Steven Smith’s dismissal on 199 was the eight occasion of a batsman missing his test double century by a mere run © Getty Images (File Photo)
Steven Smith’s dismissal on 199 was the eight occasion of a batsman missing his Test double century by a mere run © Getty Images (File Photo)

Steven Smith missed his maiden double century by just one run against West Indies at Sabina Park on June 12, 2015. Bharath Seervi does an analysis of the nervous 190s by batsmen in Test cricket along with some facts and trivia.

Getting into 190s before completing a double century is really a nervous moment for many batsmen. Most get past it and reach their double tons, while others get out between 190 and 199. It is not true getting out in 90s, 190s or 290s is necessarily due to any nervousness or fear, but for some reason these instances are known as nervous 90s, 190s or 290s in cricket terminology. ENG vs NZ ODI series — A series breaking all batting records

The first to get out in 190s was Clem Hill in 1910 against South Africa. He was out for 191 at the SCG. Since then there have been 66 instances of a batsman getting out between 190 and 199. Steven Smith has accounted for the last two occasions. He was out for 192 against India at MCG in the Boxing Day Test of 2014 and recently 199 against West Indies. Both openers scoring ducks in the fourth innings of a Test

In all there have been total of 75 scores of 190s in Tests — 67 out and 8 not out. Smith’s dismissal on 199 was the eight occasion of a batsman missing his Test double century by a mere run. Two batsmen have remained not out on 199 while they were left out with partners and the team was all out. Andrew Mathieson becomes second New Zealand bowler to take a wicket with his first ball

Nervous 190s

Score Number of scores
199 8
198 1
197 6
196 11
195 7
194 6
193 3
192 12
191 7
190 6

The number 199 seem to be a really nervous situation for batsmen. Eight men have got out on 199 but only one on 198.

Decade wise nervous 190s

Decade Nervous 190s
Before 1900 0
1900 to 1909 0
1910 to 1919 1
1920 to 1929 0
1930 to 1939 3
1940 to 1949 4
1950 to 1959 3
1960 to 1969 1
1970 to 1979 3
1980 to 1989 7

–  It is not surprising that more than 50 percent of nervous 190s have been in this century — 37 in the last 15 years and 30 in previous 123 years.

Team wise nervous 190s

Team Nervous 190s
Australia 15
Bangladesh 1
England 14
India 7
New Zealand 3
Pakistan 9
South Africa 3
Sri Lanka 6
West Indies 9
Zimbabwe 0

– The Australians and Englishmen have accounted for 29 of these dismissals.

– No batsman has got out in 190s for Zimbabwe. However, Andy Flower remained not out on 199 against South Africa at Harare in 2001. The score nearest to 200 for Zimbabwe on which a batsman was dismissed was 171 — by Brendan Taylor against Bangladesh in 2013.

Opposition-wise nervous 190s

Team Nervous 190s
Australia 13
Bangladesh 1
England 17
India 7
New Zealand 6
Pakistan 6
South Africa 3
Sri Lanka 5
West Indies 5
Zimbabwe 2

–  The two nervous 190s in UAE both came in the same match at Sharjah in 2014 between Pakistan and New Zealand. There has been only one other Test where two men fell in the 190s — Pakistan vs Sri Lanka at SSC in 2012. Mohammad Hafeez (197 and 196) was the common person.

Batting position wise nervous 190s

Batting position Nervous 190s
Opener 27
No. 3 18
No. 4 14
No. 5 7
No. 6 1

–  The only No. 6 batsman to get out in the 190s is Ricky Ponting (197 vs Pakistan, WACA, 1999).

Dismissal wise nervous 190s

Dismissal type Nervous 190s
Caught 45
Bowled 9
Run Out 4
Stumped 1

–  Mohammad Yousuf was the only batsman to be stumped out in 190s in Tests. He was stumped on 192 off Chris Gayle at Lahore in 2006.

Two or more nervous 190s

Player Scores
Mohammad Yousuf 192, 192, 191
Younis Khan 199, 194
Mohammad  Azharuddin 199, 192
Steve Smith 199, 192
Mohammad Hafeez 197, 196
Ricky Ponting 197, 196
Michael Vaughan 197, 195
Everton Weekes 197, 194
Ian Chappell 196, 192
Herschelle Gibbs 196, 192
Brian Lara 196, 191
Marcus Trescothick 194, 193
Kumar Sangakkara 192, 192
Rahul Dravid 191, 190

–  Kumar Sangakkara also has three 190s. He was once not out on 199.

– Ponting, Michael Vaughan and Hafeez are the only players dismissed twice between 195 and 199.

– Yousuf’s three nervous 190s came in the same year — 2006 — when he aggregated 1,788 runs, still the highest aggregate of Test runs in a calendar year.

Two or more 190s in the same Test series

Batsman Scores Series Season
Michael Vaughan 197, 195 India in England 2002
Younis Khan 199, 194 India in Pakistan 2005/06
Mohammad Yousuf 192, 191 West Indies in Pakistan 2006/07

– Sangakkara also got two 190s in the same series — 199* and 192 vs Pakistan in 2012.

Marcus Trescothick is the only other batsman to score two nervous 190s in the same year — 194 vs Bangladesh and 193 vs Pakistan in 2005.

Rahul Dravid is the other batsman to have two 190s against a team — 191 and 190 vs New Zealand.

– Frank Worrell scored 197* and 191* against England.

Not out in 190s

Batsman Score
Andy Flower 199*
Kumar Sangakkara 199*
Lindsay Hassett 198*
Frank Worrell 197*, 191*
Sachin Tendulkar 194*
Warren Bardsley 193*
Viv Richards 192*

– Worrell is the only batsman to remain not out in 190s twice. Both came against England.

– The 190s of Lindsay Hassett and Warren Bardsley remained their highest scores in Test cricket.

– Only two batsmen were stranded in 190s due to a declaration by the captain — Worrell (197*) and Sachin Tendulkar (194*). In all other cases their sides the batsmen ran out of partners. The captains to declare were Gerry Alexander and Dravid.

– Bardsley (193*) and Worrell (191*) were the only two players to carry their bat through a completed test innings with 190s.

More trivia and facts on nervous 190s

Mohammad Azharuddin and Matthew Elliott are the only batsmen who ended their Test careers with dismissed scores of 199. Smith’s highest score is also 199, though he may get past that.

Ian Chappell, Azharuddin and Vaughan are the only batsmen to have scored two 190s but never got a double-century in their Test career, their highest scores being 196, 199 and 197 respectively. Smith also has two scores in 190s without a 200 but he hasn’t ended his career yet.

– Hafeez is the only batsman who was out in 190s twice before reaching his maiden double century — 196, 197 and then 224.

– Arthur Morris (196), Garry Sobers (198), Younis (199) and Alastair Cook (190) are the only batsmen to be run out in 190s in Tests. In fact, it is the only time Cook got run out in his entire First-Class career.

– The highest strike rate among all these innings is 145.5 by Brendon McCullum. He scored 195 off 134 balls against Sri Lanka at Christchurch in 2014. He missed smashing the fastest Test double-century.

– The lowest strike rate (where balls are known) is 39.1 by Herbert Sutcliffe. He scored 194 off 493 balls against Australia at SCG in 1932.

– Of the 52 players who were dismissed in 190s, 35 went on to score double-centuries (12 even went past 300) while the other 17 could not.

Bonus trivia – All three nervous nineties (90s, 190s and 290s)

Virender Sehwag and Cook are the only batsmen in the history of Test cricket to have got out at least once in 90s, 190s and 290s in their Test career.

Sehwag got out five times in 90s (90, 90, 92, 96, 99), once in the 190s (195) and once in the 290s (293).

Cook got out six times in 90s (94, 94, 94, 95, 95, 96), once in 190s (190) and once in 290s (294).

Viv Richards got out thrice in 90s, once in 290s and once remained not out in 190s.

(Bharath Seervi is a cricket statistician who is obsessed with digging numbers, facts and records related to the game. An active member of Society of Cricket Statisticians of India, he blogs at He can be followed on Twitter at @SeerviBharath and on Facebook here)