S Sreesanth    AFP
S Sreesanth AFP

Indian speedster Sreesanth has been trying to return to cricket after Supreme Court cleared him but BCCI has denied any effort on his part to return to cricket. Recently, he was denied an NOC to play in the Scotland Cricket League. As per the sources, BCCI has refused to give Sreesanth NOC and following this, he burst out his emotions on Twitter saying he will keep fighting against the odds to return to cricket. “I’m not going anywhere.I will fight it out.iam sure I will get to play no matter how small my chances are.,I will keep working hard,” his tweet read.

Sreesanth also informed the most important part of his ban to his fans and followers by writing, “Very important to let u all know about my ban,I still haven’t received my so called ban in writing from Bcci..,no mails or no post even to my association (kca) till date..it’s been so many years ..yet haven’t received it..I really don’t know what to do.”

Sreesanth, who hails from Kochi, shuttles between Mumbai and his hometown as he is barred from using any cricket facility or even take part in any matches that have the approval of BCCI. He keeps himself fit by using private facilities. “all Iam asking is to play cricket to my full potential Nd Iam getting denied even after court clearing me ..please let me play cricket,” added Sreesanth.

Sreesanth also blamed BCCI over ignoring his mails since the day court cleared him, as he never received any response from the board. “I’ve been sending mails from the day court cleared my name to Bcci about lifting my ban..no one is responding.u all should know the truth.” He further wrote that neither the District Association of Ernakulam nor his club have received any letter of his ban. “My kca or my ernakulam Distrcit association or my club team haven’t received any letter of my life ban or not allowing me to play.”

After these series of tweets by him, fans have raised their support for him by tweeting.

With respect to the case, Delhi Police has filed an appeal against the lower court s verdict. Sreesanth, the second Kerala player to represent the country, played in 27 Tests taking 87 wickets, and picked up 75 scalps from 53 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and 7 wickets from 10 T20Is.