Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between England and Australia, at Lord’s. After impressing with their attacking approach with bat and ball, England fell away in an anti-climactic fashion to lose the first ODI at Rose Bowl by 59 runs. Their legspinner Adil Rashid bowled a clever spell to take four of the five wickets to fall in Australia’s innings, but one of the big differences between the sides was the performance of the seamers: England’s were lacklustre at the start and in the death, allowing Matthew Wade and Mitchell Marsh to put on a century stand and lift Australia to 305 for 6, while Australia’s leaked runs at the start but scythed out the lower order with pacy, reverse-swinging spells to which tailenders had little answer. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: England vs Australia, 2nd ODI, Lord’s

Morgan says there were 25-30 runs extra given by his team to Australia. Australia are disciplined and well-drilled side, he says. It was fantastic to be scoring runs. He says it would have been different had his team been on the field and the ‘obstructing’ happened, he would have withdrawn the appeal. Morgan concedes it is difficult to comprehend the dismissal, as how was protecting oneself obstructing? He doesn’t know what to say about it, he says.

Smith says the fourth umpire is there to make a decision, and he saw it the way he and his team saw it. His team needed improvements in fielding, and they played some good cricket. (Smith was booed by the crowd)

Man of the Match: Mitchell Marsh, for his all-round performance.

The one overpowering moment in this chase has been the dismissal of Stokes, without a doubt. The Australians may have played better, as there are nine other wickets to take, even if Stokes’ wicket could be thought of as a bonus, but English team and the crowd were a bit uneasy about the incident, it is fair to say, and it overshadowed whatever brilliance Australia may have had. The win was built on the solid middle-order performance by their batsmen, part-time offspinner Glenn Maxwell’s crucial wickets, and the pace and effectiveness of Pat Cummins. England, well in the hunt in the chase for a long time, crumbled after Stokes’ dismissal. Read more on the chase here.

Live Cricket Score England 245 | Overs  42.3 (Target 310): Morgan’s sparkling innings comes to an end, and with it, ended the tiny glimmer of hope England had. He went after Cummins, but didn’t get his slog in the meat of his bat, it carried to Maxwell at deep extra-cover. As Morgan shakes hands with the Australians, he has a word with their captain Smith, and it looked clear it was about the ‘obstructing the field’ incident. Not Out: Steven Finn 1 (4)

OUT! Eoin Morgan c Maxwell b Cummins 85 (87)

Live Cricket Score England 244/9 | Overs  42 (Target 310): Bowled! A full length, fast delivery on leg stump is missed by the belligerent Plunkett and the leg stump is hit! So this was a glimmer of distraction after all, or was it? Normalcy is restored as two singles are taken from the over. Batting: Morgan 85 (86), Finn 1 (2)

OUT! Liam Plunkett b Starc 24 (12)

Live Cricket Score England 242/8 | Overs  41 (Target 310): Plunkett and Morgan are on a hitting spree! It’s literally six, four, six, six, four, four, four! After Woakes was dimissed off an inside edge that travelled to the wicketkeeper, Morgan is hit on the helmet, and the No. 9 Adil Rashid is out, caught at mid-on. But in that same over as Rashid’s dismissal, Morgan exploded with nothing to lose. He hit a six off a pull off a short ball, and culled Marsh in the next over. He hit a four through mid-off, a six to leg off his legs, and another six after a chip down the track to long-on. Mid-off, Mid-on, mid-wicket, and point, are the areas where four boundaries are scored in the next over, off Pat Cummins! Coulter-Nile is less expensive, but even he is hit for a couple of fours…Will there be a fairy tale twist? Batting: Morgan 85 (83), Plunkett 24 (11)

Live Cricket Score England 178/6 | Overs  34 (Target 310): Moeen Ali is the latest to get out; England’s chase is slowly going off track. Ali attempted a conventional sweep, but got a top edge and it carried to Marsh at deep square leg. The required run-ate has climbed to more than 8.50 per over. The tail begins, as Chris Woakes is the new man. He guides a ball to the third man gently to collect a boundary. Batting: Eoin Morgan 49 (65), Chris Woakes 4 (5)

Live Cricket Score England 170/5 | Overs  32 (Target 310): Morgan is trying to accelerate well to keep England going. He attempted a reverse-sweep to be almost caught at short third man, and hit a six down the ground off Maxwell. Batting: Eoin Morgan 46 (62), Moeen Ali 8 (13)

OUT! Ben Stokes obstructing the field 10 (7)

OUT! Jos Buttler lbw Maxwell 0 (3)

A throw, an act, a decision, and a controversy… Ben Stokes is given out obstructing the field. He had come out of his crease and played the ball back to the bowler, Starc, who threw it back hard at him. Stokes turned back urgently, and put a hand out to fend off the ball, seemingly so it wouldn’t hit his body. But the Australians appealed, the third umpire looked at it, and ruled that he was indeed obstructing the field, ie, preventing the ball from hitting the stumps. And another wicket has fallen. An appeal for lbw is struck down by the on-field umpire, but Australia decide to take the review. Buttler had played a forward push, but the ball and hadn’t struck the bat. Three reds in the hawk-eye assessment prompted the umpire to overturn the decision.

Live Cricket Score England 136/3 | Overs  25 (Target 310): Morgan gets his first boundary on the 25th delivery he faces, with a nice late cut wide of third man, off a delivery outside off stump by Maxwell. The accurate Marsh bowls a quiet over to Morgan and Stokes: only two runs are collected from it. Ashton Agar, at backward point, does not negotiate the spin of the cut shot played by Stokes, and the ball goes through for the batmen to run three. Three more singles from the over make it six. Batting: Eoin Morgan 26 (37), Ben Stokes 6 (5)

Live Cricket Score England 121/3 | Overs  22 (Target 310): Taylor departs yet again before getting to a half-century! He gets a good-length ball on off stump that he tries to lat cut, but he instead gets an edge through to the wicketkeeper. Taylor was confident, busy and effective in the crease. Ben Stokes, the new batsman, squirts to leg for a single off his first delivery. Morgan, this time, attempts a similar dab to third man, but misses. Batting: Eoin Morgan 16 (23), Ben Stokes 1 (1)

OUT! James Taylor c Wade b Marsh 43 (57)

Live Cricket Score England 115/2 | Overs  20 (Target 310): Taylor plays two effective cuts through backward point to collect two fours off Cummins. Taylor and Morgan work three singles off Maxwell. A full toss on leg stump has Taylor turning the ball to deep midwicket for a brace. Morgan decides to come down the track, and chips a full ball on off to deep extra cover to take two. A dab to third man, and a flick to deep midwicket finishes Marsh’s fifth over. Batting: James Taylor 41 (53), Eoin Morgan 14 (16)

Live Cricket Score England 97/2 | Overs  17 (Target 310): Taylor has played two classy pulls to collect two boundaries, in two otherwise quiet overs, from Marsh and Cummins. Spin is introduced with Maxwell coming on to bowl, and Taylor and Morgan collect six runs, with two braces, and two singles. Batting: James Taylor 26 (39), Eoin Morgan 10 (12)

Live Cricket Score England 76/2 | Overs  14 (Target 310): Marsh bowls an accurate over to Morgan and Taylor, and four singles are had. One of them is via an induced edge through the fourth-slip area off Morgan. Taylor gets a cut across, executing it in a way that would ensure it bounces above the close-in fielders and allows him to scamper runs. Taylor is fed these outside off, wide deliveries, but Taylor struggles to get these away. Batting: James Taylor 16 (30), Eoin Morgan 3 (3)

Live Cricket Score England 69/2 | Overs  12 (Target 310): Marsh’s first ball is down the leg side; Roy guides it off his thighs past the wicketkeeper to collect a four. Four more singles are taken from the over. But Pat Cummins comes on to bowl, Taylor slashes him straight to the hands of the third man, but the fielder spills it! It went into his body, and trickled out. The fielder is the reserve player Marcus Stoinis. But the wicket is had! Not of Taylor but of Roy! A wide ball has Roy attempting to flay through the off side, but he gets an edge to the wicketkeeper. Cummins greets the new man, Eoin Morgan, with a sharp bouncer that has him fending off awkwardly.  Batting: James Taylor 11 (20)

Jason Roy c Wade b Cummins 31 (32)

Live Cricket Score England 57/1 | Overs  10 (Target 310): Almost a catch at fine leg! Ashton Agar, a substitute, possibly for the injured David Warner, leans in front to get to the catch but the ball drops centimetres from his grasp. This was off a mistimed pull by Roy. Roy plays a serene straight drive for four to finish the over. Taylor plays a few strokes through the off side, but off the first four balls of the next over, cannot score a run. Off the fourth ball, Taylor comes down the tack and chips one through the packed off-side field, but the loft could have been caught by the diving man at cover! That man gets a hand to the ball. Taylor gets a four off the last ball via a nice cover drive to collect six from the over. Batting: Jason Roy 28 (26), James Taylor 7 (15)

Live Cricket Score England 44/1 | Overs  8 (Target 310): Roy drivs through extra cover off Starc for another impressive boundary. Roy, off the final ball, squeezes to third man for a double. The rest are dot balls, off shorter lengths. Taylor slashes to third man for a streaky single, after playing four dot balls. Roy gets a single off the last ball to retain strike. Batting: Jason Roy 22 (23), James Taylor 1 (6)

Live Cricket Score England 37/1 | Overs  6 (Target 310): Hales gets a wide, full delivery from Starc and plays a cracking square drive for a four. There is one more overpitched ball in the over, and that is taken for a single. Hales gets another off-drive for four through extra-cover, and a pull for another four to deep midwicket. And another full delivery has Hales driving but what a catch from Smith! At short cover, he has jumped, dived to his right latch on to an awe-inspiring catch off the powerful hit, and Hales has to go! Batting: Jason Roy 16 (17), James Taylor 0 (1)

OUT! Alex Hales c Smith b Coulter-Nile 18 (20)

Live Cricket Score England 24/0 | Overs  4 (Target 310): Hales, after receiving a short ball that hits his shoulder and lobs up for Matthew Wade to complete an diving take behind him, gets an on-drive off a full ball through deep midwicket, for a boundary. Roy cracks a cut off a short, wide delivery from Coulter-Nile, but good work by the fielder at cover prevents four runs. The next ball had a similar shot played off a similar ball, but there is no run. Batting: Jason Roy 16 (17), Alex Hales 5 (9)

Live Cricket Score England 15/0 | Overs  2 (Target 310):Mitchell Starc starts off with two wides, one off a short ball and one full, and a boundary by Jason Roy through extra cover. Hales worked Coulter-Nile through the leg side, before Roy scored another four, this time through cover. The next ball is worked midwicket for another four. And off the last ball, another four is scored, off an elegant on-drive. Batting: Jason Roy 16 (10), Alex Hales 1 (2)

This was an all-round effort from Australia’s batsmen. While Steven Smith provided graft as he usually does, and compiled 99 with George Bailey, the batsmen to follow — Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson and Mitchell Marsh — provided elegant and not so elegant acceleration. Marsh’s 64 off 31 balls rounded off the innings well for Australia, getting them past 300. Ben Stokes was England’s most successful bowler, with three wickets. Read more on the innings here.

Live Cricket Score Australia 309/7 | Overs 49: Wade pulls a short ball to deep backward square leg for a single. Marsh slogs through the off side, but the ball is stopped from reaching the boundary by the the sweeper cover, and two scampered runs are taken. Marsh, then, gets an overpitched ball outside off, and smashes it behind the ground for a mighty six! Marsh is almost caught by a stunning effort from Jason Roy at deep cover boundary! The flat hit had Roy diving to take a one-handed catch, but the ball slipped out of his grasp This also gave Marsh his fifty. Stokes comes on to bowl the final over, Wade tries the pull off a short ball, but edges it for the bowler to accept the lobbed catch. Stokes, on a hat-tick, bowls a slower ball, but is deposited by Marsh to mid-off for a boundary. A full ball on his legs is helped on its way to the fine leg boundary. Australia have crossed 300. Stokes bowls a full toss and is duly hit straight back for a four. Marsh digs out a yorker to collect two to deep mid-on. Marsh gloves the last ball, a slower, short ball, to the wicketkeeper, going for the pull. Batting: Mitchell Marsh 64 (43), Nathan Coulter-Nile 0 (0)

Live Cricket Score Australia 281/5 | Overs 47: Marsh gets an overpitched ball on leg stump, and he pastes it over long-on for a big six! He tries the same shot off another ball, but gets an inside edge. Watson keeps trying to hit with power, but is only able to collect a single off two balls. Marsh takes one of his hands off the bat, in his pull shot off a slower delivery, and a single is had. Watson hits hard towards midwicket, and is caught by the man positioned there! Batting: Mitchell Marsh 37 (21)

OUT! Shane Watson c Plunkett b Stokes 39 (38)

Live Cricket Score Australia 272/4 | Overs 46: Watson steps away to play a big shot, but gets a single off an edge. Marsh gets a perfect ball to smash, a full toss, but missed it completely. He slogs Stokes straight down the ground for a four, and a single thereafter takes the partnership to 50. Marsh executes an agricultural drive to long-off for a single, Watson plays a dot and then tries to smash a full toss, but mistimes it to deep midwicket. There is another single taken by Marsh, and then Watson plays two dots, trying to hit big but not able to. Batting: Shane Watson 38 (35), Mitchell Marsh 29 (18)

Live Cricket Score Australia 260/4 | Overs 44: Marsh steps down the track to Ali and smashes it to cow corner for a big six! Watson tries to pull a shot ball had to the leg side, but misses it. He makes up with two mighty sixes off the final two balls of Ali’s over! The first is typically slogged to long-on, the ball landed in the top tier! And the second one is a slog sweep over cow corner that goes a long way too! Finn is smashed by Marsh to extra cover for a belligerent four, and hit to deep backward square leg for another four. Marsh prepares himself for another big hit but is fooled by the slower ball. Two big overs for the batting team. Batting: Shane Watson 34 (28), Mitchell Marsh 22 (13)

Live Cricket Score Australia 229/4 | Overs 42: Ali is worked for five runs in his 7th over, including a brace to deep midwicket. In the next over off Finn, Watson plays a hard drive that is stopped via a dive by the captain Morgan. Watson gets a short and a not-so-wide delivery to cut fiercely to backward point for a four. He tries to work a ball to the on side off another ball but gets a leading edge that just falls short of the fielder at cover. Batting: Shane Watson 21 (24), Mitchell Marsh 4 (5)

Live Cricket Score Australia 218/4 | Overs 40: Maxwell steps down the track and converts Ali’s ball into a full toss, to deposit it over long-off for a big six! The next ball, the same result! No step down the track this time, though, but the same shot, and the same result, with the ball just landing over the paddings. The following ball has him sweeping to collect a four through square leg. In a quiet over from Finn, Watson edges him twice through the vacant slips region. Maxwell, on 49, gets a full ball on middle stump, tries to wok it to leg, and misses it, to be rapped in front of the wickets! That was straight, no doubts! Maxwell looks at his partner, understands it was clean, and walks off. Batting: Shane Watson 14 (16), Mitchell Marsh 0 (1)

OUT! Glenn Maxwell lbw b Finn 49 (38)

Live Cricket Score Australia 194/3 | Overs 38: Maxwell brings out the reverse-sweep from his cupboard, and thrashes Ali between point and gully for a boundary.  Watson, earlier, glanced for a three to fine leg.  Finn comes back into the attack, and almost gets a wicket! A belligerent shot from Watson has Hales diving to claim a catch at deep midwicket, but the ball falls just short of the fielder. Batting: Glenn Maxwell 31 (32), Shane Watson 8 (11)

Live Cricket Score Australia 182/3 | Overs 36: Ali bowls a quick, quiet over to Maxwell and Watson. Only two runs are had from it, both on the leg side. A long hop is thumped to deep square for a six, Maxwell’s 50th six of his career. The ball hit the balcony of the first tier. Batting: Glenn Maxwell 25 (25), Shane Watson 3 (6)

Live Cricket Score Australia 173/3 | Overs 34: Maxwell dazzles. He gets his knee down, and thumps Ali to fine leg for a four. Maxwell lofts another ball, deep in the leg side, the ball falls well short of Plunkett at midwicket, and only a single is had. Maxwell smashes Rashid hard to mid-off for a single, the shot smelt of an intent of aggression. Smith chipped one through the on side for a double, but then he slashes the spinner to point! Taylor accepts the catch. Batting: Glenn Maxwell 16 (16), Shane Watson 1 (2)

OUT! Steven Smith c Taylor b Rashid 70 (87)

Live Cricket Score Australia 158/2 | Overs 32: Maxwell gets a streaky boundary off an edge through the vacant slips region, but collects two through extra cover with a surer stroke. Five singles are worked off Moeen Ali’s over, feet are used well against him. Rashid bowls legspinners, straighter ones, and a full toss (converted). Batting: Steven Smith 65 (82), Glenn Maxwell 8 (12)

Live Cricket Score Australia 141/2 | Overs 29: James Taylor, at short midwicket, fires in a throw to the non-strikers’ end in a sharp piece of fielding. But Bailey, the batsman at that end, is safe. In the next over, Bailey gives himself room to work a ball coming towards leg stump on to the off side, but misses and is bowled! Maxwell, the new man, plays Ali respectfully; an appeal for lbw against him is struck down. Batting: Steven Smith 56 (72), Glenn Maxwell 0 (4)

OUT! George Bailey b Ali 54 (72)

Live Cricket Score Australia 136/1 | Overs 27: Plunkett is played to sweeper cover for Bailey to score 50! There are two braces taken from that over, the last on by Smith was a flick to square leg that would have been a four had not Alex Hales dived to save the ball. A quickly run double in the next over, from Stokes, could have turned into a run out had there been a direct hit from deep on the leg side. A full, wide delivery Stokes is flayed through point by Smith for a four that takes him to a fifty! Batting: Steven Smith  53 (68), George Bailey 53 (68)

Live Cricket Score Australia 123/1 | Overs 25: The batsman use their feet well against the legspinner to milk singles off him, five of them. Stokes is turned towards fine leg for a single, worked to deep square leg for another, is driven to cover for a dot, is defended for another dot, is played and missed outside off, and is defended for a quick single. Batting: Steven Smith  45 (63), George Bailey 49 (61)

Live Cricket Score Australia 116/1 | Overs 23: Rashid dishes out a half-volley outside off, and Bailey lofts it to the extra-cover boundary, and it is inches short of the boundary paddings. Stokes bowls a full toss above the waist of Bailey, who swings to the leg side, only to mistime it to mid-on. The no-balls for height are also a free hit. Bailey smashes the free hit straight to the hands of mid-on, the crowd exclaims, but their excitement dies down after the indifference to the catch shown by the players. Batting: Steven Smith  42 (60), George Bailey 45 (52)

Live Cricket Score Australia 108/1 | Overs 21: Smith punishes a short ball from Rashid to score a boundary to square leg. Bailey scored the other boundary of the over, an off drive to extra cover. When Stokes gets a short-ish ball on Bailey’s waist, he pulls for another boundary. Batting: Steven Smith  41 (55), George Bailey 39 (44)

Live Cricket Score Australia 91/1 | Overs 19: Adil Rashid, the man who created havoc in Australia’s middle order the last time, comes on to bowl.  A slip is in place. He gives away five worked runs in the over. In two Plunkett overs, 10 worked runs are taken, before a half-volley on leg stump has Bailey flicking for a four. Bailey and Smith have settled nicely. Batting: Steven Smith  35 (51), George Bailey 29 (36)

Live Cricket Score Australia 72/1 | Overs 16: Plunkett gets his deliveries to shape in sharply, and catches Bailey off guard. Bailey is struck high on the pads two times. He plays the rest of the over cautiously. Stokes bowls back of a length in his next over, and three runs are collected off him. Batting: Steven Smith  29 (44), George Bailey 16 (25)

Live Cricket Score Australia 67/1 | Overs 14: Smith gets a short ball from Plunkett to put away, but he mistimes it for a single. The others are dot balls, four played by Smith, and one by Bailey. Ben Stokes comes on. He starts with a wide down the leg side. A ball that bounces up to Smith’s waist is pulled fine to the leg side for a four. Off another ball on his waist, Stokes is worked for a single. A square drive by Bailey is taken for three. Batting: Steven Smith  27 (39), George Bailey 14 (18)

Live Cricket Score Australia 57/1 | Overs 12: Liam Plunkett, the right-arm fast bowler, comes on to bowl. Two braces to leg are collected off him, and then plays a sweet cover drive to extra-cover.  Off Woakes, Bailey glances a ball fine to collect two, and then plays a nice straight drive, which is stopped by the bowler on his follow through. Batting: Steven Smith  21 (32), George Bailey 11 (13)

Live Cricket Score Australia 46/1 | Overs 10: Burns gets a half-volley on middle stump and duly drives down the ground for four. He pulls for a single to fine leg, and Smith also takes a single to leg. But Burns attempts another drive and is bowled! This was another full ball, Burns saw the opportunity to drive for another four, but the ball slightly shapes in and disturbs the furniture! In the next over, a typically wristy shot from Smith! He gets a full ball on middle stump and uses his wrists to guide an on drive to the midwicket boundary.  Batting: Steven Smith  21 (32), George Bailey 0 (1)

OUT! Joe Burns b Finn 22 (26)

Live Cricket Score Australia 35/0 | Overs 8: Finn has an inswinging ball cutting Burns into half. But the follow-up ball is a square drive off an overpitched ball, for four. The next ball is not as overpitched, but is full nonetheless, and it is sent to the exta-cover boundary off a nice dive. A wide down the leg side and a ball left alone outside off completes the over. Smith shapes to leave Woakes’ first ball, but the ball jags in sharply to hit Smith on the thighs, there is an appeal, but umpire Dharmasena gives him not out. Captain Eoin Morgan chats with the umpire, probably to clarify the thinking behind the not-out decision, to perhaps help him decide on whether to take the review. A full ball on middle stump has smith turning the ball away to midwicket for a boundary. A sharp, close delivery to the batsman ends the testing over. Batting: Joe Burns 17 (22), Steven Smith  16 (25)

Live Cricket Score Australia 22/0 | Overs 6: Smith smashes a four through point off a short and wide delivery from Finn. The diving fielder is unable to prevent a boundary. Smith squirts another ball through the on side for a single, after which Burns leaves him outside off, plays an awkward defence that is a leading edge, and is struck on his thigh high off an inswinging ball. Thee is a gentle appeal but the umpire is not interested. Smith attempts to drive a good length ball from Woakes, but overestimates the outswing, and the ball passes on the inside of is bat. He flicks a half-volley on middle stump for a four to midwicket. He shapes to play the pull but is struck on his lower abdomen. He takes a small break, and then on-drives the final ball for a dot to mid-on. Batting: Joe Burns 9 (16), Steven Smith  12 (19)

Live Cricket Score Australia 11/0 | Overs 4: Finn bowls back of a length in his second over, the only full ball is dispatched for a boundary by Burns through cover. Woakes bowls a similar length, and after playing three dots without much drama, Smith squirts an on-drive to mid-on for a single. The last ball is turned to fine leg for a brace. Batting: Joe Burns 8 (11), Steven Smith  2 (12)

Live Cricket Score Australia 2/0 | Overs 2: Warner had no idea about the short ball from Finn! He jumped in the crease, and awkwardly tried to fend away the ball, which hit his gloves and lobbed past the wicketkeeper for a single. That was a snorter. Warner takes his helmet off and takes a break, the ball must have stung him. And he’s going off. Woakes bowls accurate outswingers in his maiden over to Smith. Batting: Joe Burns 1 (5), Steven Smith  0 (6)

The England openers come out to take their positions, David Warner at the strikers’ end, and Joe Burns at the other end. It is cool in London (13 degrees Celcius), Morgan is seen blowing air into his hands to warm himself.

England win toss and bowl. Mark Wood has been rested for Liam Plunkett, Morgan said it was a decision taken considering Wood’s heavy workload in the Ashes. Australia are unchanged, Steven Smith said he would also have liked to bowl. Under clouds, the ball will likely swing around for a bit.

The duration of the match has been reduced to 49 overs a side, and play will begin in less than an hour.

Drizzle has delayed toss at Lord’s. Although the rain has let up now, it will take a bit of time to clear the covers up, and make the ground ready to play.

If there is a change in the bowling set-up for England, it may be in the pace department, as they have Liam Plunkett and David Willey in the reserves. Ashton Agar, the left-arm spinner, is likely to be benched again for Australia.


England: Alex Hales, Jason Roy, James Taylor, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(wk), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood, Steven Finn, Liam Plunkett, David Willey, Sam Billings

Australia: David Warner, Joe Burns, Steven Smith (c), George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, Matthew Wade (wk), Mitchell Marsh, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Coulter-Nile, James Pattinson, Marcus Stoinis, Ashton Agar

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