With a total of 10 types of dismissals in cricket, there are a few dismissals which can hardly be seen daily. One of them is obstructing the field. The batsmen is given out in the case if he appears to be creating an obstruction to the fielder or his fielding attempt. Brett Lee’s lethal beamer almost takes out Marcus Trescothick

The dismissals have taken place in international cricket and one of the notable incidents happened during an IndiaPakistan ODI match back in 2006, when Pakistan skipper, Inzamam-ul-Haq was given out for the same reason. It was so, as he had blocked a fielding throw from Suresh Raina at covers towards the keeper with his bat, while he was miles out of the crease and had a possible chance of a run out. The umpires consulted each other and gave the verdict as out on the field itself. Jonny Bairstow hits unbeaten 219 for Yorkshire