Mourners bid tearful farewell to Ankit Keshri

It was heart-breaking to see the lifeless body of 20-year-old Ankit Keshri, who died after sustaining injuries during a cricket match in Kolkata on April 20, 2015. A promising young Indian cricketer died on Sunday, after an on-field collision with a team mate during a club match in the eastern city of Kolkata. In the above photo, mourners have the last glimpse of the unfortunate boy.

Coach Jaideep Mukherjee expressed his deepest sympathies by saying, “To see a young life lost due to a freakish accident is absolutely tragic.”

Sachin Tendulkar tweeted, “Saddened by the demise of Ankit Keshri. A promising career aborted by an unfortunate incident on field. May God give strength to Ankit’s family and friends to cope with this loss #RIP.”

It’s a dream of any growing cricketer to be specified by India’s greatest cricketing icon, but Ankit unfortunately didn’t live long enough to see it.