Dwayne Smith  © IANS (File photo)
Dwayne Smith © IANS (File photo)


Apr 25, 2014

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(After a loss in their first two matches, Mumbai Indians look for their first win as they face Chennai Super Kings. Catch all the live scores and updates here)


Corey Anderson is back and McCullum hits it through the off-side for a single. Dhoni then flicks one down the leg-side for a four. He then pushes one down the ground for a single. McCullum also takes a single then. Dhoni then pulls it to the fielder at fine-leg for a single to level the scores. McCullum then hits it through the leg-side for a single. That is a victory by seven wickets.



Malinga is handed the ball after a long discussion. Dhoni hits it to mid-wicket and McCullum had come down the track. Michael Hussey threw the ball, but it misses the stumps. Dhoni then defends the second ball, but it is a no-ball. So, Chennai get a free-hit. And Dhoni smashes it over mid-wicket for a six. He didn’t quite get the yorker right and Malinga pays the price as a result. Dhoni then takes a single. McCullum hits it over cover and it goes for four. Zaheer was getting closer, but he could not stop it.



Zaheer Khan is into the attack. McCullum pushes the first ball for a single. Dhoni comes on strike and defends the first one. Is he planning a last over finish? The second ball hits Dhoni’s pads, but the umpire turns down the leg-before appeal. As the batsmen were going through for a single, Hussey scores a direct hit, but McCullum was in. They get two as a result. Dhoni is hit on the pads again and now he gets a single again. McCullum then picks a single off the fifth ball.



Du Plessis makes room to the first one and swipes across the line. The ball goes high in the air near long-on. Pollard comes around and positions himself, BUT DROPS IT! How could he have dropped it? And then there is another chance as McCullum hits one towards long-off. Anderson dives forward, but cannot take it. And then, finally Harbhajan gets a wicket as du Plessis misses and Gautam stumps him.
OUT! du Plessis 20(25)



Lasith Malinga is into the attack. A little tad late one may say! Chennai can afford to only knock it around and finish the games with ease.



Zaheer Khan is back in the attack. McCullum dances down the ground and misses the first ball. The next ball is pulled high over square-leg for a six. The fielder was a mere spectator there. Chennai’s hundred is up. This should be quite easy from here and Mumbai Indians’ struggle continues.



Kieron Pollard comes to bowl. He stops while bowling the second ball and teases the batsman with that. And then, he delivers a friendly full-toss, which McCullum smashes over square-leg for a four. Later in the over, he takes a single to get to his half-century. That is his half-century.



Du Plessis is taking strike to Harbhajan. He can’t get runs off the first three balls ass Harbhajan is right on the money coming from round the wicket. He then edges one to short third-man. Zaheer picks it and throws, but McCullum had got there comfortably. McCullum then charges down the ground and smashes a length delivery over Harbhajan’s head for a four.



Lasith Malinga is back and it isn’t the best of situations. Chennai can play him out quite coolly as they have attacked the others with disdain. McCullum had hit one to mid-off, where Tare fielded it very well. McCullum was trying for the second, but he slipped. Instead, Tare threw it at the wrong end.



Du Plessis tries to make room off the first ball and Harbhajan fires it down the leg-side. However, it is wide. Du Plessis then pushes the second ball through third-man and gets a couple. He then takes a single to get McCullum back on strike. And, Harbhajan gets the treatment as he pitches it short and McCullum pulls it with disdain over mid-wicket for a six. The over comes to an end as McCullum takes a single.



Ojha comes on to bowl. Du Plessis cannot get runs off the first two. But then, he gets a single and Brendon McCullum comes back on strike. Anderson effects a good stop in the off-side as McCullum pushes it through the off-stump.



Harbhajan Singh comes to bowl and McCullum tries a reverse sweep off the first ball, but hits it straight to the fielder. He then gets a single off the second. Raina is gone now! He charges down the ground and misses it. CM Gautam completes the stumping. Faf du Plessis is the new man in the centre.
OUT! Raina 1(4)



Smith sweeps the first one over mid-wicket for a massive six. And then he tries to go for another off the next ball, which is a little wider. Instead, he gets a top edge which goes towards long-off, where Corey Anderson takes a brilliant catch running in.



Corey Anderson is in the attack and he is lofted over cover by McCullum for a four. The next ball is full and McCullum tries to play an expansive stroke. However, he just misses the stumps. The third ball is a slower delivery and McCullum charges, but lets it go through. The fourth ball gives McCullum some room and he carts it through cover for a four. The fielder in the deep had no chance of stopping that one. McCullum then tries to smash it over mif-off. Pollard puts in a great effort. It was travelling and he jumps high, but can only touch it as it comes to ground. And the last ball is absolutely smashed through extra cover for four. The fielder had to run the other way this time, but cannot get there.



Lasith Malinga comes into the attack when it is most needed. He manages to keep things tight, but Mumbai will need much more than that. Only five runs off that over.



Zaheer overpitches and is penalised by Smith. He smashes it straight down the ground for a massive six as he hits the sight screen. He then takes the single to get McCullum on strike. McCullum then works one behind point for a couple of runs as the sweeper comes across to cut the ball. And then McCullum smashes it through the covers for a four. The over comes to an end with a four over mid-wicket.



Smith finally hits a six. The ball is in his arc and he goes through with the shot. It goes miles in the air and lands in the stands at long-on. Later in the over, there is an appeal for a leg-before but it is too high. Smith then smashes one more for six as it goes over long-on. It was hit much flatter, but the fielder there had no chance. And, the overs comes to an end with a single.



Zaheer Khan starts from the other end and the first ball is in the zone as McCullum can only push it for no runs. Chennai finally get off the mark as McCullum glides one to fine-leg for a single. Dwayne Smith continues to find it difficult as Zaheer angles it away from him. He then pitches it full and Smith can only push it back. And he finally gets off the mark as he inside edges one onto his pads and runs a single.



Pragyan Ojha starts off in the first over and it is a magnificent over by Ojha. It is a maiden over. This is the third maiden over of this tournament. This is the first maiden over by a spinner in this IPL.



We will be back in a few minutes as the innings break goes on. Mumbai have not scored enough one may think. But remember, Chennai defended a similar score against Rajasthan. Mohit Sharma was the star in this innings with his four wickets. Can Chennai chase this down?


Hilfenhaus to finish things for Chennai. He comes from around the wicket and CM Gautam does something interesting. He reverse guides it for a four. The next ball is carted for a single as he walks across his stumps and pulls it. Gautam tries to pull the fourth delivery and it goes high in the air on the off-side. Raina dives forward to take the catch, but he isn’t sure if he caught it. Replays suggest it bounced before Raina pouched it. The fourth ball is a slower delivery and in the slot. Zaheer pulls it for a six over mid-wicket. And they run a bye off the last ball. Only 33 runs scored off the last five overs.



Rayudu is gone off the first ball of the over. He hits Mohit straight to long-on where Raina takes a comfortable catch. Mumbai have lost a lot of momentum now. Gautam is the new man in the centre. And, Mohit gets another. A slower delivery beats Pollard and smashes into the stumps. Harbhajan comes in and he faces a yorker first up, which he cannot get away. And another man is gone! Harbhajan guides the last ball straight to the fielder at point.
OUT! Rayudu 1(2), Pollard 12(11), Harbhajan 0(2)



Hilfenhaus is back in the attack. Rohit gets his fifty off forty balls as he digs out a yorker and runs for a single. A good way to celebrate his 100th IPL game. And then he is gone. He tries to pull a short one and he gives a catch to mid-wicket, who came running in. Hilfenhaus then bowls a short ball to Pollard, who can’t get it away for more than a single. Ambati Rayudu is the new man. He gets of the mark off the first ball.
OUT! Rohit 50(41)



Ishwar Pandey comes on and bowls a full toss first ball. But Pollard misses it completely as it goes through to Dhoni. Pollard then takes a single off the second ball. Pandey then gets a yorker in to Rohit who manages to keep it out and runs through for a single. Pollard then walks across the stumps and lofts him over fine leg for a four.



Mohit Sharma is back in the attack. Rohit takes a single off the first ball. And Anderson is gone! He pushes the second ball through cover and he runs. The fielder hurls it onto the stumps and Anderson is short of the ground. Pollard is in the centre and he gets off the mark with a single. Now, they have a good pair in the centre. Anderson has done his job one would say. A good over by Mohit in these circumstances. He gives away only five runs off it.
OUT! Anderson 39(31)



And finally, Ravindra Jadeja comes into play. Anderson slashes the first ball over point and runs a couple of runs. The second ball is then smashed by Anderson for a four. He smashes it through long-on and it has crossed the boundary. Rohit then cuts the penultimate delivery behind point and it has gone for a four. They have five overs in hand now and they can do some serious damage with these two in the centre.



Ashwin continues even as there is no sign of Ravindra Jadeja. Only six runs come off the over as the batsmen knock it around and run those runs.



Raina continues. And Mumbai are now taking the attack to the bowlers. Rohit first pushes one past point for a four and then another delivery is short, which is pulled for a six over square-leg. The last ball is carted straight to Raina, who takes evasive action. That could have almost taken his head off. The ball hits Raina’s hands and lands behind the stumps at the striker’s end. The batsmen get two as there is a bit of a confusion.



Only four runs come off that over.



Hilfenhaus comes to bowl and he is welcomed by Rohit as he carts over mid-wicket for a six. The ball just landed on the ropes and it is enough for Rohit to collect half a dozen. Anderson then goes in the air and it falls in no mans land. Some luck there.



Raina continues and doesn’t give much away. Off the first three balls, they can only take two singles. The offie has bowled very well as the batsmen can only play with the straight bat. And then Anderson finally gets a six when he dances out and lofts it over the infield into the stands over long-off. That should make Mumbai feel better.



As you may recall, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma are playing their 100th IPL games.




Ishwar Pandey is back in the attack. Anderson has a swing at the first one but misses. Then, that follows with a couple of singles. The fourth ball is full and it shaves past the stumps as Anderson has another heave at it. A very very good over by Pandey here. He is keeping things in check very well. Only three runs come off that one.



Suresh Raina comes in to bowl. Anderson hits the first one back to him and then he takes a single off the second. Rohit works the third delivery to long-on for a single. Anderson then gets a boundary as he lofts one over mid-wicket for a four.



Mohit Sharma continues to bowl to Rohit Sharma. He keeps it in the tight channels around the off-stump. Rohit isn’t able to do much about it as he can only play it down to the off-side. In the previous over, Mohit had conceded only one run. He is doing well to build the pressure. Rohit finally gets a couple of runs as he pushes to the leg-side and then presses for the second. And then, Rohit finishes the over with a boundary as he moves across the stumps and scoops it over fine-leg for a four.



Rohit gets a single off the second ball. Anderson finally gets a four as he is able to work one off his pads through fine-leg for a four. Mumbai have been kept very quiet by the Chennai bowling. At the end of the powerplay, Mumbai are 31 for two.



Mohit Sharma is the new bowler. Tare gets an inside edge off the first ball as he charges. The ball just misses the off-stump, but there isn’t any run there. And Tare is gone. Dhoni comes up to the stump and Tare tries to smash him over mid-on, but then offers a catch to the fielder there. Rohit Sharma walks out to bat during his 100th IPL game. Mumbai need an inspiring performance from him.
OUT! Tare 23(19)



Ravichandran Ashwin comes in to bowl and Tare takes a single off the second ball. Anderson then takes strike as the field changes immediately. He gets off the mark by pushing one through the leg-side. Tare then makes room and then pushes it through the covers for a couple of runs.



Guess what? Corey Anderson is in the centre at No 3. A new move by Mumbai and something to throw the win in the sails. He is off strike though as Tare faces Pandey, who is getting some copious movement away from the right-hander. The first ball is creamed through the covers for a four. The same result off the third as he drives it well for four. Anderson leaves the first ball he faces and it brushes past the stumps.



Ben Hilfenhaus comes in the first ball is smashed by Tare through the extra-cover for a four. That was very well timed as Suresh Raina dived across but could not stop it. And then off the third ball, he hits it a little finer as it goes through point for a four. Hussey then comes on and he doesn’t seem to be getting his mojo. Hussey tries to pull and misses. And then off the last ball, Hussey is beaten as Hilfenhaus beats him with one away going delivery.
OUT! Hussey 1(7)




Ishwar Pandey starts things off for Chennai. Hussey pushes the second ball to the leg-side and sprints across. Dwayne Smith picks up the ball and hurls it to the non-striker’s end. Hussey puts in a full length dive to get back. That could have been close had he hit. Hussey faces five out of the six deliveries and scores the only single. He is up against his old team. Remember?




Mumbai Indians: Michael Hussey, Aditya Tare, Rohit Sharma (c), Ambati Rayudu, Corey Anderson, CM Gautam (wk), Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Lasith Malinga, Zaheer Khan.


Chennai Super Kings: Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, Mithun Manhas, MS Dhoni (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishwar Pandey, Ben Hilfenhaus, Mohit Sharma.




Mumbai Indians have won the toss and have elected to bat first. They have one change as CM Gautam comes in place of Jasprit Bumrah.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the 13th Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Mumbai Indians (MI) at Dubai Sports Club. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. Chennai are on a high after crushing Rajasthan while a formidable Mumbai side is still searching for their first win. They lost to Kolkata and Bangalore earlier before they had a long break.


Chennai posted a modest total against Rajasthan after their batting faltered, but the bowling has been brilliant. Ishwar Pandey, Mohit Sharma have not only provided breakthroughs but have also managed to strangle the opposition. Chennai boast of two quality swing bowlers in Pandey and Ben Hilfenhaus. And their spinners Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja have been in good touch as always. Chennai have the perfect combination one can imagine in T20 cricket.


Mumbai will be hoping to get their playing XI right this time around. Their batting has come apart in the previous two matches The Mumbai outfit, have plenty of work to do both in their batting as well as bowling departments. It is their batting which has hurt the title holders badly as they could only muster 122 and 115 in their previous two games. Ambati Rayudu got starts in both the matches but failed to convert them into big scores, while senior players like Mike Hussey, skipper Rohit, Kieron Pollard and all-rounder Correy Anderson have been far from impressive and they will be have to shoulder more responsibility if the team hopes to defend its title. On the bowling front, veteran Zaheer Khan and Lasith Malinga were upto the mark, but the spin department comprising Harbhajan Singh and Pragyan Ojha has let the team down.


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