England have lost to Netherlands for the second time in ICC World T20 2014 © Getty Images
England have lost to Netherlands for the second time in ICC World T20 2014 © Getty Images

Mar 31, 2014


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Stuart Broad is at loss for words explaining that batting display. First a run-out which haunted him and now it is this loss as captain; England have themselves to blame for this defeat. During the innings break there were discussions about Netherlands failing to accelerate in the death over which could cost them the match, but England messed it up gifting their wickets away.


Man of the Match: Mudassar Bukhari for his three wickets.










England lose once again! And couldn’t have been more embarrassing than to end on a comical run-out. The catch was dropped but the miscommunication means that Tredwell was run-out.
OUT! Broad 4(5), Tredwell 7(6)


Finally a boundary for England but they still need 49 from 18 balls. A huge task with Broad and Tredwell on the crease.


Logan Van Beek strikes. Bopara tried to dispatch the slower ball for a six. There wasn’t much pace in that ball and it flew straight to Seelar at deep midwicket inches inside the ropes. And the humiliation continues for England as Chris Jordan is caught by Michael Swart at long-off diving ahead and holding on to the ball. Netherlands fielders are catching everything.
OUT! Bopara 18(20), Jordan 14(14)


The batsmen are dealing in singles and twos. There have been just three boundaries in this innings and the current partnership of 22 runs is the highest of the innings so far. Says a lot about England’s dismal performance. Check the tweet below by David Lloyd.





Peter Borren deliberately bowls slower making it that much difficult for Bopara to hit. The fielders are now stationed at the edge of the circle with the required rate going beyond 11. England need 67 in last six overs.


Ahsan Malik comes back into the attack. Five singles from the over. While the focus is on spinners on a slow wicket, the difficulty of hitting the medium pacers can’t be ruled out either.



Dropped! Peter Borren bowling over the wicket drops n easy catch. It was pitched full and Bopara went for the drive, couldn’t get the timing right, the ball deflected off the palms of Borren. Should have been caught. But that doesn’t deter England from committing further harakiri. Bopara pulls towards deep squareleg and goes for the second run. The fielder at deep fineleg sprinted across, picked the ball and threw it to the non-striker’s end. Bresnan was miles away. He reached the crease after Peter Borren started his celebrations!
OUT! Bresnan 5(6)



Seven from that over from Pieter Seelar. England need 85 runs in nine overs.


Struggling to get the big shots, Buttler and Bopara have switched to relying upon singles and twos. But Buttler can’t resist but go after the slower short ball. Hits it straight to Seelar at deep midwicket. Wicket for Van Beek. Third batsman to get out for six in this innings.
OUT! Buttler 6(14)



England are in serious trouble now. Moeen Ali drives straight to covers. Peter Borren is delighted after getting a wicket on the first ball of his first over. Ravi Bopara walks in. He had a good day with the ball, time now to deliver with the bat in this crunch moment. Bopara is off the mark with a single. Buttler picks a couple on the fourth ball. Single on the last ball. Five from the over and a wicket. Wonder what would have happened if the Dutch had actually reached the par score of 160!
Moeen Ali 3(7)




Vaughan was skeptical that England would falter earlier and his predictions seems to be well on its way to reality…



Ahsan Malik is in to the attack. As per the plan, keeps it full an outside off for most part of the over. Two leg-byes and two singles. Four from the over. England need 102 runs in 12 overs.


Planned bowling from Netherlands. Pitching consistently full in the corridor of uncertainty, they have kept the batsmen tied down. Two runs from the over from Bukhari. He has bowled three overs for nine bagging two wickets.



Another big one. Are we in for another upset here! Morgan is caught at widish slip by skipper Borren. Disciplined bowling from Van der Gugten and he reaps the reward. Earlier in the over the left-hander had walked across the stumps and played a wristy flick for four. Jos Buttler is the new batsman in. Powerplay has put the Dutch ahead in this match.
OUT! Morgan 6(8)


Big wicket for Netherlands. Hales tries to go for the pull and the ball keeps low, hits the bail. Eoin Morgan is the new batsman in.
OUT! Hales 12(17)


Good over from Van der Gugten. Hales fails to find the gaps on the first five balls. Thick outside edge on the last ball fetches him a single.



Bukhari strikes. Michael Lumh drives the fuller ball straight to extra-cover fielder. Earlier on the second ball of the over was guided past point from Hales for a boundary.
OUT! Lumb 6(8)


Van Der Gugten from the other end and five from it.


Good start for England. Hales gets a boundary on the second ball of the over from Michael Swart. Lumb too started off confidently driving through covers. Good fielding from the cover fielder and they run three. Eight from the first over.




Chris Jordan bowls the last over. Barressi refuses a tight single on the first ball and is then bowled on the second ball of the over. It was pitched full, Barressi wanted to smack it over midwicket. Ben Cooper stuggles facing the short ball but manages to pick a single on the fourth ball of the over. Single on the last ball. Only two runs from that over. Just 27 runs in the last five overs.
OUT! Barressi 48(45)


Barressi picks a couple after Broad starts off with a wide. The next ball was chipped by Barsessi on the off and it’s a six. A missed run-out from Buttler. Borren was too far away from the crease attempting the second run, Buttler collected the ball and then flicked off the bails. But replays showed that the bails were dislodged by Buttler’s knee touching the stumps. Borren was eventually caught for seven.
OUT! Borren 7(10)


Excellent over from Chris Jordan. Only three from the over. Barressi had to take the onus of improving the scoring rate but his strike rate is now below 100.


Outstanding catch from Chris Jordan. That’s as cool as it can get. Tom Cooper miscues one and Chris Jordan at mid-off runs backwards to take it. He stretches his left hand, the ball sticks into his palm and then catches the glares with his right hand. Wicket for Stuart Broad. Peter Borren is the new batsman. Netherlands look to have lost the steam to push the score towards the end. Borren guides the fifth ball over the wicketkeeper for four. He was anticipating the short one and Buttler just about got a hand to that cheeky upper-cut from Borren.
OUT! T Cooper 8(15)


Single on the first two deliveries. Barressi then tries a reverse sweep but there is no bounce to get it over. Good bowling from Bopara. Tries it again and fails again. This is the fourth time Bopara has completed his spell in T20s. 4-0-15-0.


Dropped! Once more dropped catch. There were three men on the leg-side and Tom Cooper pulls Bresnan straight to deep midwicket where Alex Hales was fielding. It was dipping low but should have been caught. Hales is angry at himself and skipper Stuart Broad is least impressed with that effort. Fifth ball was short and went way above the batsman’s head, Buttler somehow manages to get a hand to it. Six from that over.


Lucky escape for Barressi. Makes room and cuts over point. Stuart Broad got a hand to it, but the ball slips out and runs towards the boundary. Couple for Barressi. 100 up for the Dutch side. Bopara is bowling smartly on this wicket.


The first ball of the over from left-arm spinner Parry almost got through the defence of Cooper. Barressi makes room for himself on the fifth ball and lofts the ball over extra-cover for a boundary.


Ravi Bopara is bowling a lot slower and Myburgh has to fetch it trying to slog it and the ball flies straight to Alex Hales at deep square-leg. An enterprising stay comes to an end. Tom Cooper is the new batsman in.
OUT! Myburgh 39(31)


That’a a stumping moment which looked thrilling on the replay. The ball from Tredwell turned and the moment Barressi realised he was looking to turn back. Just about made it. Wide ball. The third ball is hit by Myburgh for a boundary. That’s the fifty partnership between the two and Tredwell completes his quota of four overs.


Couple on the first ball for Barressi playing it wide of long-off fielder. A leg-bye and two singles in that over from Bopara.


Three fielders stationed in the cow-corner region whenever Myburgh comes in to bat. No boundaries this time. Three singles from the over.


Stephen Parry into the attack. The first ball was slogged straight to midwicket, Michael Lumb was stationed there and he drops it! Barressi survives! On the fourth ball, Myburgh picked the length right and hammered it going down on one knee for a six. Two sixes from the over.



Five singles from the first balls from the James Tredwell over.



Tidy over from Broad. Keeps it fuller and the only time he delivers one short and Myburgh plays an upper-cut. The ball takes the toe end of the bat for four.


Fifth bowler for the fifth over of the innings. James Tredwell brought into the attack. With no dew today, Tredwell will be much more confident. Barressi got a leading edge on the second ball and eluded Tredwell by a whisker. The next ball angled in and Myburgh missed it, so did the keeper Buttler, they run three. The next ball was cut away well by Barressi for four.


Fourth bowler in as many overs and the skipper strikes. Swart tried to chip the ball over mid-on but mistimes it and Parry takes a simple catch. Just two runs from the over.
OUT! Swart 13(15)





 Three overs of slogging and Michael Vaughan have already pressed the panic button!



The pitch is a touch slow and Chris Jordan digs one short. Bresnan was hammered in the previous over for the same mistake and this time it’s Jordan who is hit by Swart for a boundary. The fourth ball was slashed by Swart and fell just short of deep thirdman. The fifth ball was flicked neatly past midwicket for a boundary. He waited and turned his wrists like a typical subcontinent boundary. The last ball was wayward on the legs of Myburgh and runs down for four leg-byes.




Explains Jade Dernbach’s exclusion



Swart gets his first boundary. After a disciplined start from Tim Bresnan, the third ball is short and Michael Swart hits it over midwicket for a boundary.


Stephan Myburgh is off to a good start. Consecutive boundaries for him in the first over of the match by Moeen Ali. Second ball of the over was short and stopped in front of Myburgh who smacked it between mid-on and mid-wicket for four. The next ball was smashed past the bowler with a cross bat for four. The fifth ball was lofted again and easily cleared the infield.










Toss: England have won the toss and elected to field.




England: Moeen Ali, Ravi Bopara, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Stephen Parry, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Michael Lumb, Eoin Morgan, James Tredwell.


Netherlands: Stephan Myburgh, Michael Swart, Wesley Barresi (wk), Tom Cooper, Peter Borren (c), Ben Cooper, Mudassar Bukhari, Logan van Beek, Pieter Seelaar, Ahsan Malik, Timm van der Gugten.




Nasser Hossain reminding Stuart Broad of that run-out blunder against the Dutch side at Lord’s in 2009. Never a bad time to go back and remember it, below is the moment when Broad missed that opportunity.






In case you have forgotten, Netherlands have already surprised England once in 2009 in a tense chase. You can read all about that famous match here.





Hello and welcome to the live blog of the England vs Netherlands ICC World T20 2014 match at Chittagong. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates. It’s a dead rubber but England will certainly be hoping to end their campaign on a high.


Despite being involved in an enthralling run-chase with Sri Lanka and coming out on top on March 27, England fell short by an agonising margin of three runs against South Africa two days later. They chased down a 190-run target against tournament favourites Sri Lanka. Against South Africa the target was 197 runs and they came close to keeping their hopes of a spot in the semi-finals, only to fail at the end. This shows that their batting is good and can chase down big totals against very good bowling attacks. But their bowling needs to pull up against the inconsistent Dutch team. Stephan Myburgh will be looking to make another impact against the Brits.




England: Stuart Broad (c), Michael Lumb, Alex Hales, Moeen Ali, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler (wk), Luke Wright, James Tredwell, Stephen Parry, Chris Jordan, Jade Dernbach, Tim Bresnan, Chris Woakes, Ian Bell.


Netherlands: Peter Borren (c), Wesley Barresi (wk), Ben Cooper, Tom Cooper, Mudassar Bukhari, Tom Heggelman, Ahsan Malik, Vivian Kingma, Stephan Myburgh, Michael Rippon, Pieter Seelaar, Michael Swart, Eric Szwarczynski, Logan van Beek, Timm van der Gugten.


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