Yuvraj Singh to pen a book on his father Yograj

Titled ‘Arrogant Master’ Yuvraj Singh’s book will focus on days spent by the cricketer with his father Yograj Singh, his journey in becoming a cricketer and his battle with cancer AFP

Chandigarh: Sep 23, 2012

World Cup hero and cancer-survivor cricketer Yuvraj Singh will pen a book on his player-turned-actor father Yograj Singh.

“He is writing a book on me, whose title will be ‘Arrogant Master’. The book will deal with the days we spent together, what all incidents we went through, his journey in becoming a cricketer and his battle with cancer and how he came out of it with everyone’s blessings and support,” Yograj Singh said on Sunday.

Asked to comment on the book’s title, he merely laughed.

In his early days, Yuvraj wanted to become a skater and was keen on playing tennis too, Yograj said.

“But I was keen that he should become a good cricketer and moulded him that way because I thought he will have some future in the sport,” he said.

He further said that Yuvraj will also be seen on TV soon, sharing his experience of battle with cancer.

On his son’s fight against the dreaded disease, Yograj said, “I want to say only that it has changed Yuvi completely.

“It has been a U-turn for Yuvi, if I can put it that way. I also wanted him to be a saintly person, who will wake up early and offer prayers.

“After his battle with cancer, he has evolved as a person, become more quiet and his whole complexion has changed. I also want to thank the Almighty, Yuvi’s millions of fans and the media, who supported him all through”.

After remaining out of action for months, 30-year-old Yuvraj has made a comeback in the Indian team and is currently playing in the World T20 in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Yograj said that he too had turned author and was writing a book “My Lost Days”, in which he will talk about his life journey including his experiences in the Punjabi film industry. (PTI)

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