Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron    Getty Images
Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron Getty Images

West Indies cricket has been on the decline since the past 5-6 years. Despite winning the Men s and Women s World T20 in India, West Indies has since a steep drop in the sport. According to Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron, this descend is due to appoint of women teachers for personal education (PE) in schools. Cameron told Jamaica Gleaner: “It has nothing to do with the Government. Firstly, we only have female PE teachers, which is a problem. Most of them don’t know cricket. The game of cricket is very complicated. They don’t know the history and neither are they interested. That becomes an issue. When we went to school, most of our PE teachers, if not all, were male. So they coach cricket, football, track and field, and we’re not getting that anymore.”

Cameron also took on school authorities claiming that they do not have proper amenities for kids to play cricket: “In football, four-a-side scrimmage can be played in a little two-by-four space; on the road, you put a hoop on a light post and you can play basketball. Cricket suffers from needing space and specialised equipment, and all that kind of thing, to operate.”

He added that CWI is working with ICC to improve the future of cricket in his nation: “So we’re continuously looking at different ways and different types of the game that can be played without that huge fanfare of a big field and specialised pitches. The ICC is doing a programme called Project Wildfire, which is trying to find games that are just fun for youngsters, to get people interested in the game, even at a higher level – beach-type cricket, whatever it is, just to get people playing the game. If you’re good enough, and want to be serious about it, you can go on. I think that is what cricket lacks.”