India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI Live Cricket Score and Updates: India secure series 4-1 with a 35-run win over New Zealand

And with that, we come to the end of the series. Many envisioned this to be a highly-competitive five-match affair but India simply were the dominant side. Barring the previous ODI, they have outplayed New Zealand through and through. Hope you liked our coverage. Join us soon for the T20 leg. Till then, have a nice day!

India finish the series on a high. When it began, it seemed as if a repeat of Hamilton is on the cards after the top order was shred to 18 for 4. But from there, Ambati Rayudu and Vijay Shankar staged an inspirational comeback with a 98-run stand. Shankar missed out on a maiden half-century by five runs but Rayudu carried on, hitting eight boundaries and four sixes en route to a 113-ball 90. After his dismissal, India could have slipped again but Hardik Pandya’s rampaging assault – 45 off 22 balls with five sixes and two fours got India past the 250-mark.

New Zealand were under pressure from the word go. From 38 for 3, Kane Williamson and Tom Latham tried to resist with a productive stand but once both the set batsmen departed in quick succession, it all went downhill. Jimmy Neesham got under India’s skin with a 32-ball 44 but with his dismissal, dimished the hopes for New Zealand. In the end, they were bowled out, short of the target by 35 runs.

15:06pm: All over! India win by 35 runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes out Trent Boult for the final wicket, top edging to Mohammed Shami at third man. And with that India take the series 4-1.

15:02pm: Hang on! It’s back-to-back sixes from Matt Henry off Pandya. The equation comes down to 36 off 36. This match is still not over.

14:59pm: WICKET! Full and leg-sidish from Hardik Pandya and Mitchell Santner picks out the Mohammed Shami at short fine-leg. He could have hit it anywhere but Santner chose Shami, who hardly had to move an inch. New Zealand 204 for 9 and India are one strike away from securing a 4-1 win.

14:50pm: WICKET! Third wicket for Yuzvendra Chahal as he traps Todd Astle LBW. New Zealand lose their 8th wicket for 194. Pitches in line and Astle misses the sweep. He took the review but to no avail. The ball would have gone on to hit middle and leg. New Zealand need another 59 off 56 balls.

14:45pm: We’re into the last 45 minutes of the match. 64 needed off the last 10 overs.

14:29pm: WICKET! New Zealand lose their 7th wicket for 176. Jimmy Neesh… What have you done? Neesham went for the reverse sweep which resulted in a huge appeal. With perhaps his mind on the shout, Neesham lost track of the ball and took off. The ball had gone behind him and Dhoni, like a thunder, was on the ball. Neesham looked at his partner, Santner at the other end and decided to get back in. But by then, it was too late. Dhoni hit the target successfully and Neesham can’t believe it. He is gutted. He seemed to be bringing New Zealand back with his counter-attacking 44 off 32.

14:20pm: Two expensive overs on the trot for India – fetching 11 and 10 runs respectively. Jimmy Neesham tonked Hardik Pandya for a six, pulled towards mid-wicket, followed by two more – back-to-back off Shami in the next over. New Zealand 175/6, need 78 off 84 balls. New Zealand have scored 40 off the last five overs.

13:57pm: WICKET! Oh yes, That’s plumb. A slider from Yuzvendra Chahal and it traps Colin de Grandhomme stone dead in front of the stumps. He goes for 11 after scoring two boundaries as New Zealand are beginning to slide. Sixth wicket down for 135.

13:45pm: WICKET! New Zealand 119 for 5. Another one goes and this time it’s the other set batsman Tom Latham. Ooohhhhh is this the slide New Zealand were hoping not to go through? First wicket for Chahal who lands it just inside the line to trap Latham LBW. The batsmen goes for the sweep but fails to put bat on ball. A review looked to be be on the cards, but after a discussion with his partner, Latham decides against it.

13:32pm: WICKET! New Zealand lose their 4th wicket for 105. Oh dear… just when we thought New Zealand were on to something, Kedar Jadhav breaks through. Kane Williamson goes for the pull but it seems as of there wasn’t much power behind that stroke and the ball lands straight down Shikhar Dhawan’s throat at deep midwicket. How many times has Jadhav broken a promising stand? He shows off his dance moves as Dhoni erupts in delight. Was it his plan? It could very well be so.

13:31pm: A remarkable effort this from Kane Williamson and Tom Latham to take New Zealand past 100. From 38 for 3, this has been a rather steady and poised partnership.

13:20pm: A steady 50-run partnership comes up between Kane Williamson and Tom Latham. The innings is progressing very similar to that of India’s. After quick early blows at the top, a partnership putting the match back in the balance. New Zealand 91 for 3 in 22 overs.

13:06pm: New Zealand just beginning to gain some steam. 21 runs have come off the last three overs with Williamson hitting consecutive boundaries off Vijay Shankar.

12:58pm: It’s been a very uncharacteristic innings from Kane Williamson. His first boundary came off the 36th delivery he faced and at the moment is unbeaten on 15 off 42. New Zealand not finding easy at the 16-over mark, to reach 58/3.

12:31pm: WICKET! New Zealand 38 for 3. Big appeal and the finger goes up. Hardik Pandya strikes in his first over and India have landed a major blow. The big wicket of Ross Taylor goes down. The ball pitches on middle and thuds on to Taylor’s pads while the batsmen was rooted on the backfoot. He walked across to his partner Williamson at the other end but the New Zealand skipper seemed to be in agreement with the umpire’s decision.

12:23pm: WICKET! Colin Munro drags one from Mohammed Shami on to his stumps. New Zealand lose their second wicket for 37. Just when he was beginning to look good, Munro loses his concentration. Short ball outside off and Munro spotted the opportunity to play the cut, but the ball took the inner half of his bat and crashed onto the stumps. He is gutted as he walks back. It’s another opportunity missed.

12:10pm: New Zealand 29/1 after seven overs. Colin Munro is 16 off 12 with a six and a four, whereas Williamson gets his eye in.

11:58am: WICKET! Slightly short and henry Nicholls miscues a pull to Kedar Jadhav at mid on. New Zealand lose their first wicket for 18. Mohammed Shami once again with an early wicket.

11:50am: New Zealand 10/0 after two overs. A crisp drive down the gorund gets Henry Nicholls his first boundary. Colin Munro, on the other hand went aerial first over and although it did not carry to the fence he got enough under it to clear Rohit Sharma at mid off running backwards.

11:40am: Welcome back. The second innings is about to get underway. The New Zealand openers – Colin Munro and Henry Nicholls – walk out to the middle. India look up to Bhuvneshwar and Shami for an early breakthrough. The “spiciness” of the wicket seems to have fizzed away though.

11:01am: So there we have it. New Zealand need 253 to finish the series 2-3. They would be slightly disappointed to have conceded these many runs considering they had India on the mat early at 18 for 4. After another top-order collapse, Ambati Rayudu and Vijay Shankar brought India back with a 98-run stand for the fifth wicket. Shankar missed out on a maiden half-century by five runs but Rayudu carried on, hitting eight boundaries and four sixes en route to a 113-ball 90.

After his dismissal, India could have slipped again but Hardik Pandya’s rampaging assault – 45 off 22 balls with five sixes and two fours got India past the 250-mark. For New Zealand, it were the two fast bowlers – Matt Henry (4/35) and Trent Boult (3/39), who shared seven wickets, to first prevent India from getting off to a productive start, and later to restrict them potentially 20 runs short..

How will New Zealand respond? Stay tuned, we’ll be back shortly with the second innings.

10:56am: ALL OVER! India all out for 252. A flurry of wickets towards the end brings the innings to a premarute close. Trent Boult contributes with a run out to add to his three wickets and a screamer of a catch.

10:51am: What an eventful over. A no-ball not given by the umpire, a short run, a boundary and a wicket that looked like being a waist-high full toss. None the less, Pandya goes for 45 off 22 after making sure that India crossed 250.

10:47am: Hardik Pandya has gone berserk. He almost half-heartedly pulled a 142 km/h delivery from Trent Boult for a SIX and follows it up a boundary and a six off James Neesham. India look really good for 260 now.

10:40am: Hardik Pandya gets some exercise. Three sixes in a row in the 47th over to take India to 223 for 7.

10:34am: WICKET! Kedar Jadhav plays on. Strange shot from Jadhav in the end, who inside edges the ball onto the stumps to give Matt Henry his fourth wicket. Goes back, attempts to pull the ball and in the end rolls it back trying to work it towards the leg side.

10:31am: FOUR, and with that India bring up the 200. Boy, did that seem unthinkable about an hour ago? Todd Astle bowls a wonderful over 45th over to concede just five off it, four of which came off the last ball. Five overs left. Can Jadhav and Pandya get India to 240?

10:26am: WICKET! Rayudu misses a century, falls for 90. Another century goes begging. Full from Matt Henry and Rayudu slices the ball to Munro at sweeper cover, who judges his steps well and takes the catch. But it’s been a fine innings, one that has given India the hope of getting to 250. Henry picks up his third. India 190 for 6.

10:21am: Two sixes from Ambati Rayudu off Colin Munro, almost identical slog sweeps, gets India going. Next over, he takes Matt Henry for two more boundaries. One swatted like a rocket between square leg and midwicket, the other a reverse sweep towards third man.

All these runs are hurting New Zealand, who, had it not been for Boult’s drop, could have seen the back of Rayudu.

10:06am: The 150 comes up for India in the 39th over. It’s been a wonderful recovery but with 11 overs left, how much more can they get. Rayudu has looked in supreme touch but almost lost his wicket after Trent Boult dropped him coming in from long on. Jadhav and Rayudu have added 39 off 44 and they need to push now. Hardik Pandya still to come. India would be extremely happy if they can go past 250.

9:50am: Back-to-back boundaries and it’s a well-deserved half-century from Ambati Rayudu off 86 balls. He started off slowly but has picked up pace in the last five overs or so. He’s played a crucial hand in India’s recovery from 18 for 4 to reach 129 for 5 after 35 overs.

9:38am: WICKET! Vijay Shankar run out. India 116 for 5. Oh dear lord, not what India needed. These two batsmen had played and coordianted so well before this. Shankar pushes the ball past mid on and takes off. An unsure Rayudu first refuses and then takes off. Shankar stutters and tries to get back in but by then the throw has come firing in from Neesham, and althrough the ball misses the stumps, Munro has enough time to pick it up and throw it back onto the stumps.

9:21am: New Zealand have introduced slow bowler Mitchell Santner, who almost gets a wicket as Rayudu edges while going for an inside out shot. Vijay Shankar is rotating the strike well, using his experience of having played so many matches for India A. India slowly inching towards that 100-run mark. It’s been a gallant effort from these two batsmen to stretch the score from the depths of 18 for 4.

9:07am: Rayudu gets a move on. A four and a six off Jimmy Neesham. India 78 for 4 in 23 overs. Rayudu glances one down towards the fine leg boundary followed by dancing down the ground and taking the aerial route to bring up India’s first six of the match. The 50-run partnership also comes up between Rayudu and Shankar.

8:50am: 18 overs gone and India move to 50 for 4. A steady partnership developing between Shankar and Rayudu. The allrounder collected his second boundary, flicking Neesham towards the square leg boundary, but Rayadyu has been slow to score 7 off 32.

8:30am: Vijay Shankar off the mark with a boundary. Two more boundaries follow. A snorter from Boult which beats the wicketkeeper and goes racing towards the boundary. James Neesham starts off by swaying one down Shankar’s pads and it results in 4 legbyes. India 37/4 after 14 overs.

8:14am: BOWLED HIM! Trent Boult beats MS Dhoni’s defence to knock him over. India reeling at 18 for 4. Fired in at 143 kmph, late swing and takes the top off off stump. Just too good for Dhoni. His feet weren’t moving this morning and that’s all she wrote. Right then, New Zealand are looking like a whole new team since the previous game.

8:02am: WICKET! Another one goes. India 17 for 3 after eight overs. Shubman Gill hits Matt Henry straight to cover. We guess the youngster got carried away. Two balls earlier he had played a fine straight drive for a boundary. But this time, the ball wasn’t as full and Gill went hard at it to find the fielder. Shades of Hamilton.

7:56am: WICKET! Short ball and Dhawan cuts it straight down third man’s throat. India lose both openers. This is the fourth time in the series that Boult has dismissed Dhawan. Short ball, and Dhawan went for an upper cut of sorts. Matt Henry covers good ground and takes in comfortably in the end. Once again, New Zealand have landed early blows. Gosh! Where was this New Zealand in the first three games? India 12/2 in 5.5 overs.

7:47am: WICKET! Matt Henry cleans up Rohit Sharma. Peach of a delivery. Pitches in about good length line and straighthens to beat the defence of the India captain. What a ball, what a wicket. Rohit Sharma goes for 2. India 10/1 after five overs.

7:45am: First boundary of the innings. Trent Boult drifts one down Dhawan’s pads and the batsman does the rest. Thrice has Boult got Dhawan this series. What lies in the store today? None the less, it’s been a tidy start from New Zealand to give away just 8 runs in the first four overs.

7:37am: Considerable amount of movement. Trent Boult starts with a maiden, a testing over bowled to Rohit. There was a LBW shout off the third ball but the umpire didn’t think it was close. Two noises; replays shows pad. Shikhar Dhawan yet to face a ball.

7:32am: Matt Henry starts the proceedings with a tight over and two slips in place. All Rohit Sharma, the India captain, can manage from that over is a single off the last ball. India 1/0.

7:12am: So we’re all set for the final ODI on a bright and sunny morning in Wellington. India would be keen to prove that their humiliating loss in the previous game was nothing but a small blip. Once again, Trent Boult will be the key for New Zealand and his battle with Shikhar Dhawan will make for a lip-smacking contest. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with the first ball shortly.

Captain’s Corner

Rohit Sharma: We are looking to bat first. Seems a good pitch, might have some moisture but we want to test ourselves in such situations. After the humiliating looss the other day, we want to put up a bigger show. We have three changes. MS Dhoni for DK, Shami for Khaleel and Vijay Shankar for Kuldeep. We had a few training sessions and it’s not like the guys haven’t been in such situations earlier. If we had got about 180-200 last game, things would have been different. We admit we made mistakes and boys are determined. Important to assess conditions these days in the first 6-7 overs and take it on from there. If we bat well, we might get a good score.

Kane Williamson: We were looking to have a bowl first, to take a bit out from the surface if possible. Obviously, it’s a good surface prepared for two games. We have just 1 change – Munro in for Guptill who is injured. He came off a nice knock yesterday and has the confidence off it. There could be some shape early on today hopefully. It’s hard to tell and so it’s important that we can execute our skills and limit India as much as we can.

7:02am: TOSS – Rohit Sharma has won the toss and India have opted to bat against New Zealand. MS Dhoni, Mohammed Shami and Vijay Shankar back. The ones to be left out are Dinesh Karthik, Kuldeep Yadav and Khaleel Ahmed. For New Zealand, Martin Guptill has been left out due to a back injury and Colin Munro takes his place.


India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Shubman Gill, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Vijay Shankar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal

New Zealand (Playing XI): Henry Nicholls, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham(w), James Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 5th and the final ODI of the five-match series between India and New Zealand to be played at the Westpac Stadium, Wellington.

While the series is already won, India will be out to prove a point against New Zealand. (ALSO READ: India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI, LIVE streaming: Teams, time in IST and where to watch on TV and online in India)

While MS Dhoni s return from the injury and Martin Guptill s likely absence from the series-closing ODI have been some of the talking points ahead of the game, Rohit Sharma, who is leading India in Virat Kohli s absence, will like to make sure India win their final ODI outside Asia before the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. (ALSO READ: MS Dhoni boost for India seeking an improved batting show)

For the Kane Williamson-led unit, it will be keen to repeat their Hamilton showings, where Trent Boult reduced India to their seventh lowest total in ODIs to set up New Zealand s eight-wicket win and their first win in the five-match ODI series, and end the series on a winning note. (ALSO READ: Last game was an aberration Bangar)

While New Zealand may have to change the winning combination if Guptill is not match-fit, India may have to bench Shubman Gill, who made his international debut in the fourth ODI, as Dhoni, who missed the third and fourth ODI, is set to return. India may also make a change or two to their bowling unit with Khaleel Ahmed making way for Mohammed Siraj with the spin-bowling duo of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav are most likely to be a part of the playing XI. (ALSO READ: Dhoni declared fit for fifth ODI)

Match details

What: India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI

Where: Westpac Stadium, Wellington

When: Sunday, February 3

Time: 07:30 IST

Where to watch: Star Sports Network/Hotstar

Team news:

New Zealand

With Martin Guptill being an uncertainty, Colin Munro will get another look in as New Zealand looks to get their opening combinations right for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. Guptill hurt his back during the fielding drills ahead of the fifth ODI at the Basin Reseve. Barring a possible Guptill change, New Zealand will be eager to retain the same playing XI that thoroughly outplayed Rohit Sharma-led Indian side in the fourth ODI. (ALSO READ: Martin Guptill suffers injury in training, could miss 5th ODI vs India)

Probable XI: 1 Colin Munro, 2 Henry Nicholls, 3 Kane Williamson (capt), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Tom Latham (wk), 6 Colin de Grandhomme, 7 Jimmy Neesham, 8 Mitchell Santner, 9 Todd Astle, 10 Matt Henry, 11 Trent Boult


MS Dhoni s return will bolster India s middle-order which was found wanting in the fourth ODI in the absence of Virat Kohli and a rare failure from both the openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. However, Dhoni s return may see Shubman Gill getting benched a game after he made his international debut. However, the likes of Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik will have to prove that they shall be a part of India s middle-order in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England. The two had a chance in the fourth ODI but failed.

Probable XI: 1 Rohit Sharma (capt), 2 Shikhar Dhawan, 3 Ambati Rayudu, 4 MS Dhoni (wk), 5 Dinesh Karthik, 6 Kedar Jadhav, 7 Hardik Pandya, 8 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 9 Kuldeep Yadav, 10 Mohammed Siraj, 11 Yuzvendra Chahal


If New Zealand lose the fifth ODI, it will be their fourth successive ODI defeat at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

Ross Taylor is 110 runs away from reaching 8000 runs in ODIs.


His (MS Dhoni s) record speaks for itself. He is a fantastic player. I know there were some noises in the Indian media if he should be in the World Cup squad or not. He has got that calm demeanour in the middle-order. When you are bowling to him, you know you have not got the game won until you get him out. Jimmy Neesham

The middle order has rose to the occasion many times and delivered. Yes some situation has been trying but it is not that the middle order hasn t performed. Sanjay Bangar