AB de Villiers © IANS (File Photo)
AB de Villiers © IANS (File Photo)

May 4, 2014

Catch live scorecard of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) here

(Will RCB be able to regroup after a dismal ending in the UAE leg or Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli will fire them against SRH on home turf. Catch Live score and live updates of the match here.)


Irfan Pathan bowls the last over and Starc hits it straight to mid-on. He is run-out as he gets de Villiers back on strike. Aaron Finch throws it directly onto the stumps. De Villiers tries to scoop the second ball, but doesn’t hit it properly. But they get a run as the ball lobs to the off-side. Harshal Patel faces with three to get off four. Patel misses and almost runs, but then had to go back as Naman Ojha was chargingfrom behind the stumps. he finally gets a single and de Villiers comes on. With two to get off two, de VIlliers smashes it for a four through mid-wicket and that is the game! Brilliant innings! Bangalore have won by four wickets.
OUT! Starc 5(8)





Here is what Dale Steyn tweeted after that performance two years ago




Steyn is into the attack and he bowls a slower delivery on a length. De Villiers pulls it high over square-leg and it is a six. The second ball also disappears for a six as he punishes the full delivery down the ground. The ball hit the sight screen. The third ball is full on de Villiers’ pads and he gets a leg-bye. Steyn appeals in vain. Starc then edges one onto the on-side and they get a single. The mid-off was in the ring as de Villiers comes back on and he lofts it over that man and it is a four. And the last ball is scooped over fine leg! This is incredible by de Villiers! What a shot. Rewind to 2012. It was something unreal.



Bhuvneshwar is back and he bowls it outside the off-stump. De Villiers carts it over point and it goes for four. That was a very well controlled shot by de Villiers. But then, Bhuvneshwar responds with a full delivery that de Villiers misses. There is another full delivery outside the off-stump and de Villiers leaves it. Bhuvneshwar bowls another full delivery and de Villiers misses. What a comeback after the first ball that went for four! But, de Villiers cannot be kept out of the game for too long. This time it was full and outside the off-stump, and de Villiers reverse scoops it fine for four. The last ball is also reverse-scooped for a single.



It is Steyn vs de Villiers! Remember what happened in 2012 at this very same ground? De Villiers takes a single off the first ball and then Starc gets a single to bring de Villiers back on strike. Steyn then bowls a short ball that de Villiers leaves. It was an unplayable short one. Sensible by de Villiers to leave it. De Villiers then walks outside the off-stump and Steyn has bowled it outside the wide-line. Dharamasena doesn’t give it a wide as de Villiers had moved across. The fifth ball is wide of off-stump and he can only get a single. There is a dot ball off the last! What an over at this stage! Only three runs come off it.



Sammy is into the attack and de Villiers carts him for a huge six over long-off. That went high in the air and cleared the ground easily. The second ball fetches de Villiers a single down the ground. Starc gets de VIlliers back on strike with a single through extra-cover. Chants of ‘AB, AB’ buzzing through the ground. Sammy then bowls a low full toss and de VIlliers smashes it for a four down the ground. It crossed the boundary on the bounce and long-off couldn’t do anything about it. And then Sammy bowls on a length and he pulls it high over cow corner for a six. That is a half century for de Villiers. It has taken him only 23 balls. De Villiers takes a single off the last ball to keep strike.







Yuvraj hits a six! He charges down the wicket to Karn Sharma and lofts it straight over his head for a six. And off the third ball, he sweeps Yuvraj straight to deep square-leg. That is out. Moises Henriques takes the catch and what an over by Karn Sharma. Mitchell Starc is in now and now it all would depend on de Villiers. Starc gets a brace off the last ball.
OUT! Yuvraj 14(16)



Irfan comes from round the wicket and bowls it full outside the off-stump. De Villiers carts it nonchalantly over cover for a six. There is a dropped catch off the third ball then as de Villiers cuts, but the point fielder can only get a hand to it. The batsmen get two in the meantime. Yuvraj comes on to face and misses one outside the off-stump. Yuvraj then gets a single off the last ball.



Darren Sammy is the new bowler and the first ball is played by Yuvraj to point. Yuvraj gets a single off the third ball to get AB de Villiers on strike. It was a quick run and he was in the crease with the throw coming in. And then tries to scoop it to third man, but de Villiers gets a thick edge and it goes fine for a four. De Villiers then takes a single down the ground.



Ishant Sharma is back in the attack and Yuvraj pulls him for a four through fine-leg. The ball almost hits the cheerleaders. But then, they get on the floor to cheer the home team. Ishant has bowled another short one and it hits Yuvraj on the helmet. Yuvraj later makes room and hits it through point for a single. De Villiers then finishes the over by smashing one over Ishant’s head for a maximum.



Rossouw is gone. Karn Sharma bowls one on the stumps and Rossouw tries to reverse-sweep but misses and is out leg-before. Yuvraj gets off the mark by placing one to long-on. De Villiers then gets a single through the leg-side. Karn Sharma has been very impressive today and he is bowling a crucial spell here.
OUT! Rossouw 14(23)



The task is getting a bit tough for Bangalore. But now they have these two South Africans in the centre and they are getting their eye in. Irfan Pathan is into the attack here. He starts off well as Rossouw is not able to get it away. He finally gets off strike by hitting for one down the ground. Irfan then bowls one too wide outside the off-stump to de Villiers and the umpire signals it. De Villiers finally hits a six. The ball is full and he carts it over long-on for six. And, that was funny. It goes into the trash can near the Sunrisers dug-out.





Rossouw gets a quick single off the first ball. De Villiers then gets off the mark by driving one to deep extra-cover. Only a few singles come off the over. The pressure is rising on Bangalore. During the over, Ishant tries to bowl one too short to de Villiers, but it goes high over his head. The over finished with a brace by Rossouw.



And Gayle is gone! Karn Sharma is the man who strikes! Gayle tries to clear the leg-side but hits it straight to Darren Sammy at deep mid-wicket.
OUT! Gayle 27(19)



Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues and bowls a dot ball upfront. But, the second ball is smashed by Rossouw down the ground for a four. A good shot by Rossouw. Bhuvneshwar then comes back well to limit it to four runs in the over.



Ishant Sharma is into the attack. Gayle gets behind the first ball. He inside edges the short ball off the second, but there is no damage. Gayle hits the second one also back. Gayle then pulls the fourth ball, but there isn;t enough bat in it, and believe it or not, it has gone for four. Darren Sammy dived in the deep at mid-wicket, but missed it. Gayle then clears the front leg and hits it high over long-on for a six. That went flat and hard. And there is another six! Gayle pulls a short ball over square-leg for a six! What an over!



Rile Rossouw gets ready to face his first ball. And Bhuvneshwar foxes him with one that comes in. Rossouw then gets off the mark by pushing one through third-man. Gayle then hits one through the fine-leg reion but only takes a single. He isn’t running at full pace.







Dale Steyn continues and Gayle dives him through the covers. it is stopped brilliantly and then Rilee Rossouw has come out of the crease too much. The throw comes in, but misses as Rossouw dives. And then Gayle smashes a bullet. Steyn bowled it fast and Gayle hit it back even harder and it goes just past the umpire for a four. And Gayle is almost gone! The ball is short and quick as Gayle tries to pull. But, it just falls short of Dhawan, who was diving forward. Gayle then cuts the last ball over the off-side for a four.







Parthiv Patel is gone. Bhuvneshwar Kumar strikes with his first ball as the ball shapes away from him and takes the off-stump. Kohli is the new man and faces a wide first up. Bhuvneshwar is bowling well and then he gets another wicket. Kohli is gone off his fifth ball. It was a bit short outside the off-stump and he tries to cut, but nicks it to the wicketkeeper.
OUT! Parthiv 3(5) Kohli 0(5)







Dale Steyn starts proceedings by bowling to Chris Gayle. The first ball is down the leg side and it is called a wide. Gayle gets off the mark off the next ball as he works a rising delivery to fine-leg for a single. Patel comes on strike and he lets his first ball go through. He gets off the mark by flicking one through the leg-side for a couple. That was actually quite a quick delivery from Steyn, but he played it very well. Steyn then bowls one outside off that shapes away from Parthiv. The over is done with Gayle defending the last ball.



Pathan is the new man and gets a full delivery first up. He gets a leg bye as Warner comeson strike. And Starc bowls very well to him. The second ball is full and castles Warner. Then, the third ball is short and Warner is surprised as he cannot pull it. And then Warner goes across his stumps and is bowled by Starc by a full delivery. What bowling here by him! Karn Sharma is the new man and gets a single first ball. A good over to end, but then the last ball goes for a four as Irfan hits it over cover. Hyderabad have scored 155 for six.
OUT! Warner 61(49)



Aaron to bowl the pivotal penultimate over. He concedes only two off the first three balls.The fourth ball is very well bowled. It is short and around off-stump. Ojha let it go through, but it is a legitimate delivery. Ojha then smashes one down the ground for a six. It was as straight as an arrow by Ojha. Aaron was good until this delivery as it is in the slot and allows Ojha the room to swing his arms. Aaron then loses the plot as he bowls it wide outside the off-stump. Aaron comes back well as Ojha scoops it to the off-side and Starc takes another catch quite safely in the deep.
OUT! Ojha 15(11)



Dinda is back and is quite accurate off the first three deliveries as only two runs come off them. Warner then charges off the fourth ball and smashes the full toss over long-off for a six. That is Warner’s half-century. The fifth ball is a low full toss and Warner smashes it back past the bowler for a couple. The last ball is a low full toss yet again and Warner hits it over the man at long-on for a six. That is the big over they needed!



Naman Ojha is the new man. Warner is almost yorked off the first ball by Starc, but manages a leg bye. Off the next ball, Warner is almost run-out at the other end as he backs out too far and Kohli almost gets him with a throw. Ojha gets off the mark off the third ball by placing it through third-man. Aaron stops it well on the boundary as the batsmen run through for two. Ojha then calls Warner for a quick single. Starc doesn’t let Warner get away as he bowls it full and he can only keep it out for a single. Ojha finishes the over very well by guiding a rising delivery through third-man for a four. It went very fine and the fielder had no chance there.



Harshal Patel is back and Warner is almost run-out off the first ball. The throw came in, and he was miles out. Sammy gets his first six of the match as he smashes it over long-off for a six. It was on a length and he could hit it with all the strength of his arms. Harshal responds with a slower one and foxes Sammy but he gets a single off that one. Warner chases a wide one and gets a single. However, it could have been a wide had he let it go. And Sammy is gone off the last ball as he smashes a slower one straight to Mitchell Starc at mid-wicket. A big wicket.
OUT! Sammy 8(8)



Chahal comes back and he is smashes for six by Warner first ball. he charges and hits it straight over long-off for maximum. Chahal then bowls to Sammy and fires it down the leg side for a wide. However, the next ball is a googly and it surprises Sammy. He does manage to get a single though. Through the over, he was trying to bowl it outside off to Warner, but then finishes with one on the stumps. This over has gone for 13. This is the first time Chahal has gone wicketless in this IPL.



Darren Sammy has got a promotion and he has full seven overs to bat out there. Ashok Dinda comes back into the attack and now this duel should be interesting. Sammy blocks the first one solidly. Sammy then gets off the mark by pushing one down the ground. Dinda then bowls two good balls outside the off-stump to David Warner. He cannot do much about it as they are full. What an over by Dinda. Only two runs off it!



Aaron continues his spell as the two Hyderabad batsmen are doing well to build a base for a later onslaught. During the over, Dhawan tries something extraordinary. He started walking towards the off-side and was looking to scoop. Aaron reponds by bowling it short and quick as Dhawan misses it. He then pitches it short and gets his reward. Dhawan pulls one straight to AB de Villiers at square-leg.
OUT! Dhawan 37(36)



Harshal Patel is back in the attack. The fourth ball of the over is a bit back of a length and Warner flat bats it over long-on for a four. The fielder there hardly moved and it had crossed the boundary. Patel comes back well with a full delivery as it yorks Warner and goes through to the keeper. And off the last ball, there was an edge looks like. But only the wicketkeeper appealed. The bowler started walking back.



Dhawan charges down the ground to Chahal and converts one into a full-toss. The ball goes straight down the ground for a four. he then places one through the off-side to collect a brace. Hyderabad moving along well.



Dhawan cuts the first ball behind point and it runs through for a four. Aaron then bowls it a bit short and Dhawan tries to pull, but gets an inside edge onto his body, hitting him where it hurts the most. Aaron bowls one outside off-stump to Warner and he smashes it through wide long-off for a four. It was a slower delivery, but not executed well.



Chahal is in good form in this IPL. The first ball is a wrong-un that stuns Warner. He gets a thick edge as the ball falls on the off-side. Warner then charges to him and hits it straight to cover. Warner then misses one outside the off-stump. Finally, off the fourth ball, he is able to push it through the off-side for a single. Dhawan defends one through the off-side and Warner had come down for a single. He had to rush back. Only two runs off the over.



Harshal Patel continues and is on the money first up. But then, he strays on Warner’s pads and is nicely guided behind square on the leg-side for a four. Warner pushes the next delivery through point, but Rossouw gets a hand to it and takes pace off it. They get only a single for that. Harshal patel comes back well to finish the over with a couple of dots to Dhawan. That is now the strategic time-out.



Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack and Warner places one through the off-side for a single. Hyderabad’s 50 is up as the batsmen take six singles in the over.



Harshal Patel is into the attack and the first ball is on Dhawan’s pads as he works it to the leg-side for a single. Warner then comes on strike and pushes one to mid-on for a single. Patel then bowls one down the leg-side as it is called a wide. Then, Dhawan taps one on the off-side for a single. Patel then unleashes some variation as he bowls a slower one. It was a decent over until the last over as Dhawan pulls a short one in front of square for a four. That is the end of the powerplay.



Varun Aaron is into the attack and the first ball goes for a single. Warner comes to face his first ball and he drives one on a length through the covers for a four. Off the next ball, Aaron oversteps as Warner plays it to the off-side. There is a free-hit now. Aaron has been coming from around the wicket since the start of the over. He bowls a good delivery for a free-hit as it is fast and a yorker outside the off-stump. Warner misses it. He then switches to over the wicket and bowls a short one down the leg-side. Later, Warner hits one outside the off-stump and it just evades the diving point fielder. AB de Villiers runs after it as the batsmen get two.



Dinda continues and off the third ball of the over, Rahul pulls him with good control over fine-leg for a four. The ball bounced just before the boundary ropes there. Rahul then pushes one through mid-on and there is a misfield, which allows the batsmen to come back for two. And Rahul is gone! He edges one as he tries to cut and is taken very well by Chris Gayle.
OUT! Rahul 6(6)





Starc continues and Dhawan gets a boundary by guiding one through fine leg. But then Finch is out! Starc surprises him with a short one. It takes his glove and goes in the air and Parthiv takes it behind the stump. Rahul is the new man in the centre.
OUT! Finch 13(8)



Ashok Dinda is into the attack early today and he bowls one on the money first up. But, Finch is solid and gets a quick single off the first ball. Dhawan smashes the second ball to cover and there is no run there. Finch then pulls one through the leg-side and Yuvraj Singh misfields at mid-wicket and that goes for a four. And the over finishes with Finch smashing one over covers for a six.





The first over is bowled by Mitchell Starc and he is getting the ball to move into the right-hander. It is a quiet start for Hyderabad as only three runs come off the first over. Cheers of ‘RCB, RCB’ go around the ground. Welcome home Royal Challengers Bangalore!




Here are the two teams today:


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, Parthiv Patel, Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers, Rilee Rossouw, Mitchell Starc, Harshal Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashok Dinda, Varun Aaron.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan (c), Aaron Finch, David Warner, KL Rahul, Naman Ojha, Darren Sammy, Irfan Pathan, Karn Sharma, Ishant Sharma, Dale Steyn, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.




Toss: Bangalore have won the toss and have elected to bowl. Hyderabad have brought in Ishant Sharma for Amit Mishra. Harshal Patel is in along with Rilee Rossouw. They have replaced Yogesh Takawale and Albie Morkel.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Match 24 of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 at M Chinaswamy Stadium Bangalore. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. Both teams have four points each from their five matches from the UAE leg. But the momentum seems in favour of Hyderabad. They beat Mumbai Indians whereas RCB slumped to a 70 all-out and then were beaten convincingly by Kings XI Punjab.


Bangalore’s downfall has been due to the poor batting effort. Touted as the powerful batting line-up, Chris Gayle is yet to come to his true colours, AB de Villiers is yet to fire, Yuvraj Singh is still struggling and the pressure is entirely on Virat Kohli. On the other hand, Hyderabad have a solid bowling line-up and the batting too is clicking with David Warner, Aaron Finch and Shikhar Dhawan doing well. It’s an interesting match on the cards.


Bangalore have been strong on their home turf . It has traditionally been a high-scoring pitch. But Bangalore have to regroup their batting to overpower Hyderabad in this match.


Catch Live score and ball-by-ball commentary of the match here.


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