Pakistan are currently ranked No. 9 in the ICC ODI rankings © AFP
Pakistan are currently ranked No. 9 in the ICC ODI rankings © AFP

Catch the live cricket scores and updates of the 1st ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe

(Will Zimbabwe manage to surprise Pakistan in the ODI series? Catch live cricket scores and live updates of the 1st ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe here. Pakistan are ninth on ICC ODI rankings and will have to win 3-0 if they want to remain in the hunt for Champions League.)

This was also Aleem Dar’s 300th international match, for which he gets a memento. Wahab Riaz wins the best bowler of the match. Mohammad Hafeez and Elton Chigumbura win the awards for most sixes — 4 apiece. Elton Chigumbura wins the award for the most colourful innings (?) of the match. Shoaib Malik wins the Cool and Cool Award for most boundaries. Shoaib Malik is also Man of the Match.

Pakistan put up an excellent batting show, with all four batsmen scoring at least 79. The best innings, of course, was Shoaib Malik’s 76-ball 112 not out. Zimbabwe had a decent start but lost their way in the middle overs. Hamilton Masakadza played a good hand, Elton Chigumbura raced to his maiden ODI ton, but they never looked on track in pursuit of 376. This also marks Azhar Ali’s first win as ODI captain.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 334/5 | Overs 50 | Pakistan win by 41 runs

Vusimuzi Sibanda 23(36) Sikandar Raza 36(31) Hamilton Masakadza 73(73) Elton Chigumbura 117(95) Sean Williams 36(28) Richmond Mutumbami 21*(19) Prosper Utseya 21*(18) Mohammad Sami 7-0-63-0 Anwar Ali 10-0-81-1 Wahab Riaz 10-0-47-3 Hammad Azam 5-0-29-0 Yasir Shah 6-0-35-0 Mohammad Hafeez 8-0-44-0 Shoaib Malik 4-0-33-1 Did not bat: Craig Ervine, Christopher Mpofu, Tinashe Panyangara, Brian Vitori.

Sami bounces, Utseya pulls, that is another boundary from square-leg. Mutumbami cover-drives with panache, that disappears past the ropes, 300 comes up for Zimbabwe! Sami lets one go through his legs, and Mutumbami gets four more. First ball of final over, Utseya throws his bat at it, the ball races to point boundary. Not willing to let Utseya take the “lead”, Mutumbami steers the fourth ball deftly past third-man for four, that is Zimbabwe’s highest score against a Test-playing nation!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 294/5 | Overs 45 | Need 82 more from 30 balls

Richmond Mutumbami 3(5), Prosper Utseya 1(2)

OUT! Elton Chigumbura b Wahab Riaz 117(95)!

Chigumbura cannot follow the 22-run over with another. Wahab is too quick, the yorker too accurate; Chigumbura tries to make room, and Wahab hits timber!

Sami starts his new spell with a short-pitched delivery outside off, and Mutumbami uppercuts it for a six! This is Chigumbura’s maiden Test hundred! He goes after Sami after two balls and lofts him over wide long-on! The next ball is hit straight and very hard for four! The next ball is short, and Chigumbura pulls him for six! 22 off the over!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 270/4 | Overs 43 | Need 106 more from 42 balls

Elton Chigumbura 95(88), Richmond Mutumbami 2(2)

The batsmen had crossed, and Chigumbura’s semi-steer-semi-edge flies past Sarfraz to the third-man fence! Mutumbami gets off the mark with a punch to deep point for two.

OUT! Sean Williams c Sarfraz Khan b Wahab Riaz 36(28)!

Williams did not have an option but to go for the shot, but Wahab is too quick for him. The ball hurries on to Williams, the pull is too late, and Sarfraz takes an easy catch.

Williams has probably decided to give it the full throttle: he starts by slog-sweeping Shoaib past deep square-leg. Chigumbura joins in too, lofting Malik over his head for six. Anwar Ali gets unlucky again, as a yorker takes Williams’ edge and races to the third-man fence! Anwar Ali bounces, Chigumbura’s pull lands just short of the mid-wicket fence, four more.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 240/3 | Overs 40 | Need 136 more from 60 balls

Elton Chigumbura 80(79), Sean Williams 25(21)

Williams sweeps Hafeez to end the 36th over with a four. Chigumbura has a swipe at a short-pitched delivery from Wahab, and Hammad Azam drops a sitter at deep square-leg a la Rahat Ali. Anwar Ali comes back, and Williams tucks it off his hips to the backward square-leg fence. He top-edges the bouncer, which flies over Sarfraz for another four.

Chigumbura cuts Wahab over point for another four, but Zimbabwe need more of these. Wahab retaliates by hitting Elton on his helmet, this is getting interesting! Chigumbura is up to it, lofting Wahab over extra-cover for four!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 200/3 | Overs 35 | Need 176 more from 90 balls

Elton Chigumbura 62(64), Sean Williams 3(6)

Chigumbura punches through the cover for four. “It’s party time for Chigumbura”, says the commentator. He flicks Malik to deep square-leg to bring up Zimbabwe’s 200, but are they even trying?

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza c Hammad Azam b Shoaib Malik 73(73)!

With the pressure mounting, Masakadza had no option but to go for the big shots. He eventually holed out to deep mid-wicket.

Malik comes to bowl. The dew is getting heavier as the bowlers are probably finding the ball very difficult to grip. Chigumbura pushes one from Hafeez down the ground to reach fifty. Masakadza finally steps down the track and lofts Hafeez over the ropes, over deep mid-wicket for six! Masakadza hits one in the same direction the same over, but Asad Shafiq (substitute) drops him at short mid-wicket. Malik sends a waist-high full-toss, and Masakadza slog-sweeps over deep square-leg, good going!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 167/2 | Overs 30 | Need 209 more from 120 balls

Hamilton Masakadza 58(65), Elton Chigumbura 47(48)

Masakadza pushes one to long-off (he does not time it) to bring up his fifty. He reverse-sweeps Hafeez to secure a boundary past backward point to bring up 150 for Zimbabwe. Azhar brings Sami back, and almost immediately Chigumbura launches himself into the bowling, cutting the short-pitched ball uppishly for four. The next ball is cut low, through backward point, four more. Zimbabwe need more of these. The next ball beats a diving wide mid-off, three in a row!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 137/2 | Overs 25 | Need 239 more from 150 balls

Hamilton Masakadza 46(49), Elton Chigumbura 29(34)

The boundaries are simply not coming. The asking rate keeps on mounting. Pakistan are not doing anything extraordinary. Yasir and Hafeez are simply bowling on target, straight and slow. Remember, they also have Shoaib Malik as an option. Masakadza and Chigumbura are trying to get the ball away, but the runs are simply not coming. They need more boundaries.

Hafeez to bowl. This will be interesting.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 108/2 | Overs 20 | Need 268 more from 180 balls

Hamilton Masakadza 33(34), Elton Chigumbura 14(19)

Azhar Ali summons Yasir Shah. Yasir is bowling to a flatter trajectory, or, as Rameez said, he is bowling “fast, quick, and with pace”. The Zimbabwe innings does not seem to be going anywhere, and neither Masakadza nor Chigumbura seems to be in any mood to take risks. “Dot balls are poisonous for Zimbabwe at this stage,” chirps Rameez.

Chigumbura steps out against Yasir, and Sarfraz misses the stumping. Chigumbura smashes the ball past cover-point for four (the first after 27 balls). Yasir drops one short, and finally Masakadza comes out of his shell, brutally dispatching it to the mid-wicket fence. Masakadza’s back-foot punch to deep extra-cover brings up 100 for Zimbabwe. Masakadza slams Azam through backward-point, four more!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 74/2 | Overs 15 | Need 302 more from 210 balls

Hamilton Masakadza 11(19), Elton Chigumbura 2(4)

A close LBW call by Azam, but Masakadza survives, and immediately pulls Azam to the mid-wicket fence. That will (probably) release some pressure, but Zimbabwe have a long way to go. Wahab has been quite nippy today, or, to quote Rameez Raja, he is “quite quick and quite fast”. He is bowling with fire, extracting bounce from a track where Shoaib Malik seemed unstoppable a few hours back.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 65/2 | Overs 13 | Need 311 more from 222 balls

Hamilton Masakadza 4(11), Elton Chigumbura walks out

OUT! Vusimuzi Sibanda c & b Wahab Riaz 23(36)!

That was always on the cards. The asking rate was mounting. Wahab bowls a bouncer that hurries on to Sibanda. He tries to pull, top-edges, and Wahab takes an easy catch.

Zimbabwe are finding difficult to get the boundaries here. Wahab and Azam are bowling to an excellent line and length. The Zimbabwean pair is looking impatient.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 56/1 | Overs 10 | Need 320 more from 240 balls

Vusimuzi Sibanda 20(27), Hamilton Masakadza 0(2)

OUT! Sikandar Raza c Mohammad Hafeez b Anwar Ali 36(31)!

Just when it seemed Vusi and Raza would give Zimbabwe a blazing start, Raza, the more dangerous of the two, tries to flick one and Hafeez grabs the uppish shot at mid-wicket!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 27/0 | Overs 5 | Need 349 more from 270 balls

Vusimuzi Sibanda 15(13), Sikandar Raza 12(17)

Mohammad Sami starts proceedings against Vusimuzi Sibanda. Sikandar Raza is at the other end, which means Hamilton Masakadza will bat lower down the order. Anwar Ali comes on from the other end, and Sibanda cover-drives him nonchalantly for four. He goes for it again, and manages a French/Chinese/lemon cut to the fence. ENCORE, how do you get that lucky twice in four balls? Lovely drive from Raza off Sami through the covers, that was probably the first loose ball Sami has bowled today.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 375/3 | Overs 50

Mohammad Hafeez 86(83) Azhar Ali 79(76) Shoaib Malik 112(76) Haris Sohail 89*(66) Tinashe Panyangara 10-0-75-1 Brian Vitori 10-1-77-0 Christopher Mpofu 10-0-70-0 Sean Williams 5-0-42-0 Prosper Utseya 10-0-63-2 Sikandar Raza 5-0-43-0 Did not bat: Hammad Azam, Asad Shafiq, Sarfraz Ahmed, Anwar Ali, Mohammad Sami, Wahab Riaz, Yasir Shah

OUT! Shoaib Malik c Hamilton Masakadza b Tinashe Panyangara 112(76)!

A wicket off the last ball! Malik tries to finish in style, but only manages to hit straight to point!

Vitori overpitches, Sohail waits for it before pouncing on it, the ball soars over deep mid-wicket. The next ball is a full-toss, Haris pulls to the square-leg fence. Malik drives Vitori in style through the cover for four, he is in his 90s now. Malik flicks Mpofu to deep mid-wicket; this is his fastest hundred, what a comeback! This is also the highest total at Gaddafi! Malik smashes Mpofu through wide long-off, the carnage continues! He slogs again, this one goes almost through long-on, four more!

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 325/2 | Overs 45

Shoaib Malik 86(59), Haris Sohail 66(53)

Malik gives himself space and tries for that inside-out shot, the edge races to the third-man fence. The next ball from Panyangara is a full-toss on leg, Malik was ready outside the line, he simply creams it past cover. Williams comes over the wicket, once again Malik stands outside leg and lofts over cover! He goes for the slog-sweep against Vitori, a running Raza cannot reach it, four more. The next ball disappears over deep mid-wicket into the stands, 300 comes up for Pakistan! It is a short-pitched ball, Sohail pushes Mpofu to wide long-on to bring up his fifty! Sohail lofts Panyangara over mid-off, four! The next ball is slow and short, and Sohail heaves it over mid-wicket into the stands! The next one is a full-toss on leg, and Sohail simply caresses it through mid-wicket. This is Pakistan’s highest score at Gaddafi!

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 263/2 | Overs 40

Shoaib Malik 55(45), Haris Sohail 36(36)

On comes Panyangara. Fine-leg is up, all Malik has to do is to place his leg-glance to perfection. The next ball is flicked, placed well for four, this is top-qualify batting. Panyangara bounces, Malik hooks, and the ball takes the top-edge and races to the fine-leg fence! That is Malik’s 50; it came up in 43 balls, and he looks ominous. He dispatches the next ball to the mid-wicket fence. Vitori sends one down leg, and Sohail immediately places it past fine-leg.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 222/2 | Overs 35

Shoaib Malik 27(27), Haris Sohail 23(24)

The shackles are finally broken! Utseya bowls short, Sohail rocks back, and smashes it past cover for four! Malik comes to the party as well, lofting Raza over his head for SIX! That also brings up 200 for Pakistan. Haris comes down to Utseya and lofts him, once again he has hit it straight, easy boundary. Utseya bowls out with figures of 10-0-63-2. Raza drops short, and Malik cuts him easily past point for four. Powerplay time!

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 185/2 | Overs 30

Shoaib Malik 7(13), Haris Sohail 6(8)

OUT! Mohammad Hafeez b Prosper Utseya 86(83)! Commentator’s curse! Rameez claimed that Hafeez is too smart a batsman to miss out on a ton, and almost immediately Hafeez sweeps, misses completely, and Utseya hits timber!

Mpofu is back to have a go at the new batsman. Malik is cautious against him.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 174/2 | Overs 27.1

Mohammad Hafeez 85(80), Shoaib Malik walks out

OUT! Azhar Ali c Tinashe Panyangara b Prosper Utseya 79(76)! A wicket against the run of play! Azhar Ali tries to sweep Utseya, the ball takes the top edge, and flies to Panyangara at deep backward-square leg!

Azhar Ali punches Utseya off back-foot past cover-point, yet another four. Utseya sends down a rank long-hop, and Hafeez pulls emphatically.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 160/0 | Overs 25

Mohammad Hafeez 80(78), Azhar Ali 74(72)

Williams bowls over the wicket, and Hafeez sweeps to bring up his fifty. He sends down one way outside leg, and Hafeez paddle-sweeps him for four. Utseya bowls a slow one outside off, and Hafeez places clinically through the gap at cover-point. The next ball is punched off the back-foot behind point. On comes Sikandar Raza, and Azhar Ali lofts him over deep mid-wicket for an enormous six! Hafeez slog-sweeps Raza into the stands, 150 comes up for Pakistan! He steps out next ball and lofts it over Raza’s head!

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 114/0 | Overs 20

Mohammad Hafeez 48(58), Azhar Ali 60(62)

Prosper Utseya comes on. He sends down one way outside leg, Azhar Ali tries to switch hit, but it is so wide that neither he nor Mutumbami has a chance, four byes. Azhar Ali cover-drives Vitori brilliantly for four, and sets off for a single to cover-point to bring up his 50 from 55 balls. Hafeez steps out against Vitori and smashes him down the ground, that is four. Pakistan’s 100 comes up. Azhar Ali steps out against Utseya and lofts him over long-off, and Mpofu chips it over the ropes.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 83/0 | Overs 15

Mohammad Hafeez 37(46), Azhar Ali 44(44)

Sean Williams comes on, and Hafeez late-cuts him to the fence. A period of lull follows, which is eventually broken by Azhar Ali: he steps out against Mpofu and flicks him past mid-wicket to the fence. The next ball, a rank long-hop, is pulled with disdain behind square-leg. Hafeez steps out to Williams and clears the fence over long-on easily. He follows with a neat square-cut behind point. Pakistan are racing along…

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 47/0 | Overs 10

Mohammad Hafeez 15(30), Azhar Ali 30(30)

Azhar Ali hits the first boundary of the match — a spectacular extra-cover drive off Vitori. It was about time, too, to break the shackles. After scoring 8 from the first 5 overs, they took 9 off the sixth. Azhar Ali goes down on one knee in Panyangara’s next over and dismisses it over deep mid-wicket. Vitori overpitches outside off, and Azhar Ali is on to it in a flash, dismissing it past cover for four.

Panyangara overpitches the first ball of the 9th over, and Hafeez lofts it nonchalantly over the bowler. It falls just short of the ropes. The next ball is slog-swept, and clears the ropes comfortably. The first six of the match. Mpofu replaces Vitori, and almost immediately Azhar Ali steps out and blasts him past cover-point, and steers the ball past third-man next ball.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 8/0 | Overs 5

Mohammad Hafeez 3(19), Azhar Ali 5(11)

Mohammad Hafeez has walked out with Azhar Ali. Tinashe Panyangara bowls the first over. The first over was right on the channel outside off, not really probing, the openers handled it well. Brian Vitori, with his angular run-up, shares the new ball at the other end. Panyangara and Vitori are maintaining a tight line, and neither opener is willing to take risks. The fourth over (Vitori’s second) is a maiden.

Hafeez has played 12 dots in a row. “He’s on a roll,” says Rameez. Earlier in the day he gave a nice lecture on grass.

Toss Update: Pakistan win the toss and decide to bat.

Pakistan: Azhar Ali (c), Sarfaraz Ahmed (wk), Mohammad Hafeez, Harris Sohail, Shoaib Malik, Asad Shafiq, Hammad Azam, Anwar Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Sami, Yasir Shah.

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Hamilton Masakadza, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Craig Ervine, Sean Williams, Tinashe Panyangara, Christopher Mpofu, Prosper Utseya, Brian Vitori.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 1st ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe at Lahore on Sunday. I am Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will bring you all the live updates from this match. The ODIs will be played at the Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore. READ: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 1st ODI at Lahore, Preview

After the two-match T20 International (T20I) series, the Gaddafi stadium in Lahore will be hosting the first One-Day International (ODI) series between Pakistan and Zimbabwe on Tuesday. Though Pakistan won the T20I series 2-0, but Zimbabwe were very competitive as both matches finished in the last over. Pakistan will start as favourites in the one-dayers, but the visitors have the potential to upset them. READ: Congratulations, Pakistan! Hope the Zimbabwe series is start of a new chapter in your cricket history

For  Zimbabwe, the batting has shaped up really well for them on this tour. Especially, players like Hamilton Masakadza, Elton Chigumbura, Sean Williams have done really well in the T20Is. Their main problem is the bowling. Zimbabwe failed to defend 170 plus scores twice in the T20 series. So in the ODIs they would look to chase the runs down. READ: How much the cricket world has changed since 2009


Pakistan: Azhar Ali (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Haris Sohail, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Mohammad Rizwan, Wahab Riaz, Yasir Shah, Mohammad Sami, Junaid Khan, Asad Shafiq, Imad Wasim, Anwar Ali, Hammad Azam, Babar Azam

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Hamilton Masakadza, Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Charles Coventry (wk), Tinashe Panyangara, Chris Mpofu, Brian Vitori, Tawanda Mupariwa, Chamu Chibhabha, Graeme Cremer, Roy Kaia, Richmond Mutumbami, Prosper Utseya

Catch the live cricket scores and ball by ball commentary of the 1st ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe