Good Evening, شام بخیر! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the Super 10 Group B, Match 19 of the ongoing ICC Women’s World T20 2016 between England Women and Pakistan Women at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on Sunday. I am Arun Rawal and I will be bringing to you the updates from this tie. England, who managed to win the inaugural edition of the tournament, would look for a double, as they aim to tame the Pakistanis, in this tie, thus clearing their way for the semi-finals. However, Pakistan have been in a moderate form and could provide tough competition for the English, especially in the tough sub-continental conditions. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: England Women v Pakistan Women, Super 10 Group B, Match 19 at Chennai

England enter the semi unbeaten in the group stage. They triumphed over Pakistan winning the match by 68 runs. Charlotte Edwards is the star of the match playing a captain’s knock of 77 unbeaten. Pakistan were never in the game losing wickets in clusters and bundling out on 80 with 13 balls to spare. This is the end of this live commentary. See you soon with more coverage of Women’s T20 World Cup 2016. Read the full match report here.

OUT! Yousuf(3) c Wyatt b Shrubsole

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 80 all out in  17.5 runs overs Batting A Amin 0(1): Pakistan need 69 runs in last 3 overs. Next to impossible task now. Shrubsole comes back into the attack trying to finish off the match. Starts off with dots. Yousuf finding it hard to connect the ball with the bat. It’s all over now, Wyatt takes the catch. England have won this match by a huge margin of 68 runs outclassing Pakistan in every department.

OUT! Iqbal(15) lbw Elwiss

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 80/9 in  17 overs Batting S Yousuf 3(8) A Amin 0(1): Elwiss to continue, Wicketkeeper fumbles, gives away one bye. Iqbal takes a single. Yousuf faces a dot ball and takes a single of the next. Next ball, caught in front. Iqbal’s gone. This is a collapse of epic proportions. A one sided affair heading towards its end. A dot to end the 17th over. Amin comes out to bat.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 77/8 in  16 overs Batting  A Iqbal 14(18) S Yousuf 2(5): Sciver to bowl her last over. Iqbal facing, no run of the first ball. Second one disappears into the crowd. First six of the innings. She wants to go down fighting. Two dots and two singles to follow. 8 runs of the over.

OUT! Nawaz(1) c&b Elwiss

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 69/8 in  15 overs Batting  A Iqbal 7(16) S Yousuf 1(3): Elwiss continues, Pakistan need 85 off 36 deliveries. Nawaz would be facing Elwiss. Wide and 3 runs off the delivery, rare for England bowlers. Followed by a dot. Caught & Bowled, well this is becoming embarrassing for Pakistan. Eighth one goes down. Yousuf comes out to bat and pushes the ball for a single. One more single accompanied by two dots to end the over. Just 5 off the over.

CAUGHT! N Dar (16) c Greenway b Sciver

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 64/7 in  14 overs Batting  A Iqbal 6(15) S Nawaz 1(3): 14th over starts, Sciver comes back to the attack. Two singles to start the over, Wicket of the next delivery. Dar finally gives up, tries to shift gears and get caught. Gets out on 16, Pakistan nearing a loss now. Nawaz comes out to bat. She finds it difficult to settle in, faces two deliveries followed by a single. Just three of the over.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 61/6 in  13 overs Batting  N Dar 14(17) A Iqbal 4(11): Elwiss comes into the attack now. Iqbal on strike, she picks up a single. Dar takes a single after a dot. One more single and two dots to follow. It seems like Pakistan has given up on themselves. Just two of the over

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 59/6 in  12 overs Batting  N Dar 14(17) A Iqbal 4(11): Gunn to continue, Dar facing. She takes a single. Two dots to Iqbal unable to get boundaries. Takes a single. Two dots to Dar, finishing the over. Pakistan look well off the target heading towards a loss. Just 2 of the over to conclude.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 57/6 in  11 overs Batting  N Dar 13(14) A Iqbal 3(8): Marsh to bowl her last over, she has bowled outstandingly today picking up 3 wickets. Looking for one more wicket to end her spell. Two singles from Iqbal and Dar. Newcomer Iqbal is feeling the pressure, fails to get a single of Marsh. Four dots to end the over, fantastic spell from her. Just two of the over

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 55/6 in  10 overs Batting  N Dar 12(13) A Iqbal 2(3): Gunn to bowl her first over, Iqbal comes out to bat in Pakistan’s misery. PIcks up a single after a dot ball. Dar picks up a boundary after facing a dot delivery. Two singles to end the over. Pakistan look far from victory.

CAUGHT! S Mir(11) c Brunt b Marsh

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 48/6 in  9 overs Batting  N Dar 7(10): Marsh into her third over. Starts off with a dot. Dar pushes it for a single. The skipper knocks it in the gap and picks up a couple with a dot ball to follow. Mir hits another one for four, she is taking things slow trying to settle in. CAUGHT! Mir miscues it to Brunt, another catch for her. Marsh picks up her third. Pakistan in big trouble now. Seven of the over.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 41/5 in  8 overs Batting  N Dar6(8) S Amir  5(5): Sciver to continue, Skipper on the strike. She faces a dot and knocks it in the gap for a single. One more single to follow. A dot on the next with a boundary to follow. Sana Mir is settling in she wants to keep Pakistan in the game. Six runs of the over.

CAUGHT! N Abidi(2) c Shrubsole b Marsh

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 35/5 in  7 overs Batting  N Dar5(7) S Amir 0(0): Marsh to continue, Dar knocks it to the gap to pick up a single. Three dots in a row to Abidi. she’s feeling the pressure with required rate mounting up to 9 an over. Wicket! She falls under pressure, miscues it to Shrubsole, Marsh picks up another wicket. The skipper comes into the attack. Just one run of the over.

BOWLED! N Khan(15) b N Sciver

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 34/4 in  6 overs Batting  N Dar4(5) N Abidi 2 (2): Sciver comes into the attack in the powerplay. Dar picks up a single of the first delivery. Second ball, knocked her over! Nahida Khan departs for 15. Smiles all around the England camp, they have got fourth wicket inside powerplay overs. Sciver picks up her first. Abidi comes to the crease. 4 singles to follow. 5 of the over.

WICKET! Ali(1) c Brunt b Marsh

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 29/3 in  5 overs Batting N Khan 15(10) N Dar1(2): Marsh comes into bowl her first over. Two dot balls to start. Wicket on the 3rd one, Ali miscues it to Brunt. Pakistan under pressure, Ali departs for 1 feeling the heat. N Dar comes onto the crease, can he do something similar to her bowling spell to see her side through. Only 2 runs of the over. Good one for Marsh.

OUT! Maroof (6) c Wyatt b Shrubsole

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 27/2 in  4 overs Batting N Khan 14(9) M Ali 1(1): Shrubsole continues after her expensive first over. Terrible! five wides, this is not expected from a bowler at World Cup Stages. Three dots to folllow that, good recovery from her. The next ball to Maroof, OUT! what a comback from her, takes a big wicket. One run off the last ball. Good over for England, 6 of it.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 21/1 in  3 overs Batting N Khan 14(8) B Maroof 6(7): Katherine continues, bowls three consecutive dots in to Maroof. She plays one for a couple, followed by 3 runs off the next. Excellent running between the two. Four to edn the over, Nahida Khan is looking to capitalise on her good start trying to get England under pressure. 9 off the over.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 12/1 in  2 overs Batting N Khan 10(7) B Maroof 1(2): Shrubsole into the attack, Nahida Khan starts off with a four, she is looking fearless. Hits another one four after a dot, she isn’t holding back trying to take as many runs as possible from powerplay overs. 10 off the over, a good one for Pakistan.

Live Cricket Score, Pakistan Women, 2/1 in  1 over Batting N Khan 1(2) B Maroof 0(1): Pakistan require 149 runs to win the match. Brunt to bowl the first over off the innings. Hitting right areas, a good start for England, oh wait! its a wicket! Ameen goes for a duck. Pakistan on back foot straightaway, only 2 runs of it. Maroof comes into bat, she needs to hang on to give Pakistan a fighting chance.

Charlotte Edwards walks off unbeaten 77 off 61 balls, N Dar starred for Pakistan picking up 3 wickets in her full quota of 4 overs. Amin took a beating today proving expensive giving away 36 off 3 overs. Pakistan have to chase 149 to win the match and it isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Read the innings report here

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 148/5 in 20 overs Batting C.Edwards 77(61): Iqbal comes into bowl the last over off the innings. She is under pressure. Wyatt gives the skipper Edwards strike and she hits the ball for a boundary. A single off the next ball. Wyatt on strike and she’s gone. Miscues it to Amin, she departs at 17. Elwiss comes in to bat and miscues the ball straight to Abidi. What a way to end the innings and carry the momentum. 6 off the over, fantastic display off the last over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 142/3 in 19 overs Batting C.Edwards 72(58) D Wyatt 16(14): Maroof continues to bowl in death overs. Charlotte anxiously wants to hit the boundaries. Wyatt is trying to pick up as many runs by running couples trying to keep the socreboard running. Finally a boundary, Edwards hits one to end the penultimate over. Good way to end the over, hops on to 72. 122 offf the 19th over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 130/3 in 18 overs Batting C.Edwards 65(55) D Wyatt 11(11): The skipper Sana Mir comes into bowl again, wants to stop boundaries in order to restrict boundaries. Even Edwards couldn’t get boundaries, they are knocking the ball for singles and doubles to reach past 150. 7 off the skipper’s over. 2 more to go.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 123/3 in 17 overs Batting C.Edwards 63(52) D Wyatt 6(8): Maroof comes into bowl for the first time in the innings in death overs. Tight ones to start off with, not giving enough room to hit the ball for a boundary. Pakistan are happy to give away singles as long as boundaries have dried up. Only 6 off her over, quite economical over given the circumstances.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 117/3 in 16 overs Batting C.Edwards 59(48) D Wyatt 4(6): Skipper Charlotte Edwards is looking good now, hits the ball for the four and reaches her 50. She has played a captain’s knock today. Keeping calm when the wickets were falling from other end. She is trying to attack now, hits Yousuf for  3 consecutive boundaries to end the over. England looking to post a big total against Pakistan. Sixteen off the over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 101/3 in 15 overs Batting C.Edwards 44(43) D Wyatt 4(6): N Dar to bowl her last over, it has been a game changing spell for her and Pakistan. Edwards and Wyatt are happy to play off her over, knocking the ball around the singles. Five singles off the over to end her spell. England will start to shift gears now.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 96/3 in 14 overs Batting C.Edwards 35(35) D Wyatt 0(1): The skipper is back into the attack, England skipper Edwards trying to play sensibly and pick an odd boundary off the over. She is trying to accelerate and take England to a big score. Seven off the over.

OUT! BOWLED! N Sciver 15 b N Dar

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 89/3 in 13 overs Batting C.Edwards 35(35) D Wyatt 0(1): Dar is having a ball today, she picks up her third getting Sciver out for 15 runs bringing an end to her cameo. Only six off the over to finish. Picks up a wicket after a boundary. She is showing her real character today, playing a lone hand to bring England down from the pedestal they were in first six overs.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 83/2 in 12 overs Batting C.Edwards 34(34) N Sciver10(4): Sciver is not bowing down to the pressure, she is continuing her form from the last match trying to get as many boundaries as possible in the middle overs. Edwards trying to play the role of an anchor and allowing her partner to get after the bowler. Amin is not having a good outing today bowling wides and getting hit for boundaries. 9 off the over.

WICKET!  S.Taylor (0) b Nida Dar, she takes her second

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 74/2 in 11 overs Batting C.Edwards 32(31) N Sciver4(1): Dar picks her second now, gets the danger girl Sarah Taylor in her second. She is on fire! Builds up pressure and knocked him over, Taylor cramped for room and gave her wicket away. Sciver comes in and gets off the mark in style, hits a boundary to end the over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 69/1 in 10 overs Batting C.Edwards 31(30) Sarah Taylor 0(4): Yousuf continues, Pakistan looking to get back in the game. Sarah Taylor comes to the crease, they need to get her out early because if she gets going there will be a big score on the scoreboard. Four dots in a row to her, that’s fantastic comeback from Pakistan.

WICKET!! T.Beaumont c Muneeba Ali b N Dar 37(26)

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 68/1 in 9 overs Batting C.Edwards 30(28): Dar into the attack, change of bowling. England happy to knock around singles and rotate the strike in the middle overs. Wait! caught! Beaumont out, England lose their first wicket, Pakistan must be relieved. They have finally got the breakthrough they wanted. Beaumont looks perplexed.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 63/0 in 8 overs Batting C.Edwards 27(25), T Beaumont 35(23): Yousuf to continue, Pakistan trying to curb the flow of runs. Smart bowling now to put a leash on England openers . Tidy over for her, just two of it to conclude. Beaumont stays quite in this over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 61/0 in 7 overs Batting C.Edwards 26(23), T Beaumont 34(19): The skipper continues, she will look to block the leakage of runs after powerplay overs. Two couples and singles to end of the over. First over in the innings without a boundary. England still got 6 runs off the over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 55/0 in 6 overs Batting C.Edwards 23(21), T Beaumont 31(15): Change in bowling from other end too, Yousuf comes into bowl. Starts the over with two dot deliveries. Edwards gave a single to bring Beaumont on strike. She takes a couple off the next ball. FOUR! They are getting at least one boundary per over going for an onslaught. End of powerplay. Pakistan will try to control the flow of runs post powerplay overs.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 48/0 in 5 overs Batting C.Edwards 22(18), T Beaumont 25(12): Pakistan skipper comes into attack now, starts off the over bowling tight balls not giving the batter room to get underneath. They will be happy with giving singles for the time being. Wait! Beaumont hits the last ball for a six, great way to spoil a rather perfect over under circumstances.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 39/0 in 4 overs Batting C.Edwards 20(16), T Beaumont 18(8): Iqbal continues, two dot balls to start the over. Edwards joins the party now, hits two back to back boundaries followed by a single. Pakistan under pressure, England in attacking mode,

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 30/0 in 3 overs Batting C.Edwards 11(11), T Beaumont 18(7): Amin continues, She is taking a beating from Beaumont getting hit for 3 consecutive boundaries of the over, followed by 2 singles in 4th and 5th deleviries. One more boundary, ends the over on a high! Amin has no clue about what to do. 20 off the third over.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 10/0 in 2 overs Batting C.Edwards 10(10), T Beaumont 1(2): Iqbal into the attack! The skipper finding it difficult to knock around the ball for singles. Iqbal bowling a tight line and length to Edwards to keep a tab on runs. Bowls four dots followed by a single and wide, a single off the last delivery. Beaumont off the mark.

Live Cricket Score, England Women, 9/0 in 1 over Batting C.Edwards 9(6), T Beaumont 0(0): Four off the first ball by skipper Edwards followed by another on third delivery, two dots, Amin on the backfoot straightaway, England looking to put pressure straight away on Pakistan’s star bowler in powerplay overs, 9 off the first over

TOSS: England won the toss and chose to bat first

England are entering into the clash as clear favorites. They have proved their mettle in previous two matches thrashing Pakistan and dominating them by winning by huge margins. Whereas Pakistan have been far from impressive in the ICC Women’s World T20 Cup failing to go past the 1st round. Mohali’s pitch has a reputation of helping the fast bowlers. Pakistan would look to capitalise on the pitch conditions with support from their fast bowlers with likes of Iram Javed, Sidra Ameen, Asmavia Iqbal by their side. England has been impressive in every World Cup reaching the finals and winning the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2009. They are tough contenders for the World Cup. Skipper Charlotte Edwards, Lydia Greenway and Danielle are the players to watch out for England’s batting order.


England Women: Charlotte Edwards (c), Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor (wk), Heather Knight, Natalie Sciver, Lydia Greenway, Danielle Wyatt, Katherine Brunt, Jenny Gunn, Anya Shrubsole, Rebecca Grundy, Danielle Hazell, Georgia Elwiss, Amy Jones, Tash Farrant.

Pakistan Women: Nahida Khan, Sidra Ameen, Bismah Maroof, Muneeba Ali, Iram Javed, Asmavia Iqbal, Sana Mir (c), Nida Dar, Sidra Nawaz (wk), Anam Amin, Aliya Riaz, Diana Baig, Sadia Yousuf, Nain Abidi, Javeria Khan.

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: England Women v Pakistan Women, Super 10 Group B, Match 19 at Chennai