicket of Mashrafe Mortaza Bravo reached his 250 list A wickets. In the late overs Bangladesh lost the wickets of Hussain, Gazi, Mortaza and Anamul. Bravo took four of 32 in his seven overs.

Anamul Haque lbw Bravo 109 (138)

Bangladesh 184/5  Overs 47 | A Haque 91 (130)

Rampaul to Nasir Hossain, OUT, and West Indies finally manage to pickup a wicket as Nasir, looking to heave this over the bowler through the leg side, ends up mishitting the length delivery from Rampaul straight into the air, with Ramdin coming around to complete an easy catch. But before we get to that, the umpires are asking to check for a front foot no-ball, and it looks very tight. It would be harsh for the umpire to rule against the bowler there. Nasir was just having a wild swing at that one, which is to be expected at this point of the innings.

Nasir Hossain c Ramdin b Rampaul 26 (38)

Bangladesh 184/5  Overs 45 | A Haque 82 (121) N Hossain 24 (35)

Bangladesh is progressing towards 230 mark. Five overs to go still. Bangladesh still need atleast 50 runs. Anamul is also nearing his 100. The current partnership is 43. Hossain is also giving Anamul good company.

Bangladesh 146/5  Overs 36 | A Haque 64 (95) N Hossain 5 (7)

Bit of rain in the air. The batting powerplay has been taken and the first over of the powerplay was bowled by Narine. And guess what!! Its a maiden. Anamul also survived a close LBW call. The on field umpire gave not out. The West Indians call for a review, and upon second viewing it looks as if the impact is “umpire’s call”. This one would have gone on to hit middle and leg stump. This one did pitch outside off, lending some doubt to the umpire, and the final decision stands as not out.

Bangladesh 141/5 Overs 33.5 | A Haque 51 (76)

Another one gone. Mahmudullah bowled by Bravo. Though Anamul is batting well for Bangladesh. He is holding the innings together. Nasir Hossain comes in at number seven. But the big question is will Bangladesh reach 250?

Mahmudullah b DJ Bravo 11 (21)


Bangladesh 117/4 Overs 28| A Haque 51 (76)

Gayle to Rahim and OUT!!, caught by a tumbling Narine behind the keeper! Down on one knee, Mushfiqur attempted the powerful sweep but top edged it. The ball lobbed directly over Ramdin’s head but Narine was able to move quickly enough to his right from short fine leg and take the catch, he fell to the ground and rolled as he did so. Narine surprised me with that effort. Meanwhile Anamul has his fifty. Mahmudullah is the new man in.

M Rahim c Narine b Gayle 12 (21)

Bangladesh 105/3 Overs 25| A Haque 46 (65) M Rahim 5 (13)

100 up for Bangladesh. Still 25 more overs to go. Bangladesh is fighting well. Specially Anamul, who is batting with ease. He looks like a talented player. He impressed everyone in the last Asia cup and World T20 as well. Chris Gayle will bowl now.


Bangladesh 80/3 Overs 20.1 | A Haque 30 (49)

Gone!! S Rahman caught down the leg side by Ramdin. Three down Bangladesh. Unfortunate way to get out for Samsur. Bravo has his first. Now captain Rahim has came to the middle. He need to bat with responsibilities now. Bangladesh need atleast 250 on this pitch.

S Rahman c Ramdin b DJ Bravo 8 (13)

Bangladesh 69/2 Overs 17 | A Haque 28 (44)

Another one gone!! Imrul Kayes is run out. Miscommunication between him and Anamul. The single was easy, but the second wasn’t so straightforward. The batsmen began to run the second and then they collided in the middle of the pitch. After the collision they decided to turn back and settle for the single. Kayes scrambled to try and make it but he was well short at the time the stumps were broken by Ramdin. Shamsur Rahman comes in at number four. Narine will bowl now.

Imrul Kayes run out 9 (12)

Bangladesh 56/1 Overs 15 | A Haque 19 (36) I Kayes 6 (7)

15 overs are gone. Nice steady start for Bangladesh. Anamul Haque, who is playing in the West Indies for the first time, batting quite well. Imrul Kayes is also up and running. They now look to score quickly. But Narine is yet to bowl.


Bangladesh 41/1 Overs 12.1 | A Haque 10 (26)

Out!! Tamim Iqbal who was batting well was gone. Pollard who dropped him earlier takes a easy catch this time around. It was a short one from Holder and Tamim pulled firmly, so that’s a smart catch. Imrul Kayes has came in at number three.

Tamim Iqbal c Pollard b Holder 26 (47)

Bangladesh 35/0 Overs 10| T Iqbal 21 (38) A Haque 9 (22)

Bangladesh seem be on the right track. Theri openers negotiated the first powerplay carefully. Three bowlers had been used by Bravo –  Rampaul, Roach and Holder. There was one tough chance for Kieron Pollard. But eventually Tamim was dropped.


Bangladesh 16/0 Overs 5 | T Iqbal 7 (15) A Haque 8 (15)

Not a bad start for the Bangladesh openers. They managed to play out the first five overs without loosing any wicket. For West Indies, Rampaul and Roach are bowling a tight line but failed to take any wicket so far.


Bangladesh 5/0 Over 1 | T Iqbal 1 (1) A Haque 4 (5)

Careful start for Bangladesh. Tamim Iqbal and Anamul Haque are Bangladesh’s openers. Kemar Roach has the new ball for West Indies. Two slips in place. Early morning start for the match. West Indies bowlers will get some help from the pitch.



West Indies have won the toss and elected to bowl first.


West Indies Squad:
CH Gayle, KA Edwards, DM Bravo, LMP Simmons, DJ Bravo (c), KA Pollard, D Ramdin (wk), JO Holder, SP Narine, R Rampaul, KAJ Roach


Bangladesh Team
Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Imrul Kayes, Shamsur Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim*†, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Sohag Gazi, Mashrafe Mortaza, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the first One-Day International (ODI) between West Indies and Bangladesh at St George’s, Grenada. This tour comprises three ODIs, one T20 Internationals and two Tests. Bangladesh have come into this tour without Shakib Al Hasan, who has been suspended due to disciplinary reasons. That leaves Mushfiqur Rahim with a lot to do. This is a new setup for Bangladesh as they have Chandrika Hathurasinghe coming in as a coach.

West Indies too have a change in their setup as Otis Gibson is no longer the coach of the West Indies.

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