Shane Warne (right) went all out to defend Michael Clarke (left) © Getty Images
Shane Warne (right) went all out to defend Michael Clarke (left) © Getty Images

It is a well known detail that Shane Warne and Michael Clarke are great friends and that Warne has repeatedly come out in public defence of Clarke on numerous occasions. This time Warne has decided to launch an all out attack on Clarke’s critics after the latter’s retirement was announced. Warne went to the extent of calling John Buchanan’s criticism of Clarke’s captaincy a joke and was of the opinion that the World Cup winning coach had no idea about the game of cricket. ALSO READ: John Buchanan latest to criticise Michael Clarke’s captaincy

After Clarke retired, he incurred criticism from Andrew Symonds, Matthew Hayden and Buchanan. “Players like Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and others really tried to make the baggy green culture something special but I could sense it was under threat and under Michael’s captaincy I can sense it has disappeared a bit and that disappointed me,’’ Buchanan had said. ALSO READ: Ryan Harris slams criticism of Michael Clarke, reports of unrest in Australia

Warne did not attempt to mince words in his trashing of Buchanan’s criticisms, instead made some sharp comments. “It’s an absolute joke, really. Guys like John Buchanan trying to do cheap shots and say that he’s let [down] the culture of the baggy green. Give us a break, mate. Are you for real?” Warne said of Buchanan on Today. ALSO READ: Michael Clarke once threatened to return baggy green, reveals Mathew Hayden

“This bloke had no idea about the game of cricket, John Buchanan. He never played the game, doesn’t know what the players go through. And suddenly he’s saying he wrecked the culture of the baggy green. I mean that is just a disgraceful comment from someone who had no idea about the game of cricket. I mean come on you absolute tall so and so,” Warne continued. ALSO READ: Michael Clarke’s captaincy not special, opines Andrew Symonds

To add some weight to his claims he went on to relate one of his personal encounters with Buchanan. “John Buchanan told some of us players that we weren’t worthy enough to wear the baggy green, and all that stuff.” Asked whether he would like to coach Australia, Warne had a cheeky response. “Mate, I’d have to take a pay cut,” he said.