Jonty Rhodes is lightning quick on the cricket field. His reflexes were so strong that he could catch balls flying at high pace after hitting the bat even if the reaction time was minimal. This is a match of ICC Cricket World Cup 1999. Rhodes was positioned at backward point. The English batter opened his blade to play a shot on off but could not time the ball well. The ball was soaring at high speed over Rhodes’ head. The South African leaped in air like a cheetah to catch the ball but the ball just brushed through his hands. The jump stopped the ball and it started to fall on the ground at his back. He again made an attempt and dived towards his back and  caught the ball. READ: Jonty Rhodes — what if the famous leap to run-out Inzamam-ul-Haq hadn’t come off

Rhodes is widely considered as the most electrifying fielder to have ever fielded at cover point. But folks, this is not his best catch. Rhodes took some even more brilliant catches during his cricket career and saved plenty of runs by his ground fielding. He was one of those cricketers to have been given a Man of the Match award for fielding. Rhodes was certainly one of the best things to have happened to cricket. He redefined the art of fielding at backward point; however not many people know that he was more than a decent batsman as well. His batting average is 35.66 and 35.11 in Tests and ODIs respectively.

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