Yuvraj Singh urges media to end questions on illness

Yuvraj Singh said while undergoing treatment for Cancer in USA, he was inspired by lance Armstrong to fight the deadly disease AFP

Chandigarh: May 1, 2012

Tired of replying to the queries regarding his illness, Yuvraj Singh, recovering from a rare germ cell cancer between his lungs, on Tuesday said it makes him feel ill again when people keep asking him about his health.

“Don’t ask me about my illness. You make me feel as if I am still sick,” Yuvraj said in a brief interaction with the reporters here at his residence on Tuesday.

Yuvraj arrived in the city today and headed straight to his home from the airport.

Determined to get over his illness soon, Yuvraj thanked the fans, friends and well-wishers for supporting him during his hour of crisis.

“It was hard for me to digest when I was diagnosed (with cancer) but that’s the way life is. I’ve fought a tough battle, it’s been gruelling for me and my family. I am thankful to fans for the support I got throughout my illness.

“I am happy to be back home, to a place where I was brought up,” he said.

Yuvraj said that Lance Armstrong was his inspiration while he was undergoing treatment in the USA.

“I hope I can also inspire others,” said Yuvraj.

Asked how soon he could return to the field, Yuvraj said, “Practice will have to wait.”

At the moment, meeting friends and visiting a few places is on his agenda.

When asked which places he would like to visit, he refused to give away details, saying, “Then you (media) people will not spare me there also.”

On Sachin Tendulkar being nominated to the Rajya Sabha, Yuvraj said, “Sachin will now have to be addressed as ‘Good Morning Sir’.”

Yuvraj returned to India last month after treatment in the United States for more than two months. (PTI)