West Indies face a precarious situation at the start of the fifth day with a score of 98 for two © Getty Images
West Indies face a precarious situation at the start of the fifth day with a score of 98 for two © Getty Images

Catch the live cricket scorecard of England tour of West Indies 2015, 1st Test at Antigua Day Five

(Can West Indies manage to pull off a win at home, or will England manage to find success against the hosts? Catch live cricket scores and updates here)

Jason Holder was named man of the match for his timely century.

Live cricket score West Indies 350/7 | Overs 130: And West Indies have saved the match in dramatic fashion. The man for them has certainly been Jason Holder whio reached his century with two emphatic boundaries. He will cherish the hundred, but more than that he’ll have sweet memories of the situation it came in. Credit to Kemar Roach too, he was phenomenal. BATSMEN: Kemar Roach 15 (55), Jason Holder 103 (149)

Live cricket score West Indies 338/7 | Overs 127: Jason Holder is inching towards a hundred in this dramatic clash at Antigua. Just three overs for him and Roach to play out now. Can England make a breakthrough here? They’ll need one soon to push for victory. BATSMEN: Kemar Roach 11 (45), Jason Holder 95 (143)

Live cricket score West Indies 330/7 | Overs 124: Kemar Roach has played with astute sense of responsibility and has defended like a top order batsman. Jason Holder continues to look good at the crease and is inching towards a maiden hundred. He’ll cherish it if he gets it as this is a special occasion. Support for bowlers has been minimal. Just six overs to go from here. Can the West Indians survive 36 balls? BATSMEN: Kemar Roach 11 (39), Jason Holder 87 (131)

Live cricket score West Indies 310/7 | Overs 118: Roach has looked quite good at the crease. Holder has moved into his seventies. The Englishmen are giving it their best, despite the lack of assistance in the wicket. They just need three more wickets while the Windies have 12 overs to play out. Exciting Test match this!  BATSMEN: Kemar Roach 5 (19), Jason Holder 73 (115)

Live cricket score West Indies 296/7 | Overs 112: There it is! James Anderson has become the leading wicket taker for England in Tests. More importantly, it is an important wicket as it is Dinesh Ramdin who departs and England will now look to clean the tail and win the match. Ramdin played very well to keep the match in balance but now that he’s gone England can be more confident of a win. BATSMEN: Kemar Roach 2 (4), Jason Holder 62 (94)

OUT! Denesh Ramdin 57 (141) c Cook b Anderson

Live cricket score West Indies 268/6 | Overs 99: And tea has been called with that over. Wickets have been hard to come by for the bowlers. Support for them has been minimal. To their credit, these two batsmen have maintained their composure  and have not gone for rash shots. England will try to come back hard after the tea break refreshments. BATSMEN: Denesh Ramdin 48 (97), Jason Holder 48 (62)

Live cricket score West Indies 252/6 | Overs 95: Dinesh Ramdin and Jason Holder are hanging in there. In fact they’re doing more than simply playing out the overs. They’re scoring runs off the bad balls and even picking the odd singles and twos. Sensible batting from them here. No blame to the bowlers though as there seems to be absolutely no assistance for them, they’re toiling hard but wickets have been hard to come by. Spinners are getting slightly more support but nothing significant. BATSMEN: Denesh Ramdin 41 (83), Jason Holder 39 (52)

Live cricket score West Indies 236/6 | Overs 90: Holder collects six runs in the 86th over, including a boundary off the penultimate ball of the over through midwicket, with the over followed by drinks. Holder plays an impressive drive in the following over by Anderson, sending the ball through extra cover for his second boundary! The partnership between the two at the end of 87 overs is 33 off 47 balls. Dots off the first three balls of the 88th over, before a misfield at mid-wicket allows Ramdin to collect three runs. Holder collects three runs off the second ball of the following over, sending the ball past backward point. The partnership between the two is worth 47 at the end of 90 overs, with the likehood of a draw increasing with each passing minute. BATSMEN: Denesh Ramdin 30 (59), Jason Holder 9 (16)

Live cricket score West Indies 211/6 | Overs 85: James Anderson returns to the attack, this time with the new ball in hand as he looks to grab the record for himself. Anderson’s return to the attack does not seem to intimidate Ramdin, who smashes the fifth and sixth deliveries through the cover and through the slips towards third man respectively for boundaries, which also brings up the 200 for the hosts. Broad returns in the following over, this time driving it through mid-on for a four, with seven runs coming in the 84th over. Three runs come off the 85th over! BATSMEN: Denesh Ramdin 30 (59), Jason Holder 9 (16)

Live cricket score West Indies 190/6 | Overs 80: 76th over goes for a maiden, before Ramdin smashes Tredwell for consecutive boundaries. The first one is smashed over the bowler’s head, as it races towards the boundary ropes with a couple of bounces. The wicketkeeper batsman repeats the feat in the following delivery, cutting the delivery in which he was offered a plenty of room as the ball races through point. Takes a couple of runs off the following ball past mid-on. Blackwood pats Jordan for a four over cover to after four dot deliveries to prevent a potential maiden. Ramdin pulls Root off a short-pitched delivery towards square-leg for a couple of runs. Ramdin repeats the feat in the fifth ball, with the ball getting deflecting off the wrist of the player at short-leg.  And Jordan strikes for England! Removes Blackwood, who gets an inside edge to the wicket-keeper, as West Indies lose their sixth wicket. Jason Holder arrives at the crease. An unnecessary shot on the part of Blackwood at such a crucial juncture of the game, as the hosts seem to have given up at this stage already.  BATSMEN: Denesh Ramdin 18 (41), Jason Holder 1 (4)

OUT! Jermaine Blackwood c Buttler b Jordan 31 (60)

Live cricket score West Indies 171/5 | Overs 75: The first over post-lunch goes for a maiden, with Jordan bowling the over. The following over however, witnesses Blackwood going for the offensive against Tredwell, sending the first ball down the ground for a boundary, before smashing the second delivery over extra cover to collect another four runs. Blackwood seems to have announced his intentions already, which is that of going out with a fight. Jordan comes in for the next over, with Ramdin failing to score off the first five deliveries before collecting a leg-bye off the last ball to retain strike. 75th over goes for another maiden.  BATSMEN: Jermaine Blackwood 27 (47), Denesh Ramdin 4 (28).

Live cricket score West Indies 162/5 | Overs 71: Three runs come off the 66th over, with Blackwood sending the fourth delivery towards fine-leg to collect a couple of runs. Joe Root is introduced into the attack in the next over by Captain Cook, conceding another pair of runs in the over. And Root manages to pull it off for his skipper by trapping Chanderpaul leg-before off the first delivery of the 69th over. Chanderpaul goes for the review, with the delivery shown to be pitching in line, as well as going on to hit the leg-stump. The veteran batsman departs for 13 as West Indies lose their fifth wickets with just 155 on board with the lunch break yet to arrive. Can Blackwood pull the rabbit out of the hat and save his side to a draw, however unlikely it seems? And its lunch at the end of 71 overs, with West Indies trailing at a score of 162 for five, needing 276 to win. BATSMEN: Jermaine Blackwood 19 (41), Denesh Ramdin 4 (10). READ: West Indies vs England, 1st Test Day 5, Lunch report

Live cricket score West Indies 146/4 | Overs 65: Blackwood plays Tredwell towards the covers for a single, which is the only run to be scored in the 61st over. The following over sees Blackwood collect two more runs off Anderson in the fourth delivery of the over. Maiden in the 63rd over. Ben Stokes comes in to bowl the 64th over in the second bowling change of the day. Both batsmen are relatively new to the crease, with their scores still in single figures. Its Blackwood still scoring the runs, driving Stokes through the covers to collect a couple of runs. Blackwood moves to 10 with a single off the fifth ball of the over. Chanderpaul retains strike for the 64th over with a single off the last delivery of the 64th over. Chanderpaul moves to 10 with a single off the fourth ball of the 65th over.  BATSMEN: Shivnarine Chanderpaul 10 (39), Jermaine Blackwood 10 (24)

Live cricket score West Indies 138/4 | Overs 60: Samuels departs! Edges the second delivery of the 56th over towards the gully, where Tredwell takes the catch. No footwork there at all, as West Indies are dealt with another major blow! And Anderson equalls Sir Ian Botham, with the latter present at the venue to see the Lancashire pacer break his record. Anderson looks all set to create history today, as Jermaine Blackwood comes out to bat next. The current pair of Chanderpaul and Blackwood are the last hope for the hosts, as England smell victory from here onwards. Two runs off the 57th over, with Chanderpaul taking a couple after driving Tredwell through point. Blackwood takes two runs off the first ball of the 58th over. He drives Anderson through the cover region to take another couple of runs. Chanderpaul gets a boundary off the first ball of the 60th over, driving the  delivery that was pitched wide outside off, piercing the cover. BATSMEN: Shivnarine Chanderpaul 8 (23), Jermaine Blackwood 4 (10)  READ: WI put on backfoot after early dismissals on Day 5

OUT! Marlon Samuels c Tredwell b Anderson 23 (59)

Live cricket score West Indies 127/3 | Overs 55: Samuels begins to flex his muscles, having ran out of patience already. Launches the first delivery of the 51st over being bowled by James Tredwell over mid-off. A couple of dots later, he goes after Tredwell again, this time smashing Tredwell through the covers. 10 runs off the 51st over, by far the best in the day so far! And England manage to get the big wicket of Devon Smith! The batsman attempts to smash Tredwell over mid-on, but does not get enough bat on it as he is caught by Gary Ballance, who proves to be a thorn for West Indies once again! Smith departs after a patient 175-ball 65. Veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul walks in to bat, with a lot of responsibility on his head at the moment. One run off the over. 54th over goes for a maiden. SIX! Samuels cleans the third delivery over the bowler’s head for a maximum! Samuels survives a stumping chance off the final ball of the 55th over. BATSMEN: Marlon Samuels 23 (57), Shivnarine Chanderpaul 1 (5)

OUT! Devon Smith c Ballance b Tredwell 65 (175)

Live cricket score West Indies 106/2 | Overs 50: The first three overs after the 45th are maidens, before a single by Samuels brings up the 100 for the home side, aside from taking Samuels to four off 38 deliveries. Smith follows by scoring the first boundary of the day, deflecting a Broad delivery towards the third man region. Next two overs fetch a run each. James Anderson is the first bowling change of the day, coming in to bowl the 50th over. Can he achieve the feat of eclipsing Sir Ian Botham today? BATSMEN: Devon Smith 63 (166), Marlon Samuels 6 (41)

Live cricket score West Indies 99/2 | Overs 45: James Tredwell begins the proceedings by bowling the first over of the day, with just one run coming off it. Stuart Broad comes in to bowl the next over, with England going for a mix of spin and pace Maiden off the next three overs, as the hosts seem to be trailing along slowly at this stage. . BATSMEN: Devon Smith 59 (146), Marlon Samuels 3 (31)

James Tredwell, who snared four wickets in the first West Indian innings, comes in to bowl the first over Can the West Indian batsman defy the English attack in order to salvage a draw? Or will Tredwell spin another web around the batting lineup on the final day?

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the final day of the opening game of the three-match Test series between West Indies and England at North Sound in Antigua on Friday. This is Amit Banerjee, and I will be presenting to you the updates from the match.

West Indies finished on a score of 98 for the loss of two wickets at stumps on Day four, with Devon Smith and Marlon Samuels batting on scores of 59 and two respectively. The West Indians need another 340 runs too chase the 438-run target down. England earlier declared on a score of 333 for the loss of seven wickets, with Gary Ballance scoring a 250-ball 122. The Zimbabwe-born batsman was well-supported by Joe Root and Jos Buttler, both of whom scored 59 runs each. Live Cricket Scorecard: West Indies vs England 2015, 1st Test at Antigua Day 5

England, who are favourites to bowl the hosts out on the final day, will aim for the important wicket of Smith. While Samuels and Shivnarine Chanderpaul will be the key targets for the English bowling attack led by James Anderson, some resistance might be faced from the Jermaine Blackwood, whose century in the first innings helped guide West Indies to 295 in the first innings. Live Cricket Score: West Indies vs England, 1st Test, Day 5 at Antigua

England have a record to look forward to on the final day, with Anderson needing two wickets to eclipse Sir Ian Botham as the all-time leading wicket-taker for England in Tests, with the second wicket being Anderson’s 384th. Free Live Streaming: West Indies vs England, 1st Test, Day 5