South African kid knows the mythical demons!
Frank Duckworth (left) and Tony Lewis the inventors of the Duckworth-Lewis method

It was the start of a new session in the international school and the mythology teacher made his way to the classroom. The kids looked prepared for the new subject and after an introductory session, the teacher asked them, “Students tell me two famous names of demons you know.” There were a lot of raised hands and the teacher asked them to answer one-by-one.

Indian kid: Surpanaka and Bakkasur

Indonesian kid: Mackchu and Pichku

Greek kid: Hercules and Pericles

Now it was the turn of the South African kid, who said, “Duckworth and Lewis.”

Was he wrong? Not really, the two mathematicians devised out the method to determine proceedings and methods for rain-affected cricket matches. Unfortunately, South Africa has been a cricketing side that has more often fallen on the wrong side of the rule and that has seen even seen them bowing out of tournaments like the World Cup. Even in 2015 edition, they were somewhat done with the D/L method in the semi-final match against New Zealand.