Alastair Cook upsets Inzamam-ul-Haq with his comments on Mohammad Amir

Ever since the countdown for Pakistan’s tour of England began, the English players started playing mind games. Here too, leading from the front was skipper Alastair Cook, who did not mince his words while commenting on presence of Mohammad Amir in Pakistan’s touring party. The England captain fired the first salvo when he said his side will not have any issues facing Amir, though he personally wants fixers to be banned for life.

With the start of the series approaching, the intensity of comments has only gone up. Cook recently gave another hostile statement, applying further pressure on the youngster. “I’m sure there will be a reaction and that is right. That is part and parcel, that when you do something like that there are more consequences than just the punishment. That is something for him to cope with, whatever comes his way,” Cook was quoted as saying on Amir in The Guardian. ALSO READ: Alastair Cook’s cautionary message to Mohammad Amir.

But seems his comments have not gone down well with Pakistan batting great and current chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq. “How would the England captain feel if they were in Pakistan and our captain made a similar statement about some player?” Inzamam asked during a programme on Geo Channel, adding “I see this as the start of a campaign to start pressurising Amir. Because not only England but even Australia and South Africa see him as a threat. And he can be a match-winner in England”. ALSO READ: Amir is mentally prepared for this tour and he will be able to handle himself well: Intikhab Alam.

The former Pakistan captain also said that he feels it is a deliberate ploy to pressurise Amir who is a serious threat and that he would advise Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq to take some steps to counter this pressure. “I think it would be a good idea if Amir was not made to field at the boundaries because he will then face hostile comments and remarks. It is best to keep him away from the crowd at the start,” he said.

Inzamam did accept that it was a tough decision to add Amir in the squad in what was his first selection assignment. But he said he was confident that this is the best possible squad for the tour and that Amir will do well. “To me there is sympathy for Amir in England and the best way he can answer is to perform in the series and I am confident he can do it,” he said. It is notable that it was in England six years ago when Amir was caught after he indulged in spot-fixing. Life has come full circle for the youngster, as he prepares to play at the same place after serving his punishment.