aaron finch
Aaron Finch (AFP Photo)

Australia opener Aaron Finch had a major injury scare on the third day of the second Test against India in Perth when he copped a blow to his right index finger while batting in the second innings.

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The delivery from pacer Mohammed Shami resulted in a deep cut that exposed the bone forcing an immediate visit to the hospital raising fears of a long-term injury layoff. Fortunately for the Victorian, there was no fracture as he returned to bat the next day before being dismissed off the first-ball faced.

“It was a bit of a shock, just the initial pain was the thing that got me. It felt like it was going to explode, which was quite funny,” Finch was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday. “I think just being hit a few times in the last month, a couple times by Starcy (Mitchell Starc) at training then Shami out in the game, but it’s also an old break. I broke the same finger in Sri Lanka a couple of years ago, so I’ve got to start either catching them or use my bat instead of my gloves. It was up there [as the most painful]. I think snapping my hamstring tendon [in April 2015] was probably the most over the last few years.”

He has returned to training since, having declared himself fit to take the field in Melbourne for the third Test that starts from December 26 unless something drastic happens in the coming couple of days.

“Even batting in the warm-up before the second innings in Perth I still felt pretty good. Catching might be a bit of a different issue, at training I always tape my finger up anyway, but this’ll just be a bit of extra padding,” he said.

The 32-year-old Finch scored 0 and 11 in the first two innings of the Adelaide Test which Australia lost. He returned to form in Perth with a fifty in the first innings and 25 in the second before the nasty finger injury halted his progress.

“With a Boxing Day Test and being from Victoria it’s going to have to be cut off I think. I’m going to catch in slips at training and do my normal preparation. If anything changes in the next couple days, I am sure we’ll have to sit down and chat about that but, at this stage, it’s still business as usual and I plan to field at slip and whatever else is needed. It feels like it’s improved 100 per cent over the last couple of days. I got sent some new bats, so I’ve been walking around the lounge room and waving them around. It feels OK,” he said.