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11:49 pm IST: James Anderson finishes with 5 for 20 as India are all out for 107 and that is the close of play for day two

11:42 pm IST: Stuart Broad makes it nine. Ashwin gone for 29. India 96/9

11:39 pm IST: James Anderson has his fourth. His 98th at Lord’s as Kuldeep Yadav gone for 0. India 96/8

11:18 pm IST: James Anderson comes back and picks his third. Ajinkya Rahane gone for 18. Another one in the slip cordon. India 84/7

10:51 pm IST: Clean through the gates, Sam Curran in to the act and castles Dinesh Karthik for one with the one that comes back in sharply. England all over India. India 65/6

10:45 pm IST: Chris Woakes is on fire would be an understatement He is blazing – he takes his second – Hardik Pandya gone. India 62/5

10:30 pm IST: Chris Woakes is bowling like a million bucks. Top delivery to get rid of Virat Kohli. Just a ball earlier, Kohli was a bit late to leave and took the edge that went between the first and the second slip. Off the next delivery, Woakes gets the angle in, fuller, Kohli plays for the flick, the ball swings after pitching, leading edge and Jos Buttler holds on to an important catch. India 56/4

10:30 pm IST: Another top over from Chris Woakes – Fantastic shape away from the right -hander and Virat Kohli was in trouble. He was lucky that couple of edges did not carry to the slips. India 43/3

10:19 pm IST: Chris Woakes with a terrific first over. He is already getting the ball to move away from the right-hander with a good angle. He squared up Ajinkya Rahane twice in the over. Maiden. India 36/3

10:09 pm IST: Superb over from James Anderson to Virat Kohli. The Englishman bowled two fantastic delvieries that moved away after pitching. Kohli was forced to go for a drive, but luckily it didn;t take the edge. Next up Anderson bowled it a bit short on middle and that also moved away beating Kohli. But Kohli survives. India 36/3

9:44 pm IST: Confident start by Virat Kohli. Caresses on to a over-pitched delivery from James Anderson for a four.

9:38 pm IST: Live action, and Ajinkya Rahane is beaten by James Anderson. 29.3 overs can be bowled. Two hours of play possible, if rain permits.

9:24 pm IST: It is bright and sunny at Lord’s and no sign of clouds. We may still get some game today

9:02 pm IST: Latest is, there will be another inspection, 9:30 pm IST

8:42 pm IST: It’s been a day of hard work for these folks

8:27 pm IST: Tea has been taken at Lord’s. Only two overs of play were possible in the second session of the day, with India losing the wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara.

8:22 pm IST: Are you here looking for some good news. Well, we have got this for you

7:35 pm IST: And when it was time for inspection. The covers are on again

7:35 pm IST: Some good news?

6:40 pm IST: Pujara’s running between the wickets have been quite poor recently. This is the third time he has been run out this year. He lost his wicket twice to run-outs at Centurion. Pujara has been dismissed a total of seven times in 59 matches. but five times in the last two years.

6:18 pm IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is run-out. How many times have you read this line in the past one year. And it has started to rain heavily. To be fair to Pujara, Kohli had taken the start and it seemed it was his call. Pujara committed completely after dropping the ball towards point. Ollie Pope, from gully, picked up and ran towards the empty striker’s end as Pujara and Kohli were running towards the non-striker’s end. India 15/3

6:18 pm IST: After six minutes’ of play there is a slight drizzle, Kohli is running back but he has to come back, the rain has stopped, for now at least.

6:12 pm IST: And we are underway

6:00 pm IST: The covers are off, players are out on the field. Resumtion at 6:10 pm IST

5:13 pm IST: And when play was about to resume, the covers are back on and early lunch taken.

An Elite list, indeed

Most wickets in a single ground

Player Wickets Ground
Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) 166 SSC
Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) 117 Asgiriya (Kandy)
Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) 111 Galle
Ranaga Herath (Sri Lanka) 99 Galle
James Andeson (England) 96* Lord’s

4:21 pm IST: It is going to be a long wait, again folks

When Murali Vijay got a peach of a delivery from James Anderson


4:00 pm IST: And it’s raining at Lord’s and that’s the first break. India 11/2. Virat Kohli 1*, Pujara 1* in the middle of the seventh over.

3:57 pm IST: James Anderson strikes. Hint of away movement and Rahul prods forward, edged to Jonny Bairstow. Wicket number 96 at Lord’s for Anderson. India 10/2

3:46 pm IST: FOUR! India are off the mark in the fourth over. KL Rahul gets in line of the ball and sends a cover drive towards the boundary.

3:33 pm IST: OUT! Just five deliveries it takes for James Anderson to clean up Murali Vijay. Brilliant delivery as he sets up Vijay nicely with an outswinger to send him back for a five-ball duck. India 0/1

3:02 pm IST: TOSS – Joe Root wins the toss and opts to field first. Chris Woakes comes in for Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope in for Dawid Malan. Cheteshwar Pujara in for Shikhar Dhawan and Kuldeep Yadav in for Umesh Yadav.

2:34 pm IST: It is good news first up. Bright and sunny at Lord’s – We can expect the 2nd Test to start today

1:50 pm IST: Hello folks! It’s Day 2 of India vs England 2nd Test at Lord’s! The opening day was a complete washout but there’s good news. The sun is shining on London today and the unless there’s a last-minute interruption from weather gods, the play will commence.

DAY 2: Match Home

Rain meant there was no play on the first day of the second Test between England and India at Lord s on Thursday. Early morning overcast skies in north London eventually gave way to gentle but persistent rain which was sufficient to ensure the pitch and square remained fully covered. The match had been due to start at 11:00am (1000 GMT) but with rain still falling no play was possible in the morning session. Click to here for more.


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