Tickets purchased in advance for day one s play of the 2nd India vs England Test will automatically be refunded to the original ticket purchaser, as per the Lord s cricket stadium official website.


Due to adverse weather causing the abandonment of play on Day One of England vs India at Lord’s, ticket holders are entitled to a 100% refund, stated a release on the website, www.lords.org.


The start of play for day two will remain at 11 am BST (3:30 pm IST) with the scheduled close of time now 6.30 pm BST (12:00 am IST) due to an extra half an hour to make up for the lost time during day one.

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Earlier, rain meant there was no play on the first day of the second Test at Lord’s on Thursday.

It was the first time a whole day’s Test play in England had been lost to bad weather since August 24 2013 when the fourth day of the fifth Ashes clash at The Oval was abandoned without a ball bowled.

The last time a day’s Test play was washed out completely at Lord’s came 17 years ago when the scheduled opening day of the first Test against Pakistan was abandoned on May 17 2001.

Officials later confirmed they would look to conduct the toss at 10:30am on Friday, with a view to an 11:00am start and that 98 overs, rather than the standard 90, would be scheduled for the second day in a bid to make-up lost playing time.