Sachin Tendulkar with Ramakant Achrekar during his school days. @ Twitter
Sachin Tendulkar with Ramakant Achrekar during his school days. @ Twitter

Becoming Sachin Tendulkar was not an easy task. The maestro went through gruelling schedules and yet remained dedicated to the game of cricket, achieving what every aspirant cricketer dreams of. The hard work comprised running twice around the massive Shivaji Park in Mumbai, and that too wearing all his gears and after a full-fledged practice session.

During the launch of Mumbai half-marathon’s second edition in 2017, Tendulkar revealed that it was his coach Ramakant Achrekar who made him go through the practice, which later became a routine for him and also helped him maintain his fitness, playing for a longer period in his career.

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Tendulkar, while listening to the stories of the star marathon runners at the event, revealed, “I would practice in the morning and as the day was over, Achrekar sir told me to go take a round of Shivaji Park. When he asked me to do it for the first time, I removed my gloves, pads and kept them aside. Then he asked me, ‘If you play in a match without bat, without pad, that is fair. But you play with all your gloves, bat, pads.’ Then I started taking laps of Shivaji Park. Every evening, I would do two laps and that became a routine.”

He also spoke about the 1998 Sharjah matches, where Team India and he had play two matches within a span of 48 hours.

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“Given the conditions in the month of April – the temperatures are really high and you can feel the heat going through your shoes and socks – and the first thing you want to do is to put your feet in the ice bucket. In my case, that was one experience which I remember how tough it was to stay there and play the best team in the world — Australia was number one at that stage — and to beat them so convincingly was extremely satisfying.”