Summary: It was a forgettable night for Chennai Super Kings (CSK), who have now lost their first match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) following a 37-run defeat to Mumbai Indians, who have become the first team in IPL history to win 100 matches. With this win, Rohit Sharma and Co. have got their campaign back on track. After being put into bat, Mumbai stuttered early losing Rohit and De Kock, but Suryakumar Yadav held the innings together with Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard unleashing in the last over that yielded 29 runs. CSK were never really in the game, thanks to a dream debut by Jason Behrendorff, who produced that scorching new ball spell on debut. Hardik Pandya stood out at the end. Do stick around for the presentations. From all of us here, it’s good night.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) innings

20th over: ANOTHER WICKET! Hardik Pandya picks up his third in Deepak Chahar, who falls for 7. And it’s all over for CSK. Mumbai Indians complete a clinical win, a fine performance, and what a way to bring up their 100th. They beat CSK by 37 runs and become the first team to win 100 IPL matches.

19th over: The death overs specialist, Bumrah bowling his last over and as expected he would be stingy as ever, just 7 runs coming from it, which leaves CSK with an impossible task of getting 49 in the last over. (Deepak Chahar 7, Shardul Thakur 1)

18th over: WICKET! A fine innings by Kedar Jadhav comes to an end after he edges this one off Malinga behind to De Kock. Jadhav departs for a well-played 58, and it looks like with that wicket, it’s GAME OVER for CSK. With Bravo’s dismissal in the same over, it’s all falling apart for CSK very quickly. Bravo departs for just 8. CSK 115/7

17th over: Bumrah back into the attack and he starts off with two dot balls and he’s given just 3 runs in this over. CSK 108/5 (Jadhav 58, Bravo 2) need 63 from 18

16th over: FIFTY! Malinga is back to bowl his third over and Kedar Jadhav has smashed him for consecutive boundaries, he has brought up a fine half-century in the bargain, but is it for a losing cause? 11 runs comes off this Malinga over. CSK 105/5 (Jadhav 57, Bravo 1)

Strategic timeout! Mumbai have this game in the bag

15th over: BIG WICKETS! Hardik Pandya comes back into the attack and immediately strikes with the massive wicket of CSK captain MS Dhoni, who never really got going today. Stepped out a little too early, but missed it completely, leaving Suryakumar catch a sitter at square leg. Dhoni departed for 12. Hardik strikes again, this time Ravindra Jadeja. CSK crumbling, the soaring run-rate getting the better of them. Jaddu walks back for 1. CSK 94/5 (Jadhav 47, Dwayne Bravo 0)

14th over: Krunal continues, Chennai need to target him. No, they can’t! Another golden over for Mumbai. Things getting really, really tough for CSK, but you can never say when Dhoni is around. CSK 87/3 (Jadhav 46, Dhoni 12)

13th over: Jasprit Bumrah‘s back into the attack. Uh, ho, Dhoni has opted for a change in bats, the heavier one has come out now. Brace yourselves up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Doesn’t manage anything, this over from Bumrah is gold! Just 3 runs from it. CSK 80/3 (Jadhav 41, Dhoni 11)

12th over: BOWLING CHANGE! Krunal Pandya comes into the attack. He’s definitely going to zip through his overs now and not the CSK batsmen settle down. 6 runs coming in this over. CSK 77/3 (Jadhav 39, Dhoni 10)

11th over: Hardik Pandya comes to bowl in second over with CSK looking to up the ante now. What an over this is from Pandya, just the five runs coming from it. The run-rate now inching towards. CSK 71/3 (Jadhav 38, Dhoni 7)

10th over: Rahul Chahar continues his next over, tight lines, good length, stingy in this over, goes for just 3 runs. We’re halfway into the innings. CSK 66/3 (Jadhav 34, Dhoni 6)

9th over: Behrendorff’s figures read: 3.0-0-17-2. And he’s give just 6 runs in his last over. Brilliant debut for the Australian. CSK 63/3 (Jadhav 32, Dhoni 5)

8th over: BOWLING CHANGE! Rahul Chahar, the legs-spinner, comes into the attack and he’s conceded a boundary in his first over, Kedar Jadhav with a nice shot to third man. CSK 57/3 (Jadhav 30, Dhoni 2)

7th over: Finally, Jasprit Bumrah in to the attack! And rather surprisingly, a front foot no-ball from the Indian international and Kedar Jadhav utilises the free hit digging out a yorker with a terrific jab for four. Expensive over this as Jadahv uses the pace of Bumrah and ramps a back of length delivery for the third boundary off the over. CSK 49/3 (Jadhav 25*, Dhoni 0*)

6th over: BOWLING CHANGE! Hardik Pandya comes into the attack, and the captain MS Dhoni has joined Kedar Jadhav out in the middle. Chennai under the pump here and Hardik Pandya sends down a tidy over. Just one off it. CSK 34/3 (Jadhav 11*, Dhoni 0*)

5th over: BIG WICKET! Good captaincy from Rohit, Behrendorff into his third over! Raina doesn’t let him get away this time, whacking back-to-back boundaries, BUT, BUT, BUT AGAIN, this time the bowler has the last laugh, and Behrendorff is having a dream debut at the Wankhede, Pollard with a stunning catch at sweeper cover region, Raina departs for 16. CSK 33/3 (Jadhav 10)

4th over: Malinga to continue with his next over and Kedar Jadhav this time has taken the aerial route, flicks it away for a SIX, but it was a terrible delivery by the veteran Sri Lankan pacer. 11 runs from this over. CSK 25/2 (Jadhav 10, Raina 8)

3rd over: Behrendorff continues with his second over and Raina has blasted this one over cover for a SIX. 8 runs from this over. CSK 14/2 (Raina 7, Jadhav 0)

2nd over: BIG WICKET! Lasith Malinga began with with a NO BALL alright and Watson capitalised in the free-hit delivery smashing a boundary to third man, BUT, BUT, BUT, Malinga has had the final laugh, after Kieron Pollard times his jump to perfection at cover-point to complete the catch. Watson departs for 5. Kedar Jadhav has joined Raina in the middle. CSK 6/2

1st over: DRAMA! Jason Behrendorff, the debutante from Australia has struck in his first over and it’s Ambati Rayudu who has to depart for a DUCK. Dream start this from Mumbai Indians. Suresh Raina has joined Shane Watson in the middle. CSK 1/1 (Watson 1, Raina 0)

10.01 pm: Here’s what Krunal Pandya had to say in the mid-innings break:

“We were at 50/3 at the half-way stage, but to end up with 170, I think it’s a good score on this pitch. It’s slightly sticky and the ball isn’t coming onto the bat. Surya batted very well, it was swinging and seaming around a bit in the initial overs and it wasn’t easy to bat on. I am very happy for the way he’s (Hardik) batting, I’m impressed. I have never seen him bat this well previously, will have to use our variations to defend this score.”

9.59 pm: Some initial reactions from MI’s innings:

Summary: From 50/3 to finish at 170/5 is a fine achievement by Mumbai Indians. Standout stars include Suryakumar Yadav, who held the innings together with a valiant 59. Krunal was scratchy in his 32-ball 42, but Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard provided MI the final flourish with the duo smashing 29 runs in that final over off Dwayne Bravo. This target looks to be match-winning specially on this wicket, but you never know with CSK, you never know! An exciting run-chase coming right up… stick around.

20th over: Bravo for the final over! Mumbai Indians needed a final flourish and they have got it from Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya, who have whacked 29 runs, repeat, 29 runs off this over. MI finish at 170/5 which is now a daunting target for CSK on this wicket.

19th over: Shardul Thakur into his last over and he has been dispatched for a massive, humongous SIX by Hardik Pandya over deep mid-wicket. Kieron Pollard too joins the party, that’s RAW POLLARD POWER with a massive six over deep mid-wicket. 16 runs off this over. MI 141/5 (Hardik 8, Pollard 7)

18th over: Bravo was going good in this over, until Suryakumar, who’s looking dangerous now, clobbered him down the ground for a boundary. 6 runs from this over. AND SURYAKUMAR FALLS IN THE LAST DELIVERY. His knock has ensured Mumbai reach close to the par score on this wicket. Surya falls for 59. MI 125/5 (Hardik 1)

9:31 pm: With that shot, Suryakumar registers a fine half-century, the crowd at the Wankhede Stadium has gone berserk!

17th over: FOURS & A WICKET! Mohit Sharma comes into the attack, bowling his third over and Krunal wastes no time to attack the bowler with a cracking shot to third man, but he has been saved. Lucky you, Krunal! After smashing consecutive boundaries, Krunal falls, was a scratchy innings, he departs for 42. His younger brother Hardik Pandya has joined Suryakumar, who smashed the next ball for a huge SIX to deep mid-wicket. 16 runs and the wicket in this over. MI 119/4 (Suryakumar 54, Hardik 0)

16th over: Dwayne Bravo is back into the attack! And Suryakumar dispatches the West Indian immediately for a boundary, nicely done. The hosts will have to break the shackles now. MI 103/3 (Suryakumar 46, Krunal 34)

15th over: Imran Tahir bowling his last over and Krunal Pandya has taken the aerial route! This one has sailed over the long-on boundary. 11 runs of Tahir’s final over. MI 93/3 (Suryakumar 40, Krunal 30)

Strategic time-out taken!

14th over: Shardul Thakur back for his second dig! And he almost traps Krunal in front with a fuller delivery over the wicket. Review saves Krunal as the ultra edge shoes the faintest of touches off the bat. But a tidy over nevertheless by Thakur. Just four runs off it. This is the second over without a bounday for MI. They need to get a move on with just six overs left to go. 82/3 (Suryakumar 39*, Krunal 20*)

13th over: BOWLING CHANGE! Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack! And Krunal Pandya gets a life. Dropped at mid-off by Mohit Sharma. Straight forward chance that was. Dwayne Bravo is not happy. Just four runs off it. MI 78/3 (Suryakumar 37*, Krunal 18*)

12th over: Mohit Sharma is back into the attack to bowl his second over. Krunal Pandya has made his intentions quite clear, here. Length ball and Krunal is smart to get on top of it. He doesn’t stop there and has whacked another one on the trot, poor effort from Rayudu in the deep. 10 runs from this over. MI 74/3 (Suryakumar 35, Krunal 16)

11th over: Tahir continues and Surykumar has watched him enough, fires a boundary down the leg-side, good shot! Seven runs from this over. MI 64/3 (Suryakumar 34, Krunal 7)

10th over: Jadeja to continue. He just runs with his overs, doesn’t he? Krunal Pandya has struck his first boundary, this one goes to the third man region. Half way into the innings, MI 57/3 (Suryakumar 28, Krunal 6)

9th over: WICKET! Imran Tahir strikes this time, and it’s Yuvraj Singh, who has to make the long walk back to the pavilion. Fullish delivery outside the off stump, Yuvi lofts it for a six to the long-off region, but found Ambati Rayudu. Yuvi departs for just 4. Krunal Pandya has joined Suryakumar out in the middle. What an over for CSK, two runs and the wicket. MI 50/3 (Surykumar 27, Krunal 0)

8th over: BOWLING CHANGE AND A WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja has provided the breakthrough for CSK and it’s the big fish, yes, the Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma, got a faint edge and Dhoni does miss any of them behind, Rohit departs for 13. Yuvraj Singh has joined Suryakumar in the middle. 3 runs and the wicket in this over. MI 48/2 (Suryakumar 27, Yuvraj 2)

7th over: BOWLING CHANGE! The legspinner from South Africa, yes, Imran Tahir is into the attack and he too bowls a stingy one, just five runs coming off it. MI 45/1 (Suryakumar 26, Rohit 13)

6th over: BOWLING CHANGE! Mohit Sharma has been introduced into the attack and starts off with a brilliant over. Just the one runs off it. MI 40/1 (Suryakumar 24, Rohit 10)

5th over: OK, so Suryakumar Yadav has decided to attack! He has smashed Chahar for a hat-trick of boundaries to put Mumbai back on track. 14 runs comes in Chahar’s over. MI 39/1 (Suryakumar 24, Rohit 9)

4th over: BOOM! Shardul in his second over and Suryakumar welcomes him with consecutive boundaries to the cover region. The third boundary by Rohit this time was in the air for sometime, but it was just wide off cover point. 16 runs comes in this Shardul over. Mumbai need more of these. MI 25/1 (Suryakumar 11, Rohit 8)

3rd over: WICKET Deepak Chahar continues and he continues to strike. After scoring a boundary via an inside edge, De Kock wanted to go for it again, but he slogged at it and went straight to the square leg fielder where Kedar Jadhav picked an easy catch. De Kock departs for just 4. Suryakumar Yadav joins his captain in the middle. Six runs from this over. MI 9/1 (Rohit 3, Suryakumar 1)

2nd over: Shardul Thakur will share the new ball from the other end. He begins with a 139.7kph leg stump yorker and Rohit does well to digs it out to mid-wicket. Another gem of an over by CSK, just the 1 run. MI 3/0 (Rohit 2, De Kock 0)

1st over: Deepak Chahar began proceedings with MI opener Quinton de Kock facing him. The wily pacer carries on his confidence and has bowled a fine opening over which has gone for just 2 runs. CSK 2/0 (Rohit 1, De Kock 0)

7:53 pm: Meanwhile, while the players make their way out in the middle, here’s Rohit talking about what this game at the Wankhede Stadium means to him. (Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings is IPL equivalent of El Clasico: Rohit Sharma)

7:39 pm: Captains have their say at the toss:

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma: “It’s an important game for us. Two losses in three games doesn’t justify. I thought we played some good cricket, but couldn’t capitalize on the crucial moments. We would’ve chased first. It’s a blessing in disguise to bat. But it looks like a good wicket to bat. If we bat to our potential, we will get to a good score. We have got two changes. Mitchell McClenaghan misses out and Jason Behrendorff makes his debut for us. Mayank Markande is not well and Rahul Chahar replaces him. Hopefully, all of us together can deliver today.”

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni: “It’s 14 games in IPL, the more you win, the better it is. We don’t look at the result, it’s byproduct. We look at doing the basics well. We will bowl first. It’s one of those wickets, if you don’t bowl in the right areas you will be punished. There is some help for the fast bowlers. I feel it’s important to let the opposition put the runs on board and we will look to chase it down. With so much grass, it doesn’t look like a turner. Still every venue poses it’s own challenges. So, we need to adapt quickly and take the game forward. We have got Mohit Sharma in place of Mitchell Santner.”

Here are the playing XIs

Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Ambati Rayudu, Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Kedar Jadhav, Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Mohit Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Rahul Chahar, Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga, Jason Behrendorff

7:32 pm: MS Dhoni has won the toss and CSK elect to field.

7:23 pm: Pitch report: “The Wankhede wicket offers a lot of bounce and assists the spinners too. The average first-innings total on this pitch is 166. Seamers though can’t survive here by taking pace off the ball. They should look to bowl short or be right at batsmen’s feet, that’s where Mumbai Indians might have a slight advantage. DEW likely to come in later,” say Sanjay Manjrekar and Brendon McCullum at the pitch report.

7:22 pm: Could CSK spring a surprise with a new BOWLING CHANGE TODAY? Watch the video below:

7:17 pm: Initial reactions have already started trickling in. Here are a few:

7:13 pm: The TEAMS have arrived!

6:48 pm: DID YOU KNOW?

A victory for Mumbai Indians will make them the first side to win 100 matches

CSK have a 3-5 record against Mumbai Indians in IPL matches at the Wankhede Stadium

6:39 pm: Australian pacer Jason Behrendorff has joined Mumbai Indians after completing his national duties in the recently-concluded ODI series against Pakistan. He was seen batting in the nets. Will he get to don MI colours today?

Three-time champions will take on three-time champions as Mumbai Indians (MI) host Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in match 15 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday. (ALSO READ: Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings is IPL equivalent of El Clasico: Rohit Sharma)

While MI have so far lived up to their reputation of slow starters, winning a game and losing two, CSK are topping the points table with three wins in as many games. (ALSO READ: Dhoni, Bravo keep Chennai s winning streak intact despite Rajasthan s late surge)

The Rohit Sharma-led side will be keen to make their return to their fortress memorable and better their head-to-head record against MS Dhoni and Co. (FULL PREVIEW: CLICK HERE)