Highlights, India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 1 Full Cricket Score and Result:  First day’s play abandoned

9:25 pm IST: And after all the waiting, the play has been called off – It is a complete wipe out at The Lord’s on Day 1 of the 2nd Test. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better I am afraid.

9:22 pm IST: The latest news folks, is that the umpires will have an insepction, but don’t get your hopes high. They might be deciding to call off the day. Play can start as late as 6:00 pm London time, i.e. 10:30 pm IST.

9:00 pm IST: Well, someone is having some fun in the rain


8:22 pm IST: So no play in the second session as well. Early tea taken. There were signs of rain stopping, but it picked up again. Players were also out on the parctice pitches for a brief while.

7:54 pm IST: So finally, some good news. Still a long way to go, but it is something for sure



7:15 pm IST: Still looks very bad, a steady drizzle in what can be described as your typical English rainfall. That said, the drainage facilities at Lord’s are very good. So if the rain stops we could be looking at a long final session today. Stay tuned for more

6:25 pm IST: Did Kohli go out for an inspection




6:20 pm IST: Still no play in sight, but Sam Curran is searching

5:35 pm IST: Did you know that four times opening days of Tests in England have been washed out? Read all about it here. Do you think today will be the fifth instance?

5:10 pm IST: The much anticipated second Test between India and England at Lord s had gotten off to a wet start with teams not even coming out for the toss and the persistent drizzle at St John’s Wood, London meant the first session was wiped out, and early lunch was taken.

4:40 pm IST: As the wait continues, here is something to read – Chris Old plunders 100 in 72 balls, 50 in 9 minutes!

4:05 pm IST: It is not getting any better folks, this is going to be a long wait





3:45 pm IST: As you wait for the toss, here’s our preview of the Lord’s Test

3:35 pm IST: So it is confirmed – Toss is delayed



2:20 pm IST: Waiting game already!


2:15 pm IST: The news from Lord’s is, there still is a light drizzle with just over a hour before the start of play

1:15pm IST: The news ahead of the start of the second India vs England Test at Lord’s starting Thursday is not promising, with rain across London threatening to have a say when the toss happens at 3:00pm IST.

News from London, and the area surrounding St John’s Wood in which Lord’s is situated, is that the skies are grey and a light drizzle has been falling for some time.


The second Test is slated to start at 3:30pm IST. Scattered rain fall is forecast across all five days of the Lord’s Test, particularly overnight.



Virat Kohli’s India are down 0-1 in the five-Test series. Their last Test win in England came at Lord’s in 2014.