Manan Vohra © IANS (File Photo)
Manan Vohra © IANS (File Photo)


May 19, 2014


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(Delhi Daredevils (DD) vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in Match 45 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Live Updates of the Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab match below)

Delhi have somehow clawed their way back into the game. Nine runs required of the last over bowled by Parnell. Some superb running from Patel and Dhawan gets it down to four of three balls. Punjab have done it with Dhawan smashing a boundary to win it for them. A well-deserved win in the end for Punjab.




Is there still something left for Delhi as Tahir gets a wicket with another googly. Bailey is the man gone. Tahir is again over the moon. There is nothing like watching Tahir run around the entire ground and celebrate! Another run out chance missed by Delhi as Akshar would have found himself short of the crease. End of a fine spell by Tahir. Nine runs required of last over.
G Bailey c K Jadhav b I Tahir 6(7)




You just have to give to Punjab’s batsmen for their fearless courage. Their batsmen have touched outer limits of celestial heights in IPL 7. In the middle there is an appeal for another catch from Unadkat the bowler. But it turns out to be a bump ball. Akshar then follows it up with a six. More fearless cricket on display.




What can you do as a captain in this sort of situation? Pray to God and hope that some miracle happens? Tahir perhaps can wield his magic with a googly? A fine over but no wicket to celebrate for the leggie. Punjab on course for another win here. Who can actually stop them?




There was a bit of drama at the end of the 15th over, as there was an appeal for a catch by Delhi’s fielders. The third umpire then decides that it wasn’t a bump ball and Saha is out. Patel though starts the 16th over of the game with a fine boundary. There is another appeal for lbw and this time by Parnell. However umpire rules it not out and to make it worse for Delhi it goes for a boundary. A close shave for the batsman.
OUT! W Saha c W Parnell b M Shami 13(13)




Akshar Patel seems to be a cricketer who can play with a calm head on his shoulders. He is working the ball into gaps and looks set to steer his team to a fine win for Punjab. For Delhi, Shami the swinger continues to struggle with the white ball.




Duminy bowling a fine spell for Delhi. But the fabled dream for Delhi to win a game at home perhaps will still remain a dream. This game is quickly slipping away from their grasp. They need a slew of wickets for sure. Both batsmen for Punjab are looking comfortable at the crease.




Unadkat trying a different angle from around the wicket. Delhi Daredevils know that they need more than one wicket here to make a comeback into the game. Mis fields not helping Delhi for sure. After a mini collapse  Punjab look set to win the game.






There is an appeal for stumping. But Patel has slided his back leg just at the right time. For Punjab’s batsmen it is all about playing with a mature head as they don’t have a monstrous target to chase down. On a side not, one wonders what will Tahir do if he takes the wicket to win a World Cup? For you to discuss!




It is surprising to see that George Bailey hasn’t yet come into bat. However Akshar plays a fearless shot over sweeper cover for a boundary. A fine over in the end from Unadkat though. One has to say that the run rate required is still within Punjab’s grasp.




Duminy now dismisses David Miller. Can Delhi win a game finally at home?? Taking the wickets of Maxwell the Superman and Miller helps. They need to keep taking wickets though as Punjab still have fine some batsmen waiting in the hut.
OUT! D Miller b JP Duminy 2(6)




From Delhi’s point of view they need to keep taking wickets, as they are up against a team who are playing some great cricket. Imran Tahir is certainly mixing it up well here for Delhi Daredevils. Oh!!! well Tahir does it as he gets Maxwell with a wrong un. Wrong un again works for a leg-spinner. Tahir celebrates the wicket with unfettered celebration.
OUT! G Maxwell b I Tahir 14(11)




With short boundaries coming into play, Sehwag too joins the fun by smashing Duminy for six. Sehwag though gets to Duminy. From around the wicket Duminy bowls it wide of off-stump and gets him man. Good thinking from the off-spinner.
OUT! V Sehwag c M Tiwary b JP Duminy 23(21)




Imran Tahir with his brand of googlies and occasional leg break into the attack. Tahir gets the wicket of Vohra. Vohra just wanted to thwack the spinner but it led to his dismissal caught by Vijay at long off. It brings the man of the moment, Glenn Maxwell. Tahir then clears his throat with a vociferous appeal. Maxwell then follows it up with a sumptuous shot across the line for a six. Maxwell just is in awe-inpiring form. The Superman of IPL 7!
OUT! M Vohra c M Vijay b I Tahir 42(19)




Runs flowing like gigantic river on this flat deck. Vohra uses the pace of Shami to guide for a boundary. Vohra continues on his merry way with another boundary. Can they chase this down in 15 overs or something? Mind you Sehwag has made only 15 runs till now. Punjab definitely seem to be in cruise mood here.




Vohra is one fire here. To make it worse for Delhi, Tahir drops tough chance off bespectacled Sehwag. Now Jadhav goes for a direct hit and it goes for overthrows and Vohra collects five more runs. Nothing going right for Delhi. Punjab are firing on all cylinders here.




A fine over till now bowled by Mohammed Shami. He has hit good lengths in this over. Vohra though shows his class with a shot that is hard to describe. The six is followed by another six. Vohra is on the charge here.






It is Mohammed Shami who is bowling the second over. He bowls a short and wide and Sehwag duly thumps it for a boundary. You don’t bowl short and wide to Sehwag for sure. 16 runs come from the second over. A fine start by Punjab for sure.




Wayne Parnell opens the bowling for Delhi Daredevils. He hasn’t get his line right here. Sehwag takes advantage of it by collecting two runs.In the end though he concedes only six runs. KP won’t mind that. They need a few wickets though.




Just 5 runs from the last over bowled by Akshar Patel. Delhi yet again promise a lot and have lost the plot. A poor performance from them. They need a crackerjack bowling performance to even make a good fist of this game and that too against a side which is in great form.




Delhi are losing their way here, as Karthik too gets out to Hendricks. Maxwell takes a brilliant catch at long off to dismiss Parnell. Some of these catches at the boundary line this year have been amazing. Great judgement shown by fielders. Take a bow!
OUT! D Karthik c S Dhawan b B Hendricks 69(44), W Parnell c G Maxwell b B Hendricks 2(2)




K Jadhav too loses his wicket to Sandeep’s bowling. Mayank Agarwal perhaps doesn’t need much time to settle down. He smashes Sandeep over extra cover for a six. A breathtaking stroke that. However, he gets knocked over the next ball by Sandeep. Bowling from around the wicket can be a fine tactic in the end overs. Tiwary ends the over well for Delhi with a boundary.
OUT! K Jadhav c G Maxwell b S Sharma 0(1), M Agarwal b S Sharma 6(2)




With four overs to go it is time now for Duminy to showcase his heavy dollops of skill. That silky elegance which leaves you spellbound. However, for the time being it is Karthik who is playing shots with ease. Unfortunately then, Duminy gets out to a full toss from Hendricks. A blow for Delhi’s chances. Karthik though ends the over with a boundary.
OUT! JP Duminy c Maxwell b Hendricks 17(21)








Karthik has put his foot on the acceleration pedal for sure. A slog sweep goes for a boundary. He then follows it up with another fine shot down the ground for a six. Delhi think-tank would be a happy camp now. Fifty run partnership up as well.




Dinesh Karthik plays a beautifully timed shot down the ground a for a six. Now that shot was a symbol of excellence. He then follows it up another boundary off Dhawan. A fine fifty for Karthik off a mere 35 balls. They need about 180 runs on the board here.




JP Duminy is still taking his time to settle down and that is not good news for Delhi Daredevils.Punjab are definitely clawing their way back in to game especially with both spinners bowling with fine control for them.




Karthik shows his class by essaying a fine boundary off Rishi Dhawan. They need a few boundaries here as their run rate has slowed down. Maybe it is time for Karthik to go for jugular and try a few risky shots. Punjab have batsmen in excellent form and you have to remember that.




It is up to Karthik to take over from Pietersen and up the ante. JP Duminy will take time to settle down before he can showcase his glorious artwork of placement and timing. A fine over from Shivam to follow up Akshar’s wicket-taking over.




Well it is again a SLA who has dismissed KP. Now that was a fine ball though from Patel as it gripped and turned to take out his off-stump. JP Duminy has come into bat at No 4 position. A maiden wicket over from Akshar Patel. Well done!
OUT! K Pietersen b A Patel 49(32)




It is Shivam who bowls for Punjab. KP uses the depth of the crease to collect two runs. He is looking a bit more confident against SLA. Have I talked too soon? A fine over though from Shivam as only six runs came from the 10th over of the game.




Karthik shows his class with a fine forceful shot on the back foot for  a boundary. The strategic time out surely didn’t affect his concentration prowess. KP then shows a bit of deft touch to take a single. A decent over that though by Rishi Dhawan.




Akshar continues to bowl. He is bowling decent lines and lengths here. They need to contain KP and tempt him to try a shot in frustration. The deck is flat though and Delhi batsmen need to post a very good score on the board.




It is Rishi Dhawan, the medium pacer who is bowling now. Karthik looks to use his feet to him but can only get a single. Kp continues to impress by placing it through covers to take two more runs. He follows it up with a wondrous cut shot. Another boundary to complete the over. He has touched dizzying heights here in terms of batsmanship.




Karthik facing slow left arm orthodox, Akshar Patel. He straightaway essay a boundary. Now it is Pietersen facing a SLA. Well he has had his problems of facing SLA. He smehow gets through the over though he didn’t look convincing at the crease.




Sandeep continues to bowl for Punjab. He needs to bowl a few good overs here for Punjab. Karthik though plays a sweep shot for six. Sandeep won’t like it as no pacer wants to get swept for six.




Another fine boundary for KP through the off-side. When it hits the middle of KP’s bat he comes across as a special player. The top edge hook from KP’s willow too goes for a six. Who can forget him hooking Shoaib on the front foot for a six at Faisalabad for six on the front foot. Now that was bowled at 98mph.




Sandeep continues to find a bit of swing. Delhi need to start well here, as the deck is flat. Well what was Vijay trying there? It didn’t even seem like a flick shot. A shot without any conviction behind it and he gets out. One though has to give credit to Hendricks for taking a fine catch as he had to back peddle to take it. Pietersen though gives a glimpse of his power to thwack a boundary through covers.
OUT! M Vijay c B Hendricks b S Sharma 5(8)




The second over of the game is bowled by Hendricks, the South African. Pietersen though stands tall to play a superlative shot on the on side. KP has to show his class today. Where is the KP who when he even played for England A in Duleep trophy back in 2003-04 played felicitous strokes??




Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling for Punjab. He straightaway finds a bit of late swing to Murali Vijay and that helps. Most batsmen struggle against late swing. Pietersen too struggles a bit against late swing. Vijay though ends the over with a well timed boundary on the off-side







Delhi Daredevils: Kevin Pietersen (c), Murali Vijay, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Mayank Agarwal, JP Duminy, Manoj Tiwary, Kedar Jadhav, Wayne Parnell, Imran Tahir, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat.


Kings XI Punjab: Virender Sehwag, Manoj Vohra, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Akshar Patel, Wriddhiman Saha, Sandeep Sharma, Rishi Dhawan, Shivam Sharma,  Beuran Hendricks.


Toss: Kings XI Punjab elected to bowl against Delhi Daredevils. Kevin Pietersen leads Delhi while George will captain Punjab.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Match 45 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) between Delhi Daredevils (DD) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). I am Bharath Ramaraj and I will be bringing live updates of the match. Delhi are out of contention while Punjab are a win away to secure their last four spot.


Dwindling at the bottom of the table, Delhi are out of the playoffs race. The biggest disappointment for the Delhi side has been Kevin Pietersen. Against Rajasthan, Pietersen looked out of sorts and seemed to be taking his eyes off the ball.


For Punjab, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller and George Bailey, have been amongst the runs. Maxwell has already made over 500 runs in IPL 2014. The left-handed Miller, and Bailey have chipped in with runs when required. On the bowling front, Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Sandeep Sharma, Lakshmipathy Balaji and Rishi Dhawan have been among the wickets.  Sandeep has swung the ball late, and in any format of the game getting the new ball to swing late is an asset to the side.


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