Jacob Martin s daily expenses amount to Rs 70,000.

Former Baroda cricketer Jacob Martin s condition in hospital has been deteriorating with each passing day. Martin, who has played 10 ODIs between 1999 and 2001, has been in hospital since December 28, has now stopped receiving treatment in the hospital he has been admitted for want of funds.

According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror on Sunday, Martin s wife Khyati Martin wrote a letter to the BCCI to seek help for her husband who is currently on the ventilator. (ALSO READ: Former India cricketer Jacob Martin suffers severe accident, undergoing treatment in hospital)

Since yesterday they have stopped providing medicine to Mr Martin though he is in ventilator. I earnestly request you to send me help at the earliest so that I can save his life. Due to emergency, may I request you to kindly deposit in the bank account of Sterling Hospital, she wrote to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri on Saturday morning.


The BCCI were prompt in their response and immediately credited Rs 5 lakh into her account. The same cannot be said with Martin s local association Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) who have delayed processing funds.

According to former BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel, the BCA aid of Rs 2.7 lakh came in too late.

On another occasion, they had sanctioned Rs 22 lakh to the wife of a former cricketer immediately. They are sitting over a fixed deposit of Rs 107 crore and eligible to avail Rs 150 crore from the BCCI but have not been too helpful, Patel said.

Meanwhile, Patel and the Maharaja of Baroda contributed Rs 1 lakh each and raised another Rs 3 more lakh to save the cricketer, who has been suffering from multiple ailments like polytrauma, lung contusion and liver contusion.

Martin s daily expenses amount to Rs 70,000. At present his condition is critical and requires 2-4 weeks of hospitalisation, Dr Ritesh Shah was quoted as saying in the report.

The 46-year-old, who coached Baroda in the 2016-17 season, has two small daughters.