Kieron Pollard got Mumbai backl in the hunt © IANS
Kieron Pollard’s blistering fifty was not enough to get Mumbai its first win © IANS (File Photo)


Apr 30, 2014


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(Will Mumbai return to India without a win or can they end the UAE nightmare against a struggling Sunrisers Hyderabad who have won just one match here. Catch all the live updates and score of the match here).


What a match! The Sunrisers pulled it off comfortably in the final over, but their hearts would have been in their mouths for the last six overs of the chase. Keiron Pollard again proving how dangerous he is, with a blistering 78 off just 48 balls in a pressure cooker situation. Amit Mishra will be thrilled that the match is over and he doesn’t have to bowl to the big man any more after being taken apart for 27 runs in an over. You can catch R Vishal’s match report here. This is me signing off for CricketCountry, I hope you enjoyed following this match as much as I enjoyed reporting it. Good night, and see you again in a few days!



So it’s Irfan Pathan to bowl the final over of the UAE leg of IPL 7! A rampaging Pollard on strike, 20 runs needed to win. Will Pollard manage to muscle a win for Mumbai, or will a man dormant for 35 overs pull off a victory? Here comes Irfan, OH HE’S BOWLED HIM! WHAT A DELIVERY! Irfan Pathan roars, and the rest of Hyderabad roars with him! Surely this is the end for Mumbai? Pollard is dismissed first ball of the over! Spectacular yorker under immense pressure from Irfan! He’s got this one right on the money! Off and middle stump on the ground! And Zak comes in nonw. Can he pull off a miracle? No he can’t. Sunrisers Hyderabad WIN! Magnificent over from Irfan, he concedes just ONE run off the bat this over! SRH return to India with two wins under their belt, MI with none.
OUT! K Pollard 78 (48) b Irfan





Bhuvi comes back now. Pollard smashes it straight down the ground, but gets just a couple. Now a single, Bhajji on strike. He swings, he misses. Swings again, another miss. This time he connects, and he picks out Dhawan at covers. Typically responsible innings from Harbhajan comes to an end. Brilliant over from Bhuvi. Gautam looks to improvise, and Bhuvi doesn’t bowl this. Very smartly done by Bhuvi. Oh this is a wonderful shot! Yorker on leg stump, and somehow he gets this to deep covers for four! Outstanding stuff from Gautam! And another fancy shot attempted, but he gets no runs. That makes it 20 off the last over. Who will bowl this?
OUT! H Singh 1(3) c Dhawan b Bhuvneshwar




Here comes Steyn. Can he put an end to the Pollard madness? He starts typically well. Quick and pitched up. One to Tare. And just another single to Pollard now. Two off the next ball, and IS THIS RUN OUT? No, Tare makes his ground. Well, he’s not going to escape this one, what was Tare doing? He’s tried an elaborate shot over covers, he just manages to get it high enough in the air for N Ojha’s catch to be called impressive. Bhajji is in, but it’s Pollard on strike. And two dot balls to end the over, wonderful stuff from the arguably the best pacer in the world! Just four off the over.
OUT! A Tare 7(5) c N Ojha b Steyn



Mishra to continue. This is a gambit from Dhawan. AND IT DOES NOT PAY OFF! Six! Banged away over long off! AND HERE’S ANOTHER! Six more, same place. AND IT’S THREE IN THREE! Keiron Pollard you absolute BEAST! AND THIS IS A BOUNDARY NOW! 22 off four deliveries this over. Is this game over? It certainly is for Mishra! Couple off the next ball. And now a wide. Mishra wants his mommy now! Two more off the last ball, as Pollard leads Mumbai on its way! 27 runs off that one! MI need just 31 off 18.



Here comes Irfan Pathan! I’d forgotten he’s even playing this match. Former opening bowler for India comes on in the 16th over! Well, such is the nature of T20s. Single off the first ball, and a wide off the next. Not the best of starts from IP. Oh he’s HIT THIS! Going, GOING, oops he’s gone. Not quite as big as it seemed at first. He’s holed out to Warner in the deep! Wicket for Pathan in his first over! Good follow up ball too! Yorker into KP’s toes. They get two runs though. Another single, and that’s FIFTY for the big man! Good innings from him. Oh this is great over from Irfan! Tare nearly chops this one on to his stumps! He gets a boundary off the last ball, bit of a slog through midwicket and four off the inside edge. Excellent over from Pathan, but nine off it.
OUT! A Rayudu 35(27) c Warner b Irfan



Here comes Bhuvi to pull things back. And Rayudu steps out to slice him over covers for a boundary! Great shot from AR. Good hit down the ground, but just for a single. And Bhuvi coming back really well, just the two runs off the next three balls. Will he finish the over well? Oh yes he can! Slower ball on off stump, dot ball to end with. Just seven off it. SRH pull one back.



Karn comes back on. And POLLARD goes big again! GAME ON! Six over long on. This is colossal! And now Rayudu gets one away as well! Four more over long on! This is a game changing period of play! Don’t go anywhere, folks! KP is in the house! Can we have another Super Over? Way too early to tell, but one can always hope!



Mishra continues. And that’s a boundary off the first ball! Smashed it through midwicket! AND THIS IS SIX! Over covers. KP is back! And so is Mishra, it would seem. OH what’s happened here? Big hit attempted from Pollard, he loses his bat! AND SIX MORE! This time over midwicket! Pollard has decided this is the over! Three of the next two balls. Huge over for MI, could this be that one big over they needed? 19 off this over.



Karn continues. He’s bowling really well here. Not tossing it up much, but keeping things tight. Pollard tries to go for a big hit but can’t get the ball off the square. Rayudu tries to go for a fancy shot, inside out over covers but can only manage one. Just a single off the last ball makes it four off the over. The required rate soaring now! SRH will be quite happy the way things are going. MI, not so much.



Mishra continues. He’s tossing the ball up and getting it to spin here. He’s bowling better today than he has all tournament. KP and AR knock the ball around, just three off this over.



Sammy will continue. And that’s 50 up for Mumbai. Not as quickly as they needed it though. And Rayudu manages to boost the rate a little here! Slower ball on middle stump, and Rayudu hammers it to midwicket for four. Sammy not proving as unplayable as Steyn for Rayudu. Full toss now, but he can only get one. Oooh bit of trouble there for Pollard, but he’s okay in the end. Indecision from Pollard on whether or not to take the single, doesn’t in the end. And it proves a good decision in the end! Boundary off the last ball makes it 10 off the over.



Couldn’t finish my sandwich after all. The break was too short! Anyway, on comes Amit Mishra, who has not had a very good time this IPL. Starts well here, tossing the ball up on leg stump. The current required run rate is somewhere around the 11-run mark. Rayudu tries to slog, but only manages to get it off the toe of the bat. One run there. Pollard and Rayudu just knock the ball around for singles. Good over for SRH this, just five from it.



Karn Sharma continues. Rayudu looks less like a schoolboy against him. Manages to get a single early on. Good over from Sharma, just five off it. And it’s time for the strategic timeout. Time to finish my sandwich.



Steyn back for his THIRD over on the trot. Aggressive captaincy from Shikhar! He’s really cranking it up today, is Steyn! Bowling consistently at over 148 kmph. Oh and that’s a snorter! “Knuckle-buster” Raja calls it on air. As it happens, that hit his wrist. But well bowled from Steyn. OH THAT’S EDGED but through the slips. What has Sammy done here? He’s let it go between himself and the ‘keeper! Steyn is imaginably peeved. And Rayudu looks like a schoolboy tailender against this hostile spell from Steyn!



Darren Sammy to bowl the final over of the power play. Dunk gets another boundary off the second ball, he drives this uppishly through covers. It was in the air, but just short of the diving fielder. Good shot. A couple of singles off the next two balls. OH HE’S CLEANED UP! Sammy gets the big one! Dunk bowled off the penultimate delivery! In walks Mumbai’s KP. Pollard gets a single off the first ball.
OUT! B Dunk 20(17) b Sammy



K Sharma comes on early. Rayudu works him away for a single. This is pitched up from Karn, and Dunk takes him on! Four over mid off. Lovely shot! Oooh they steal a couple of runs off the next ball. A better throw might have had Dunk in trouble. Required rate just under 10 right now. And it’ll fall now, with that boundary off the fifth ball! Thick outside edge from Dunk, but of a misfield from Bhuvi lets it go down to the fence at third man.



Bhuvi to continue. He continues to swing the ball really well. Dunk not able to get a run for the first five balls. Brilliant stuff from Bhuvi! That would have been a maiden over but for a wide ball. MI in deep trouble right now.



Steyn to continue. Appeal off the first ball as Anderson flashes at one. Turned down by the umpire. Steyn was the only one interested. And Dale keeps going past the edge. Nervous start for Corey! OH WHAT’S HAPPENED HERE? Anderson ducks, but manages to play the ball in the air somehow and he’s taken by the keeper. Not quite sure how to describe that actually. Either way, that’s a wicket for the “Steyn remover,” as the billboard calls him. In walks Ambati Rayudu. Really aggressive bowling from the big man! Oooh and he beats the bat off the fifth ball as well. Great bowling! Oh and this is a really quick ball from Steyn, 148.6 kmph, but wayward. Rayudu manages to get some bat on that, it’s four to fine leg.
OUT! C Anderson 1(4) c N Ojha b Steyn


















Here come Bhuvaneshwar with the second over. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Beautiful, beautiful delivery from Bhuvi! And Rohit isn’t having a very good birthday so far! Bhuvi finishes off the over really well, it’s just two off the over.
OUT! R Sharma 1(5) b Bhuvneshwar
The Steyn gun starts proceedings to debutante Dunk. Straight and quick to start off with. And he gets off the mark with a thick inside edge down to square leg. Birthday boy Rohit opening the batting with him. Will this be a Happy Birthday for Rohit? “Possible but not probable,” is what Sidhu said on air. Oooh sharp single taken, bit of hesitation and Dunk nearly run out! He’s safe in the end, but this is a nervy start for the Mumbai Indians. OH WHAT A SHOT! Dunk shows why he’s so highly rated! Short ball, and he jumps while cutting this over point for a boundary. Six off the over.




After a sedate start, Warner and Rahul led the charge to a daunting 172 for five. SRH will be quite happy going into the break. Can Mumbai break their current losing streal, or will the Sunrisers leave the UAE with their second win? Read R Vishal’s mid innings report here.


Sunrisers Hyderabad 172/4 I Overs 20
Lasith Malinga in for the final over. After the drama of the previous over, how will this one unfold? Single off the first ball. And that’s GONE! Rahul departs for a well-compiled 46. Goes for a scoop, and edges to the wicketkeeper. Irfan comes in. Some more drama off the forth ball, is Pathan RUN OUT? No! After lots of replays, Pathan survives. Naman Ojha restarts proceedings with a brilliant hit through covers for four. And he follows it up with ANOTHER! Lovely batting by Naman in the final over! At least one Ojha is having a good day! So that ends the innings at 172/5. This could well be enough for a misfiring MI line-up.
OUT! KL Rahul 46(40) c Gautam b Malinga



Corey Anderson in for the penultimate over now. Warner smashes the first one for a six over mid wicket! And HE’S GONE! Off the very next ball, Warner goes for a reverse slog, gets an outside edge to the ‘keeper! In comes Darren Sammy. And that’s SIX off the first ball. Lots happening this over! This was 97 meters long, and over long on. Anderson bowls a cluster of three back-to-back wides. This is not good bowling. And there’s an outside edge off the next ball which goes for FOUR MORE! Crazy over, this! OH and here’s ANOTHER wicket! What an over! I’m using more exclamation marks in this over than I did in the first 15 put together! Sammy slogs this to long on, and Pollard takes a good diving catch.
OUT! D Warner 65(51) c Gautam b Anderson, OUT! D Sammy 10(4) c Pollard b Anderson



You can read our very own Nishad Pai Vaidya’s interview with KL Rahul here.


Zaheer comes on now. This will be his last over. This is also the Hundred of the partnership. Excellent work by the pair. Zaheer keeps things tight to begin with, just singles off the first dew balls. And what have we here? Zak and Warner have a bit of a showdown, Warner puts his fingers on his lips. Zak does NOT look happy. What will this last ball bring? It’s a slog for one. And they have a smile at the end of the over.



Slinga comes back for the 17th over now. OH lots happening here! Warner switches to a right hander’s grip and plays a beautiful late cut. Ojha at fine leg gets a feel of what it’s like to field at point. He doesn’t like it. Palms the ball away, and Warner gets a life. The current run rate surging over eight now.



Pollard continues, and Kumar Dharmasena is nearly knocked off the ground! Smashed by Warner, and it gets umpire Dharmasena right on the arm! That will leave a mark. He’s okay now though. Meanwhile back to the game, Warner remembers the time he used to considered a big hitter. He’s cutting lose here. HUGE six! It’s 96 metres. And he gets to an excellent fifty off the next ball. 50 from 41 so far, and he looks good for a lot more! Rahul sweeps for a single off the last ball to keep the strike. Another big over for Hyderabad.



Ojha come back on, and he starts with another wide that goes for four. And WARNER is on a roll now. Slogs one out of the park off the fourth ball. He’s now starting to cut loose. SRH could well go past 180 at this rate. Rahul plays a good chip to end the over with a couple. 18 off that over! HUGE one for SRH.



Pollard continues after the break. He’s into his third over. Corey Anderson yet to bowl tonight. Pollard pitches one short and wide, and this is the first boundary in a long, long time! Well played by Rahul. He’s outscoring Warner right now, and quite comprehensively at that. Pollard and Warner exchange amusing looks after that fourth ball, and Warner responds by smashing that next ball down the ground for the second boundary off the over. Great one for SRH. Can they kick on now?







And Harbhajan to bowl out. Is this wise from Rohit? The way Bhajji has bowled, maybe leaving an over for the death might have been productive. And this is the fifty partnership between these two. They’ve steadied SRH, now can they provide a late surge? It’s time for another strategic advertisement time-out.



Pollard to continue. Stagnant run of play over these last few overs. But SRH moving things along with singles. Pollard again bowls tightly and the batsmen again rotate the strike here and there. The current rate is hovering more or less at the seven-run mark. Another uneventful over comes to an end.



Bhajji continues, and WARNER NEARLY CHOPPS ON. Good bowling from the Turbanator. Warner can only take the single. Rahul brings out the sweep but can only get one. Warner striking at way under 100 right now. He needs to get in a few big hits. OH this is another risky shot, goes for the reverse sweep, gets a top edge. Luckily for the Sunrisers it falls in no man’s land. couple of runs for Warner. Just six off this one.



Pollard the big man comes on now. He hasn’t bowled much this IPL. As usual, he keeps it tight. Just three off the first four balls. Warner plays with soft hands to get a couple off the fifth ball, but Hyderabad aren’t getting the big hits in. Just the one six so far this innings. Six runs off this over.



That’s the end of the ad break Strategic timeout. Harbhajan back for his second over. Warner tries to cut him, but Bhajji not giving him much room. Just a single off the first four deliveries. And another single off the fifth. Great over, just two off it.



Praggy in for his second over, the eighth of the over. After a couple of good ball he bowls what would have been a peach to the right hander. Unfortunately, it was Warner on strike so that’s four wides. And Warner decides its time to go over midwicket for six, which makes it 11 off one ball. Not the best of balls from Ojha. At the other end, Rahul continues to use his feet well and keep the strike churning. The young man looks good today. Big over for the ‘Risers!



Harbhajan Singh comes on now. Starts off with a good tossed up delivery. Warner gets a leading edge, but he played it with soft hands. No run. Bhajji bowling it much slower and with far more loop than usual today, which is good. Just four singles off the over. Very good over from Bhajji.



Lasith Maling in for another over. Aggressive captaincy from Birthday boy Rohit. Malinga goes for a couple of singles off the first three. Good slower yorker off the fourth, but Rahul negates it with consummate ease. Another slower ball, and Rahul keeps it out. Slinga not quite slinging them at his usual pace today. ANOTHER slower ball off the last one. Six off that over.



In comes Zak for his third over on the trot. Couple off the second ball for Rahul. He’s looking good here today. OH and he’s nearly dismissed! Goes for a late cut, and it falls short of Bhajji in the slips. Rahul gets four streaky runs. Another good over this from Zaheer. But SRH moving forward quite nicely as well. Good cricket all round so far! OH AND THAT’S ANOTHER! Big fish, Finch, drives one straight to Dunk. Second one down for SRH!
A Finch 16(15) c Dunk b Zaheer



Pragyan Ojha comes on, and Finch smacks him over covers for a four off the second ball. And now Rahul uses his feet, same place but much classier from the Karnataka youngster. Four more through covers! Ojha feeling the Dubai heat. Good over for SRH.


Zaheer back for his second over. He’s bowling well here, despite the two boundaries he’s conceded. And the commentators curse strikes. He bowls one short and wide and slow. Dhawan needs no further encouragement. Four more. OH AND HE’S GOT HIM! Zaheer making life very eventful for the commentators! Beautiful delivery, short of a length but swinging late, and Dhawan nicks it to Bhajji at slip. Zak ends tightly. Successful over.
S Dhawan 6(6)


Slinga Malinga in for the second over. There’s some swing on offer here today. Dale Steyn and co will be licking their lips. Finch knocks the ball around for a couple and single. Dhawan off the mark with a single. Good over from Malinga.


First over of the final match in the UAE! Here comes Zak for the Mumbai Indians. Very interesting start from Finch, he comes down the track to defend, ends up getting a leg bye. Sunrisers open their account. Another leg bye off the next ball. And SRH finally score a run off the bat, and four of them too! Good shot by Finch, that ball swung late but he covered it with the flick. And that’s another! This time down to fine leg. Zak loses his line, the ball beats the diving fielder at short fine leg and SRH race away to 10 for no loss. Ooooh good comeback from Zaheer, late swing away from Finch, beaten all ends up. Eventful first over, this.


Toss: MI choose to bowl. Dhawan says that he would have batted anyway, and remarks that Mumbai haven’t been batting well. Strong words from a man whose own team hasn’t quite lit up the stands either.




Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, Aaron Finch, David Warner, KL Rahul, Naman Ojha, Darren Sammy, Irfan Pathan, Karn Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Bhuvneshwar Kumar


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aditya Tare, Ben Dunk, Corey Anderson, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, CM Gautam (wk), Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga, Zaheer Khan, Pragyan Ojha





It’s time for the toss now. Ravi Shastri and Ian Bishop out in the middle with skippers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. And Rohit WINS (the toss that is)! Mumbai will field first. Dhawan says he would have batted first anyway. MI bring in Ben Dunk for Michael Hussey. Irfan Pathan and Naman Ojha come in for Ishant Sharma and Venugopal Rao for the Sunrisers.


Last day of the month and the last match of the UAE leg of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Welcome to the Live Blog of the Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) at Dubai Sports Club. I’m Shiamak Unwalla, and I’m going to be giving you the live updates for today’s battle of the wooden spooners. It was a thrilling end at Abu Dhabi where Rajasthan Royals edged past Kolkata Knight Riders on the basis of total boundaries scored, after the Super Over too ended in a tie. The man who turned things around for Rajasthan was James Faulkner, earning the Man of the Match award on his birthday. By the same logic, can Rohit Sharma help MI find their first win on his 27th birthday? We’ll have to wait and see.


Mumbai Indians’ Indian talent hasn’t been performing too well and the batting overall has let them down badly. They have somehow failed to contain the slide and teams are slowly looking forward to earning their points against a demoralised MI. Read the reasons for MI’s failure here.


On the other hand, Sunrisers who looked like Mumbai until they managed to win a match against Delhi Daredevils. However, they were back to square one against Chennai Super Kings. Hyderabad surely have a better bowling attack but they need to get their batting side fire well to go past Mumbai. Both the Indian captains Rohit and Shikhar Dhawan have a task on hands.


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