Ranjib Biswal (Left) along with Sunil Gavaskar    IANS
Ranjib Biswal (Left) along with Sunil Gavaskar IANS



Dubai: May 29, 2014


Commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL)’s governing council Ranjib Biswal has reportedly claimed that the Indian elections did not adversely affect the TV viewership of the seventh season of the league despite the two clashing at the same time.


Biswal said that it is the second time that the tournament was held at the same time as elections after 2009 and still the matches played in the 2014 season have been watched and followed avidly like those in the 2009 season.


According to the Gulf News, Biswal said that there was no direct clash from a TV point of view as the voting process took place during the day, while the IPL matches were scheduled in the evening and night.


With just two matches left to go in the seventh edition of the league, a relieved Biswal said that the IPL had captured the imagination of cricket lovers in its very first year and the tournament has only got bigger and better in subsequent seasons.


Biswal also said that the 2014 season of the IPL has been a huge success, with the matches being hosted in the UAE during the beginning of the tournament then back to India as the season progressed, adding that the cricket has been of a high quality like it was in previous seasons.


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