N Srinivasan has appealed to be reinstated as the BCCI president © IANS
N Srinivasan has appealed to be reinstated as the BCCI president © IANS

Nov 24, 2014

17.00pm: That’s it for today. Supreme Court will continue the hearing on Tuesday.

16.33pm: Former IPL COO and BCCI official Rajeev Shukla Well, matter is being heard by the court. Let there be a verdict by SC. I think BCCI should accept SC’s verdict.

16.15pm: Aditya Verma: “If Srinivasan wants to become the BCCI chief, then it is a shame. Srinivasan is protecting the guilty, which is why this hearing is being helpful. Tomorrow, when the final judgement is passed, it will be a landmark judgment and important for the game of cricket. When Sachin and Ganguly walk out to bat, people worship gods. My own father died while watching cricket. When Individual 2 and Individual 3 are revealed, Srinivasan’s guilt will be revealed.”

“If team’s owner is betting on a team, it is not betting but match-fixing. If a team owner bets on his own team, then I will call this match-fixing.”

16.10pm: Hearing adjourned till November 25, 2014 afternoon 2.00 pm.

15.43pm: Lalit Modi to Times Now: I think BCCI jumped the gun by trying to give a clean-chit to everybody. I think it was sending the wrong message. We must address the issue of match fixing now, and get rid of it. All internal inquiries by BCCI have not shown anything. Only Supreme Court can fix this issue now. We are seeing match fixers get away with fixing. It’s high time that stopped. When I ran IPL, it was completely clean. All the fixing that has happened has been after my tenure. We have enough data to support Meiyappan was part of Chennai Super Kings.

Talking about Raj Kundra’s role, Modi says, “If Raj Kundra or anyone is involved in betting, then his team [Rajasthan Royals] should be cancelled. If your co-owner is involved, then you should go down with him.”

Modi continues, “All the people who’ve supported Srinivasan and were part of the cover-up must go. These people are a malice to the game. They are a fungus to the game. Allowing N Srinivasan to become the owner of CSK was a mistake.”

Modi concludes, “The names of the players in the sealed envelope must be made public. It doesn’t matter whether they are a part of the Indian team.”

15.40pm: Supreme Court asks BCCI: Will you take criminal action?

15.35pm: Supreme Court to the BCCI: Uphold the glory of the game.




15.30pm: Supreme Court to BCCI: How will you take action against former president when he is standing again for next term?



15.25pm: Supreme Court asks N Srinivasan to act against the people named in the report. The apex court says, “You have no option.”

15.10pm:  An employee of your team was involved in betting, you have to reply: Supreme Court to N Srinivasan.

15.00pm: ANI reports: IPL has become a mutual benefit society, says Supreme Court.

14.55pm: Supreme Court to N Srinivasan, “You will have to address question of conflict of interest as head of BCCI and also as owner of IPL team, whose official is found to be involed.”

14.50pm: Cricket must be played in its true spirit and should remain a gentleman’s game: SC to BCCI,  informs PTI.

Supreme Court to BCCI: “If you allow these things to happen, then you are killing the game of cricket. We take the findings of Justice Mudgal Committee’s report as gospel truth. Benefit of doubt should go in favour of game rather than any individual.”

Ahead of the Supreme Court hearing, Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra has issued an official statement. He said the allegations against him are completely false and it has caused great damage to his reputation.


13:07 pm: Petitioner in the case Aditya Verma says that he will request the Supreme Court to release the full report of the Mudgal probe. Meanwhile, speaking to Times Now, Verma promises to step up the heat on Srinivasan. Says the board will be tainted if Srinivasan resumes as BCCI president contesting in the upcoming board elections.

12:30pm: The Supreme Court hearing will resume at 2pm.

11:00am: Justice Mukul Mudgal said to Times Now that BCCI and N Srinivasan are free to challenge the findings of the the report, it’s up to the Supreme Court to decide.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the hearing on the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 spot-fixing and betting scandal in the Supreme Court on Monday, November 24.

The Supreme Court, during its hearing on November 14 said that Gurunath Meiyappan, N Srinivasan, Sundar Raman and Raj Kundra were among the 13 people named in the Justice Mudgal Commitee report, submitted to the apex court.

During the hearing, the apex court of India has asked the BCCI, ICC chief and former BCCI president N Srinivasan and the remaining non-cricketers to file their objections within next four days. The court has also asked the report to be provided to BCCI and N Srinivasan as well as those who have been named.

The panel, headed by former judge Mukul Mudgal and including ex-India captain Sourav Ganguly, in February presented a sealed envelope to the court containing names of 13 individuals who needed to be investigated further, reported AFP. The apex court had announced on November 3, after the submission of the Justice Mukul Mudgal Committee reports, that it has adjourned the hearing on the matter till Friday, November 14.