Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the ninth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you all the updates from Match No. 46 between Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) at the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh. The SRH team is currently occupying the top spot in the points table and are expected to dominate the hosts while the KXIP will also look to fight back. KXIP, after their performance so far, have no hopes left for the play-offs but will definitely try to win the game. Live Cricket Scorecard: Kings XI Punjab vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2016 Match 47 at Mohali

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 183/3 in overs 19.4, Batting: Ben Cutting 21(11), Yuvraj Singh 42(24): Mohit Sharma to bowl the last, Yuvraj to face the first. Wide down the leg, not a good start. 8 Needed now. SIX! And that almost seals the match. To the middle stump, and Yuvraj picks it up and sends over mid on. 2 needed off 5 balls. Brilliant delivery, yorker. Beats Yuvraj completely with the length. 2 off 4 needed. Single taken, as Yuvraj sends it to . 1 needed off 3 balls. FOUR! Cutting finishes off in style. SRH WIN BY 7 WICKETS, BECOME THE FIRST TEAM TO QUALIFY. Here is the match report: Yuvraj Singh’s 42 help Sunrisers Hyderabad defeat Kings XI Punjab; qualify for playoffs of IPL 2016

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 171/3 in overs 19, Batting: Ben Cutting 17(10), Yuvraj Singh 35(21): Sandeep Sharma starting off with a single. Skipper Vijay having some peptalk with the bowler, and Cutting swings and misses. Shot, over the bowler’s head fielded at the deep, a single. Yuvraj way inside the crease but the umpire goes upstairs. SIX! Cutting sits down, on his back leg and send the outside off stump delivery over long off. Swing and a miss. Real contest between the bowler and the batsmen. 11 needed from 7. Flicked the next over extra cover, two runs.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 160/3 in overs 18, Batting: Ben Cutting 7(5), Yuvraj Singh 34(20): SIX! YUVRAJ ON FIRE! Goes over deep mid-wicket and even the crowd fails to take the catch. FOUR! YUVITASTIC! Not a desired start by Mohit Sharma, Yuvraj sends the next through backward point. Yet another powerful shot though, just a single this time. SIX! FLAT AND SWEET! Cutting joins the feast, goes over cow-corner and Yuvraj’s getting good support from the other end. Yorker, Yuvraj gets a single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 141/3 in overs 17, Batting: Ben Cutting 1(3), Yuvraj Singh 22(13): Ben Cutting directly faces the first ball. Finally gets a single but off the pads, Akshar appeals hard, umpire not interested. Yuvraj defends the next, no runs.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 139/3 in overs 16, Batting: Yuvraj Singh 22(13): Sandeep Sharma continues, single off the first. Hooda misjudges the next, comes outside off to scoop it, missed. Hooda hammers the next to extra cover. Direct hit, appeal, referred to third umpire. The fielders confident but replay shows Yuvraj was well in, with his bat grounded. SIX! The ball went to moon and came back to land over long-on. Cuts the next to backward point, the fielder gets it. A single. OUT! Hooda mistimes the next, it lands safe into the hands of David Miller at deep mid-wicket. Strategic Timeout!

OUT! Deepak Hooda c David Miller b Sandeep Sharma 34 (22)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 126/2 in overs 15, Batting: Yuvraj Singh 14(10), Deepak Hooda 33(19): Stoinis with the ball. Yuvraj hits to point, no run. Single off the next, Yuvraj sends it to fine leg. FOUR! Hooda this time, gets it over the keeper. FOUR! Good length, Hooda comes down the ground to get the fuller length, it races past the bowler. Yuvraj hits the next for a single. FOUR! Hooda comes outside off, pulls it over backward square.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 119/2 in overs 14, Batting: Yuvraj Singh 12(7), Deepak Hooda 24(16): FOUR! Yuvraj gets it right through extra cover. Yuvraj adjusts himself outside off stump, plays it to square leg, single. Hooda plays the next to mid-wicket, single. Slower one, gets a single. Attempted yorker, Yuvraj stoops and opens the face of the bat, send it to cover, no run. Single off the next.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 97/2 in overs 13, Batting: Yuvraj Singh 5(3), Deepak Hooda 22(14): OUT! HIT WICKET! This is bizarre! Third hit wicket for the team. No run, Yuvraj Singh into the attack. FOUR! Yuvraj cuts it through third man. Single, Yuvraj sends the next through long on. A couple of runs off the next. SIX!  Hooda goes over long-off and the crowd it elated!

OUT! David Warner hit wicket b Akshar Patel 52 (41)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 97/1 in overs 12, Batting: David Warner 52(40), Deepak Hooda 14(12): Anureet Singh to continue. Short ball, Hooda plays it to mid-wicket and gets a single. Warner pulls the next to backward square leg and gets a single. Hooda tries a short arm pull, not enough power, just a single. Warner hammers the next to extra cover, single. No ball, yet again by Anureet. Free hit. Bouncer, Hooda leans backward, swings and misses. Not happy with the delivery. FOUR! Hooda connects the next beautifully to send it through point.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 86/1 in overs 11, Batting: David Warner 50(38), Deepak Hooda 6(7):Sandeep Sharma with the ball. Warner straight bats it through the bowler’s legs and good fielding at the deep, results in a couple of runs. FOUR! Trying a yorker, results in a lower full toss, and Wraner smashes it for four runs through long off. Warner ducks the next bouncer, umpire warns the bowler. Warner takes a single to complete his sixth fifty in this season. Hooda plays the next to mid-wicket and gets a single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 78/1 in overs 10, Batting: David Warner 44(34), Deepak Hooda 5(5): Stoinis continues. Swing and a miss by Warner. Plays the next to extra cover, single. Bouncer, Hooda comes down the ground, gets his gloves on it to play it to dee square leg, takes a single. Warner gets both his feet off for a smash, decides at the final moment of cut it down. Yet another bouncer, Umpire calls it a wide. Warner plays the next to cover for single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 74/1 in overs 9, Batting: David Warner 42(29), Deepak Hooda 4(4):A couple of runs and Hooda goes off the mark straight away. A single follows, plays it to long-on. A couple of singles follow. Warner plays the next straight, with a lifted fore arm and takes a single. A dot off the last ball. Time for STRATEGIC TIME OUT!

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 68/1 in overs 8, Batting: David Warner 40(27): Anureet Singh to continue. Back to back dots. Dhawan swings and misses it again as he fails to read the yorker. Fulltoss no ball and a FOUR! Dhawan makes no mistake to utilise the chance as he hit it through extra cover. Dhawan hits the next hard but it lands straight to the fielder at mid off. Single off the next. Direct hit from Mohit Sharma, and GONE!

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan run out 25(22)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 61/0 in overs 7, Batting: David Warner 39(26), Shikhar Dhawan 20(16):Akshar Ptel with the ball, Warner hammers him through cover, a couple of runs. Single follows. Huge appeal from Akshar and and keeper, angling towards leg, missing the stumps maybe? Dhawan manages a single off the fifth ball of the over. Neat over by the spinner, a couple to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 55/0 in overs 6, Batting: David Warner 34(23), Shikhar Dhawan 19(13): Maxwell with the ball, starts off with a dot. Warner manages a couple of runs off the next. Plays the next to point going on back foot, no runs. FOUR! Next one comes at leg stump, Dhawan sits down and sweeps it over square leg. FOUR! Great footwork by Dhawan, coming down the crease hits it straight over mid-off. 50 up already.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 44/0 in overs 5, Batting: David Warner 31(19), Shikhar Dhawan 11(11): Stoinis with the ball. FOUR! Warner quickly adjusts himself to make a bit of room and hits it through extra cover. A single off the next. Dhawan cuts it to point and takes another single. SIX! The good length ball angling outside off, Warner hits with all of him, his backhand goes off the bat at the last moment but the ball lands safely over long off. Single off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 31/0 in overs 4, Batting: David Warner 19(14), Shikhar Dhawan 10(10):FOUR! Beautiful timing and placement by the SRH skipper as he drives it in between point and cover. Not a good start from Anureet Singh. Sends the next to point, no run. Goes up this time, the keeper comes out to collect, quick single. FOUR! Dhawan comes down the pitch and smashes it over mid-wicket. Single off the pad. Hammers it to point, single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 20/0 in overs 3, Batting: David Warner 13(10), Shikhar Dhawan 6(8): Mohit Sharma with the ball, Dhawan hits it hard through point, great stop there by Maxwell. Short ball, Dhawan hammers it to point and takes a quick single, Maxwell misses yet another chance. Swing and a miss. Warner sends the next to cover, takes a single. Dhawan goes for a hard hit down to mid-off, fails to middle it, just a single. CHANCE there to get Warner, the ball drops just short of the fielder at extra cover, single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 16/0 in overs 2, Batting: David Warner 11(7), Shikhar Dhawan 4(5): Murali Vijay with the ball. A lot of surprises today, starts off with a single, Vijay attempts a run out, could have been close. FOUR! Warner gets to the pitch of the ball and sends it to the boundary at cover. Dot follows. Single, another chance of a run out, Maxwell misses it. A couple of singles, and 8 runs off the over.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrises Hyderabad 8/0 in overs 1, Batting: David Warner 6(4), Shikhar Dhawan 2(2): Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling. Starts off with a dot. Yorker, Warner got the inside edge, remained lucky, takes a single. Plays the next to backward point, takes a single. FOUR! Good length, angling towards off stump, Warner plays the next straight past Dhawan. Almost got the edge, deep point fielder comes in to stop it, single.

*SRH’S innings starts*

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 179/4 in overs 20, Batting: David Miller 20(9), Glenn Maxwell 0(0): FOUR! Miller looking to stretch the score as much as possible, hits it straight to the ropes. Takes a single, brings Amla on strike. Swing and a miss, trying to go for the maximum. OUT! David Warner takes a simple catch at extra cover. Miller swings and misses it. No hundred for Amla. SIX! Miller finishes off in style with a maximum over long on. Here is the detailed news on what happened in the first innings: Hashim Amla’s 96 powers Kings XI Punjab to 179-4 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2016 at Mohali

OUT! Hashim Amla c David Warner b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 96 (56)

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 168/3 in overs 19, Batting: David Miller 9(5), Hashim Amla 96(54): Mustafizur starts off with a single. Miller takes keeps rotating the strike with another single. Yet another single follows. FOUR! Miller gets into the action now. Takes a single off the next, bring Amla on strike. No run, half-hearted appeal. Umpire not interested.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 160/3 in overs 18, Batting: David Miller 3(2), Hashim Amla 94(51): FOUR! The duo looks unstoppable now. BOWLED HIM! Bhuvi gets the ball through as it removes the bails, takes the perfect revenge for the boundary off the first ball. Miller goes off the mark with a single off the next. FOUR! Amla smashes it over mid-wicket. Another single follows. A couple of runs off the next ball.

OUT! Gurkeerat Mann b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 27(20)

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 148/2 in overs 17, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 23(18), Hashim Amla 89(49): FOUR! Full length and he goes through fine leg. FOUR! consecutive boundaries from the South Africa opener, this time goes over mid-wicket. Dot follows. Single follows. Gurkeerat cuts the next through cover. FOUR! Luck by Amla’s side as he gets away with a shot that can’t be explained with words.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 134/2 in overs 16, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 22(17), Hashim Amla 76(44): FOUR! Makes room, as the ball angles into leg stump, flicks the wrist and goes over mid-off for four. Single follows. Moises Henriques does not concede runs off the next two. SIX! Amla is on fire! Pulls it over long on. Plays the next to deep cover for single.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 121/2 in overs 15, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 21(15), Hashim Amla 64(40): Mustafizur continues. FOUR! Gurkeerat makes room and plays an inside out. Swing and a miss. Plays the next straight to the bowler. Yet another swing and a miss, misses on the length as the ball swings outside. Lower fulltoss, Gurkeerat plays to cover, two runs. Swing and a miss, no runs off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 115/2 in overs 14, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 15(9), Hashim Amla 64(40): Nehra starts off with a single. FOUR! Risky, Amla places himself outside off, and plays it over fine leg for four runs. Single follows. 2 Runs, Gurkeerat Smashes it over backward square leg, two runs. FOUR! Hook shot this time, Nehra remains immensely unlucky, the ball takes the edge and goes over the keeper’s head. Nehra has his hamstring pulled here. The bowler’s expressions reveal that he is in pain. STRATEGIC TIME OUT! Cutting completes the over as he bowled the last, single.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 102/2 in overs 13, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 7(5), Hashim Amla 59(38): Karn Sharma with the ball. At middle stump, Gurkeerat plays to square leg, single. No run off the next. A couple of singles follow. FOUR! Amla plays a brilliant shot as he makes room and sends the ball over short cover for a boundary. A dot to finish. 100 up for Punjab.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 93/2 in overs 12, Batting: Gurkeerat Mann 5(3), Hashim Amla 54(34): OUT! Hooda takes a running catch at square leg. Saha goes after scoring 27. Gurkeerat Mann is in, bit of a surprise that. Amla plays the next to fine leg, steals a single. Gurkeerat plays a dot. FOUR! Goes off the mark in style, as he plays the off cutter to thirdman. A single follows, a dot to finish.

OUT! Wriddhiman Saha c Deepak Hooda b Moises Henriques 27 (23)

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 87/1 in overs 11, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 27(22), Hashim Amla 53(32): Single and fifty comes up for Hashim Amla. Karn Sharma continuing, a poor delivery follows, Saha plays it to mid-wicket, two fielders chasing the ball to deep, two runs. Defends the next, no run. FOUR! Bonus runs, Saha sits down, opens the face of the bat as it flies off over short thirdman, Nehra chases it but fails to stop and ends up beyond the ropes with the ball. Single to end it.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 77/1 in overs 10, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 21(19), Hashim Amla 49(29): Yuvraj Singh with the ball, trying to york it, Amla plays it to point, single. Saha defends the next to cover, no run. Single follows. FOUR! Amla is on fire, At middle stump, and Amla places himself outside leg stump, making room and plays it to cover. FOUR! Yet another boundary in the over as Saha plays an inside out.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 66/1 in overs 9, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 16(16), Hashim Amla 43(26): Karn Sharma continues, good length, Amla comes down the pitch to make it full length, plays to mid-wicket, single. Saha takes no run off the next. Plays the next straight to the bowler, another dot. Two runs, opens the face of the bat to sway the ball to mid-wicket. Plays the next to long on, fielder there, takes a single. Dot to end, good over by the bowler. TIME FOR STRATEGIC TIME-OUT!

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 61/1 in overs 8, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 10(9), Hashim Amla 42(25): Another bowler introduced by the captain, Moises Henriques into the action. Starts off with a single. Takes the run up but no bowl. Full toss, Amla plays the next to deep square leg, a couple of runs to him. FOUR! Good length, Amla sits down to get to the pitch, flicks the wrist and the ball beats the fielder at deep point. Single follows. Better ball, at middle stump, Saha defends it down but Amla made a good call for a quick single. Yet another single as he plays it to point.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 51/1 in overs 7, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 10(9), Hashim Amla 34(20): Karn Sharma to continue. Has taken pace off the ball, Amla plays it to mid-wicket, single. Dot follows. At leg, Saha moves feet to play to extra cover, single. No run off the next delivery. Outside off this time, to cover, single. Amla plays the next to the point fielder, no run. Fifty comes up for the team.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 47/1 in overs 6, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 8(6), Hashim Amla 32(18): FOUR! Bad luck for Ben Cutting as he gets the inside edge but it runs for four beating the keeper. Bouncer, yet another inside edge, no run. This time Saha plays it on backfoot, to the point, nucely stopped by Dhawan, single. FOUR! Short, slower one, late cut to point and brilliant placement. Swing and a miss, Amla going for a short arm pull to square leg but misses it. Plays the next to cover, single.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 37/1 in overs 5, Batting: Wriddhiman Saha 3(3), Hashim Amla 27(15): Mustafizur is here! A dot off the first. OUT! And the off-cutter special Mustafizur does it for SRH, Warner takes a simple catch and KXIP skipper Vijay is gone. Wriddhiman Saha is here. Goes off the mark with a couple of runs. Great fielding in the deep as the fielder saves a certain boundary at thirdman. Flicks the next to deep square leg, single taken.

OUT! Murali Vijay c Warner b Mustafizur Rahman 6 (12)

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 33/0 in overs 4, Batting: Murali Vijay 6(10), Hashim Amla 26(14): Single off the first, Nehra continues. Yet another quick single, a half-hearted appeal from Nehra, umpire not interested. Bouncer, Vijay plays it to square leg, single. SIX! Beautiful shot, over long off. Good length ball. Another quick single as Amla plays the next to square leg. Nicely driven the next to point, single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 22/0 in overs 3, Batting: Murali Vijay 3(7), Hashim Amla 18(11): Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack. Murali Vijay flicked the first to square leg, single. Outside off, good length, played to cover, single from Amla. Good fielding there by Yuvraj Singh, stops a single. Vijay smashes the ball down, no run taken. Bhuvneshwar Kumar getting good swings, angling in, fielders trying a run out, but the KXIP skipper is well in. Finally a single, only three runs off the over.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 19/0 in overs 2, Batting: Murali Vijay 1(2), Hashim Amla 17(10): Nehra with the ball. Starts with a dot. FOUR! Angling outside off, Amla plays beautifully to cover. FOUR! Beautiful timing, good length, outside off, trying to swing it, Amla places it at point. Better line this time, at middle-stump, Amla defends to square leg, no run. Nice bounce, swing and a miss, no footwork. FOUR! Timing! Amla makes no mistake placing it through point, 3 boundaries in the over.

Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab 7/0 in overs 1, Batting: Murali Vijay 1(2), Hashim Amla 6(4): Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open bowling. Amla defends it to point. FOUR! Way outside off, Amla makes room, smashes the short length delivery beating Karn Sharma at point. Defends the next to extra cover, takes a single. Defends the next. Kumar plays the next to third man, takes a single. Amla flicks the next to fine leg, single.

Playing XI:

Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay(c), Hashim Amla, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, David Miller, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Akshar Patel, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Anureet Singh

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Ben Cutting, Namn Ojha(wk), Karn Sharma, Bhuveneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra, Mustafizur Rahman

Toss: KXIP win the toss and elect to bat first

The Sunrisers have had a balanced side so far with all their players performing outright well. The best part of the team has to be their top-order and their bowling. The top-order, with both openers David Warnera nd Shhikhar Dhawan taking on the charges right from the beginning, provides the perfect start to the batting while the middle-order, with names like Yuvraj Singh and Moises Henriques. Warner, he skipper, is in a great form and is in contest for the orange cap. The bowling is a great plus with Ashish Nehra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mustafizur Rahman doing brilliantly.

KXIP is having a hard time and have let the fans down. The team is already out of the contest with no chance of qualifying for the play-offs this time. The team had a change in leadership as Murali Vijay took over the charges from David Miller. The team’s batting has big names but the players have failed to pull off winning performances. The bowling has been better, with names like Mohit Sharma and Sandeep Sharma doing well alongside Axar Patel.


Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell, Shaun Marsh, David Miller (c), Manan Vohra, Murali Vijay, Nikhil Naik, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Akshar Patel, Shardul Thakur, Mitchell Johnson, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Kyle Abbott, KC Cariappa, Marcus Stoinis, Farhaan Behardien, Pradeep Sahu, Armaan Jaffer, Swapnil Singh.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Ashish Reddy, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Bipul Sharma, Karn Sharma, KL Rahul, Naman Ojha (wk), Parvez Rasool, Ricky Bhui, Shikhar Dhawan, Siddharth Kaul, David Warner (c), Moises Henriques, Eoin Morgan, Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, Deepak Hooda, Mustafizur Rahman, Aditya Tare (wk), Barinder Sran, Ben Cutting, Vijay Shankar, Abhimanyu Mithun, Tirumalasetti Suman.

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